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Applications of Machine Learning and IoT Devices in Smart Farming []

The increasing difficulty for farmers to keep up with the production of food crops to meet the demands of the huge population of our country is a cause for concern. The methods used by farmers are not only old and , but also unyielding Inefficient farming techniques lead to added cost, wastage of land, financial losses due to crop failure. Here comes the need for smart farming which is the use of technologies like IoT devices and cloud networks to increase efficiency and productivity of the farming techniques along with monitoring the growth and state of the crop by the weather, temperature, humidity etc with the help of sensors and maintaining the parameters at optimum levels. Apart from the farming techniques, market price management for farmers in rural areas leads to adverse conditions financially. The need for awareness about the market prices keeping in mind the current conditions using is imminent. Using Machine Learning techniques to predict prices for every crop so that the farmer can plan it accordingly. The paper mentions different methods used under smart farming, issues faced by farmers, and use of IoT and cloud services to enhance the efficiency of yields.

The effects of social media on the attitude of youth: A case study of university students of Lahore []

Both technological and societal factors are contributing to the growth of social media. The site gives a secure environment for bringing up current hot themes. The Youngsters in today's society routinely use the internet in their free time, which compromises their social morals. So, the primary objective goal of this study is to look into how young people's opinions toward social media. The study used a descriptive research design. 300 participants in total were selected from various study levels. The information was analyzed using straightforward frequencies and percentages. It integrates numerical data in a variety of ways. Analysis of the findings and suggestions is done last. One of the main causes of the moral decline in Lahore is the social media phenomenon, which is very common among young people in the city. Keywords. Social media, effects, usage, attitude, Lahore city, questionnaire,

A Review on Techniques and Challenges of Energy Harvesting from Ambient Sources []

Energy harvesting is a process of generating energy from various ambient sources. Vibration energy harvesting has been a dynamic field of studying interest over the past decade due to the mitigation of power crisis from society. To harvest electrical energy various energy harvesting techniques have arisen. Vibration energy harvesting has been focused by researchers due to the power generation capability and high power density of vibration. Energy is crucial for stimulating sensor nodes, Sensor networks, low-power electronics and traffic regulators. As a matter of fact, the number of research on energy harvesting from vibration has increased in the last decade. This paper presents a magnificent review on various energy harvesting techniques, energy harvesting sources, state-of-the art and various challenges of vibration energy harvesting. In the theory section various renewable energy sources, energy conversion and their introduction have been presented. In the third section various energy harvesting techniques for example mechanical vibrations, electromagnetic, piezoelectric and electrostatic have been discussed. Third section has explained various challenges of energy harvesting. In the conclusion, the author tried to explain the comparison among the harvesting techniques. Finally it can be said that, all of the things such as ambient renewable sources, energy harvesting techniques and facing challenges are crucial for new coming researchers in the energy harvesting field to solve the energy exigency from the society.

Intuitionistic Subspaces in Intuitionistic Topological Spaces []

In this paper we have used the definition and properties of intuitionistic topological spaces given in [5] to show that intersection of two intuitionistic topologies is again an intuitionistic topology but their union may not be an intuitionistic topology. Then we have defined intuitionistic accumulation point and intuitionistic derived set of an intuitionistic set. After that, we have shown that if A⊂B then A^'⊂B^', where A^' and B^' are intuitionistic derive sets of intuitionistic sets A and B, respectively. We have also shown that (A∪B)^'=A^'∪B^'. The main work of this paper is the definition of intuitionistic subspace topology and discussion of some of its properties


Nowadays, High Performance Concrete (HPC) plays an important role in the building construction due to its superior mechanical and durability properties. HPC exceeds the properties and constructability of normal concrete such as it reduces the maintenance costs and enhances service life. HPC made with low w/c ratios results in self desiccation that leads to autogenous shrinkage. Autogenous shrinkage leads to cracking and failure of the structure thus reduces the mechanical properties. In order to reduce autogenous shrinkage of HPC and to prevent its early- age cracking, it was suggested to introduce lightweight aggregate using sintered fly ash aggregate as it has better water absorption property. The lightweight aggregate plays a vital role in enhancing these properties of concrete. In this experimental study the conventional coarse aggregates are replaced by pelletized fly ash aggregates as 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 %. This research paper deals with the effect of variations in strength parameters such as compressive strength, splitting tensile strength, flexural strength, bond strength and the Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity of M35 grade concrete are determined.

Estimation Of Energy Consumption By Theoretical Calculations And IOT Based Approach In Machining Process []

A considerable amount of energy is consumed by the machine shops for material removal processes. Through a digital twin-based experimentation approach using Thing Worx, we have focused on determining a theoretical calculation to determine the exact amount of energy consumption during the material removal process. We have considered three models for machining operations i.e., Turning, Facing and grooving. We are calculating the power consumption by considering two variable parameters a) Cutting speed and b) Material Removal rate (MRR). Adding to that, we have also demonstrated a simulation using Autodesk Fusion 360 for the energy estimation for different cases. This IoT-based approach will convert conventional shop floors into smart shop floors as per Industry 4.0. This IoT-based prediction will help machine shops develop potential ways to save energy costs. We have considered different machining parameters (tools, material, geometry of the job, etc.) for better and more accurate results.

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