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Abstract- The advent of modern technology and the utilization leads to the improvement of the quality of human life especially in the area of health. The people in need of healthcare services finds it very expensive particularly in developing country like Nigeria as a result that, this research work is an attempts to solve the healthcare challenges the developing society is currently facing. Heart is a delicate body organ that need to be monitored so that abnormality can be detected early enough to allow for treatment, therefore there is need for a portable monitoring device. The aim of this research work is to design and implement heartbeat and temperature monitoring system and stores the data for reference purpose. The work consists of sensors which measures heartbeat and body temperature of a patient and is controlled by the microcontroller which both readings are displayed on LCD and sent to the logging system through USB module. The designed system is simple, portable, and cost effective; and it works efficiently. The system will go a long way in combating untimely death caused by cardio-vascular arrest and excessive body temperature. The system can also be reconfigured and interfaced with GSM module and Bluetooth technology.


Abstract— Abstract: This research involves the design and implementation of three phase failure detection system with audio feedback for motor control. Using Arduino Nano which can control the switching of the motor. The switching of the motor is to be controlled by the sensors of each of the phase in the circuit, whose the input of the sensors is fed to the output of each phase and the output of the sensors is fed into the analog pins of the Arduino Nano which later convert the analog signals to digital signal. The system also have an audio and visual feedback when a phase failure is detected and restored. The software was written and compiled using the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software in C++ programming language and then simulated using Proteus Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Experiment was conducted the system was able to switch off the motor when there is phase outage.

Medical Records Indexing for Medical Student’s Information Retrieval []

Medical information retrieval can support physicians’ and medical students’ learning processes. Nevertheless, the complexity and ambiguity in medical records cause difficulties in retrieving medical information. Those problems can be overcome by the indexing method.One of the widely used indexing methods is LatentDirichlet Allocation (LDA). In this study, we investigatethe LDA model adjusted with the characteristics of medical records and focus on whether adding the channel and label can get better achievement in indexing medical record documents. This study proposed a Multi-Channel Labeled LDA (MCL-LDA), an extended LDA model, combining the channel in labeled LDA. Our experiments were done in medical records by considering SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan). The similarity between documents and queries is measured usingJensen-Shannon Divergence (JSD).The evaluation results show that the Precision, Recall, and F-Measure value of MCL-LDA is higher than the native Labeled LDA.

Synthetic Super Intelligence for System Design []

This paper studies the processes, causalities and abstractions of the intelligence and artificial intelligence processes in the culture and systems to study human behavior and design an outline of a better system design approach which may help design better and improved systems. This research also describes some laws of the systems as further research study methods.

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