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In India, the banking system has undoubtedly earned numerous outstanding achievements, in a comparatively short time, for the World’s largest and the most diverse democracy. The reform process of the banking sector or industry is part and parcel of the government strategic agenda aimed at repositioning and integrating the Indian banking sector into the global financial system. There have been several reforms in the Indian banking sector, as well as quite a few successful mergers and acquisitions, which have helped it, grow manifold. Mergers and acquisitions are most widely used strategy by firms to strengthen and maintain their position in the marketplace. In the present times, the banking sector is a rapidly growing industry in India. A comparatively new development in the Indian banking sector is enhanced through mergers and acquisitions. It permits banks to achieve a world class position and throw superior value to the stakeholders. The impact of merger on a company’s stock and the effect on the equity share of the shareholder’s capital is usually proportional. Performance of the bank pre- and post-merger usually is in the green and improved. Most findings of research state that to a certain extent M&A’s have been successful in Indian banking sector. Henceforth, this study focuses on the effect of post-merger performance of Canara bank in India.

Predicting collaborative learning spaces based on traces []

Trace analysis is regularly used by researchers in several fields. The traces have solved several problems in the field of learning either for the teacher or for the learner. In this work, We are interested in methods which facilitate the creation of collaborative spaces employing traces in learning situations for the benefit of learners in difficulty. The approach aims to update the learner profile model to specify their learning weaknesses using seve-ral indicators such as success rate, rate of attempts to fail and the rate of consultation of didactic concepts. For the creation of working groups, we also used the classification of the exercises of the students in difficulty which makes it possible to classify their problems and to create clusters of the exercises. From this grouping, we can create workspaces allowing students to share their experiences for a given problem.

Artificial memory linking and treatment by computer []

Taking pictures of a person from time to time can help and recording the sound of a person from time to time also helps to treat a person by the computer , but the use of computers in a person's life can join two generations, it is the linking of life. If we record all the life of a man on a computer then tell this to a child that he was that man , the child will think ,he was that man and will do like the person before( in most of the cases).

Analysis of Virtual Networks for Secure IP VPN Environments with IPSec []

In today's security environment, it's difficult to make an informed decision about a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A virtual private network (VPN) allows users to connect to distant sites or other users across a public network (often the Internet) at any time and from any location. The goal of a virtual private network (VPN) is to enhance the security of data transfers between organisations and distant locations. A virtual private network (VPN) establishes a secure channel via which data may be sent. Secure Sockets Layer and Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) are the two most popular VPN protocols in use today. Both have advantages and disadvantages. This report presents a thorough examina-tion of both technologies. The architectures and protocols of both technologies are discussed in detail, as well as the pros and cons of using them in the real world. Keywords- Network Layer Security, VPN Architecture, Authentication Header (AH), Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP), Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), Alternatives to IPsec, Virtual Private Network (VPN).


Concrete is a composite material which is good in compressive strength but weak in tensile strength. At present for a variety of reasons, the concrete construction industry is not sustainable. The reason is firstly, it consumes huge quantities of virgin materials which can remain for next generations. Secondly, the principal binder in concrete is Portland cement, the production of which is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions which results in global warming and climate changes. 900 kg of CO2 is emitted for production of per ton of cement. The production of cement also uses the natural lime in large quantity which results in scarcity of natural resources in future.


In this research image system for detection and classification of rice diseases from the pictures of infected rice plants. This im-age recognition system is developed when careful experimental analysis of assorted techniques employed in image process opera-tions. This paper considers three rice plant diseases namely, Bacterial leaf blight, Brown spot, and Hispa. This paper tends to capture some pictures of infected rice plants with mobile phone from a rice field. This paper tends to apply four techniques of background removal and three techniques of segmentation by default. To alter correct extraction of options, this paper tends to propose center feeding based mostly K-means agglomeration for the segmentation of disease portion from a leaf image. This paper tends to enhance the output of K-means ag-glomeration by removing inexperienced pixels within the disease portion. This paper tends to extract various options categories: color, shape, and texture. This paper tends to use Support Vector Machine (SVM) for multi-class classification. This paper accomplishes 93.33% accuracy on the training dataset and 73.33% accuracy on the test dataset. Future researchers will be developing an android app for faster recognition and related information and suggestion.

Impact of Seasonal Variation on the Expression of Heat Shock Protein in Goats []

Background and Objectives: Goats are predominantly found as small ruminants in the Indian sub-continent and are generally showing a noted seasonal variation in their concurrent with the thermo-tolerance. Present work has been initiated to attain a perception of the effect of heat-related stress on the expression profile of Heat shock protein (HSP) in goats kept in two different agro-climatic regions during pre-monsoon and post-monsoon seasons. Materials and Methods: Specificity of the expected DNA products has been established using sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) followed by western blotting techniques. Results: The expression of heat shock protein (here HSP 70) in the goats, is found significantly higher (P<0.05) during pre-monsoon as related to post-monsoon season in both the region understudy. Conclusion: From present findings it could be conclude that the expression of heat shock protein in the Black Bengal goat lymphocyte is increased with the degree of thermal stress as well as with the magnitude of thermal fluctuations experienced by the animals.

Journal Review of Hydroxyapatite Formation Method []

Hydroxyapatite is a bioceramic that is used in the health sector, notably in the process of bone fillers and bone implants. Hydroxyapatite has adaptability and is easily accepted in bone tissue (immunogenic) so it can accelerate the healing of damaged bone tissue, and its chemical composition is almost similar to bone. Research on hydroxyapatite has been done quite a lot with various methods and variations of the given treatment such as pH value, synthesis time, and material used. Several methods that have been studied to produce hydroxyapatite are sol-gel, mechanochemical, microwave, precipitation, hydrothermal, emulsion, and solid-state with advantages and disadvantages in both the process and the results obtained. Each method will produce different morphology, stoichiometry, grain size and crystal form of hydroxyapatite.

Social Distance Monitoring []

Social distancing measures area unit vital to scale back Covid unfold. so as to interrupt the chain of spread, social distancing is strictly followed as a norm. This paper demonstrates a system which is beneficial in observation public places like ATMs, malls and hospitals for any social distancing violations. With the assistance of this projected system, it'd be handily possible to observe people whether or not they area unit maintaining the social distancing within the space under police investigation and additionally to alert the people as and once there's any violations from the predefined limits. The projected deep learning technology primarily based system will be put in for coverage at intervals a definite restricted distance. The formula may well be enforced on the live pictures of CCTV cameras to perform the task. The simulated model uses deep learning algorithms with OpenCV library to estimate distance between the individuals within the frame, and a YOLOv3 model trained dataset to spot individuals within the frame. The system needs to be configured in line with the situation it's being put in at. By implementing the formula, the number of violations area unit rumoured supported the space and set threshold. Number of violations rumoured area unit one and 2 for 2 real time pictures severally. The red box highlighting the violations area unit displayed at the side of distance. reportage potency and correctness were valid for a lot of range of samples. Keywords: Deep learning, social distancing, COVID-19, Transfer learning, Overhead read, Person detection, YOLOv3

Moment Capacity of Steel Beams with Hollow Flanges []

Hollow flange beams (HFB) are introduced in steel construction because of their torsional stiffness that can resist the lateral torsional buckling. HFB enhances the moment capacity compared to the common I-beams with plated flange. This paper presents moment capacity of HFB using FEM to check the applicability of AISC code. Compact, noncompact and slender sections are considered in the study. The results indicates that web slenderness ratio affects the moment capacity more than the flange slenderness ratio. Conservative AISC capacity is noticed for beams with slender web but on contrary for noncompact web. A modified design equations in AISC to predict the moment capacity of HFB is introduced showing close results with FEM.

Embracing with Urban Transport []

Article gives an outline of urban transportation and issues in India and it will focus on essentially centers around those spaces that are significant according to a strategy perspective and will be explaining the patterns of vehicular development and accessibility of transport. Indian urban areas ought to be planned as multimodal Transportation which diminishes the need of customized modes and lifts public vehicle framework and increase urged to walk and cycle which requires administration measures.


Abstract Background Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease caused by protozoan parasites of the genus Plasmodium. Human malaria is endemic in 75% of the total area of Ethiopia, where the transmission is seasonal and more than 54 million people are under epidemiological risk. The severity of the disease, particularly of falciparum malaria, implies high rates of morbidity and mortality. In addition, malaria frequently affects people of the productive age and therefore has a great impact on the economy, but costs of treatment and interference with the course of educating among children are also significant. Methods In Sebeta Health Center, data were collected from blood smear-confirmed, previously documented malaria cases during 2012-2021. Data analyses were performed in Excel and epi.info 7.1 software. Prevalence rates were compared with Fisher exact test. Result During 2012-2021, from an overall examined 53,205 patients, 32,990 (62%) were female and 20,215 (38%) were male. Out of these patients, 4883 (9%) were diagnosed with malaria, and the majority (66%) of cases affected females. With regards to species distribution, 2998 (62%) were confirmed as caused by P. vivax and 1838 (38%) by P. falciparum. The highest rate of positivity was observed in year 2016, followed by 2017 while the lowest prevalence was reported in 2013. Conclusion In the examined period, the prevalence of malaria cases has been increasing from year to year, but showed decline in 2019 and 2020, probably due to Covid-19 pandemic because the medical work focused on the Covid-19 campaign and less patients visited health facilities. The altitude and ecology of the study area are not considered as low land. The most prevalent species was P. vivax and the occurrence of P. falciparum was in part related to immigrants from other malaria endemic areas.

A Study on Reactive Extraction of Succinic acid []

Succinic acid has received increasing attention in various fields and hence reactive extraction has been employed to recover by using tri pentyl-amine and try butyl amine in different diluents (1-octanol, chloroform and dimethyelene chloride). Distribution coefficient (kD), loading ratio(Z), physical and chemical equilibrium isotherms were measured through an acid-amine complex at room temperature and pressure. In a batch type reactive system, order with respect to acid and amine, mass transfer coefficient, rate constant was determined by conducting kinetic studies at different succinic acid concentrations. Based upon the value of hatta number and other criterion conditions, enhancement factor and type of reaction regime for TPA and TBA with 1-octanol have been evaluated.


Network Reconfiguration (NR) is the process of altering the status of the switches in a Distribution Network (DN), in a bid to minimize power loss and improve the overall performance of the network. However, the problem of NR becomes a difficult task, which can adequately be solved using optimization algorithms due to the non-linearity of the electric power system. A recent meta-heuristic optimization algorithm, namely Political Optimizer (PO) is employed to solve the problem of NR in this study. Backward-Forward (BF) sweep algorithm, a load flow analysis method was used to determine the initial state of the network. An optimization model based power loss reduction and voltage stability index using PO was developed in MATLAB. The model was applied to standard IEEE 33-bus system and Ayepe 11 kVA 34-bus feeder of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) of Nigeria and implemented using MATLAB. Simulation results showed that for the IEEE 33-bus system, there is a 45.42 % reduction in the total power loss in the network, while for the Ayepe 11 kVA 34-bus DN, there is a 10.7 % reduction in the total power loss after reconfiguring the network using PO. The results demonstrated the effectiveness of the PO algorithm for optimal reconfiguration of DN.

Effect of particle size of tannery industry sludge activated carbon on dye removal []

Abstract Textile and tannery effluents are with color due to the dyeing processes and are to be treated before its disposal in to the environment. So, the treatment technology is focused on using the natural and waste materials. This research was aimed on preparing and using the tannery industry sludge activated carbon for the removal of dye. So, activated carbon was prepared from the tannery industry sludge. The adsorption of dye by tannery industry sludge activated carbon (TSAC) of size 150-300 µm was studied through batch experiments and the optimum dosage of carbon was found to be 3.50 g for treating 250 ml of dye solution at equilibrium stage of 120 min. The adsorption efficiency of carbon was also studied under various conditions of dosage of carbon, equilibrium time, concentration of dye solutions, different pH and temperature of dye solution. The equilibrium time was obtained after 120 minutes for various concentrations. The pH of the dye solution was taken in the range of 2 to 11 and the results showed that dye removal efficiency decreased from 100% to 66.27% with the increase in pH of dye solution. Effect of the temperature was also studied in the range of 300 C to 600 C and found that the dye removal efficiency was decreased from 83.53% to 67.07% with the increase in temperature. Key words: adsorption, concentration, carbon, dosage, dye, time, temperature

Dosage of sugar mill sludge activated carbon on dye removal []

Abstract Industrial effluents with color are to be treated before its disposal in to the environment. So, the treatment technology is focused on using the natural and waste materials. This research is focusing on preparing and using the sugar mill sludge activated carbon for the removal of dye. The adsorption of dye by sugar mill sludge activated carbon (SSAC) was studied through batch experiments and the optimum dosage of carbon was found to be 3.0 g for treating 250 ml of dye solution at equilibrium stage of 120 min. Equilibrium study on initial dye concentration was investigated and the percentage of dye removal observed was 100%, 100%, 99.34%, 98%, 95.84% and 88.93% for the concentrations of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 mg/L respectively. Dye removal efficiency of carbon decreased from 100% to 83.53% when pH increased from 2 to 11. Equilibrium study of SSAC on particle size of carbon and temperature of dye solution for the removal of dye and post equilibrium studies have been performed. Key words: adsorbtion, carbon, dye, equilibrium, sludge, waste.


Citrus limon is a medicinal fruit of the family Rutaceae which can function as direct antioxidants and free radical scavengers and have the capacity to modulate enzymatic activities and inhibit cell proliferation. Free radicals contribute to more than one hundred disorders in humans. The extract of Citrus limon was screened for antioxidant activity using 1,1-diphenyl-2-picryl hydroxyl (DPPH) assay, 2,2’-azinobis-3-ethylbenzothiozoline-6-sulfonic acid (ABTS) cation decolorization test, scavenging capacity towards hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) radical, and Ferric Reducing Antioxidant Power (FRAP) assay. The extract exhibited high antiradical activity against DPPH, ABTS, and hydrogen peroxide. The Ferric Reducing Antioxidant Power (FRAP) increased with increasing concentration of the sample. The antioxidant activity of the sample was comparable with that of the standard ascorbic acid.


This study aimed to determine the mediating effect of study habits on the relationship between self-esteem and academic performance of selected junior high schools in Davao del Sur. Moreover, this study employed descriptive-correlation quantitative non-experimental design because it aimed to assess the relationship between self-esteem and academic performance, self-esteem and study habits, and study habits and academic performance. Apart from this, this study also used testing of mediation in which the connections of three variables were investigated such as study habits, self-esteem and academic performance. The mediating variable exposed the connection and relationship between the independent and dependent variables. A modified questionnaire was utilized as instrument of study. This questionnaire was adopted from 3 sources and was made up of 3 parts. Self-Esteem was taken from State Self-Esteem Scale by Heatherton and Polivy (1991); academic performance was taken from the Influence of Study Habits and Demographic Variables on Academic Performance by Rugendo (2014); and study habits were adopted from Study Habits Inventory, Chilca Alva (2017). After a thorough analysis, results revealed that the level of self-esteem according to appearance self-esteem, social, and performance self-esteem is high. On the other hand, the level of academic performance in terms of time management, learner-to-learner interaction, reading skills, note-taking skills and academic performance is also high. Finally, the level of study habits is high. There is a significant relationship between self-esteem and academic performance. Also, a significant correlation was found between self-esteem and study habits. Lastly, study habits have a significant relationship to academic performance. These findings supported the theoretical framework of this study. Finally, study habits were found to partially mediate the significant relationship between self-esteem and academic performance. Keywords: Study habits, self-esteem, academic performance

The role of MEP system in Green buildings in transforming Hyderabad city into a sustainable city. []

The worldwide urban sustainability by residents has led to growing demands for green buildings, Property care and sustainable livelihood. In response, many developed countries on the globe took the leading role in green or sustainable building construction and practices by supportive policies and financial support, but country like India is in its starting stage in adapting market, educating citizens and policies to encourage more green building developments. Indian cities are scattering the crisis of civilians with escalating urban population, which is destroying the attraction of historical cities in the states of India. Hyderabad, which is served last 400 years under different regime, is clutching the citizens with its heat-island actions on cool zone of Deccan plateau. This paper is intentional to expose the necessity of green buildings to defeat high expenditure crisis with deprived natural resources for sustainable developments in India. Also, elaborates required actions to control the stress on natural resources like water, energy (energy efficiency), radiation (Temperatures)... under the limits of urban municipalities with proper mechanical attention. It also delivers the required road map for preparing potential government policies and institutional governance to save money of million pockets.

A review on Rainwater Harvesting and its importance []

Water is an essential substance that is used for daily activities in households. However, many households lack access to water. This is caused by depleting natural water resources as a result of increased pressure on available water resources. Some factors contributing to this situation include: massive population expansion, rapid urbanization, inadequate rainfall, climate change, poor management of available water resources and lack of policies that encourage water conservation. Flooding on the other hand is a situation resulting from excessive surface runoff not being collected properly. Flooding can be classified as a natural disaster. However, rainwater harvesting is a technique that tries to collect surface runoff in order to reduce water scarcity. Rainwater harvesting can be said to be a technique that provides solution to the challenges associated with water scarcity and also provides a solution to flooding, when proper rainwater harvesting systems are put in place

Bit Error Rate Analysis of a MIMO MC-CDMA System in the presence of Carrier Frequency Jitter under Rayleigh Fading Channel []

Upcoming wireless services require ultra-highspeed data transmission. Future generation wireless communication systems can meet up the high data rate transmission demand through Multi-Carrier CDMA (MCCDMA) technology. In this paper, we proposed a system model of MIMO MC-CDMA transmitter and MIMO MC-CDMA receiver model with the help of MRC technique at receiver side. Here, we derived the expressions of Signal to Noise plus Interference Ratio (SNIR) and Bit Error Rate (BER) considering frequency jitter with diversity under Rayleigh fading channel. The theoretical analysis is presented in terms of BER and SNIR to improve the receiver sensitivity concerning multiple antennas. The analytical expression demonstrates that numerical results are closely match simulation findings, and the receiver antenna diversity considerably improves the system performance.

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