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The Effect of Gravitational Force on Human Body Blood Circulation []

Why our creator instruct us to perform and establish prostration (salah)? To answer in a scientific way it can be said that, in normal standing position human brain is all above. Human brain is the greatest consumer of blood( Medical science). So, as a result of blood circulation, necessary measured blood are interrupted at the time of going to brain by the effect of gravitational force of some less measured blood reach to brain. On the other hand, if it is possible to turn brain to low under heart by prostrating(most easiest way) then according to the law of liquid flow much measured blood are very easily and in faster way will reach to brain if it can be some much time doing prostration. The law of liquid is to flow from high to low position. So, it is not only five time compulsory salah(prostration) but also the more you can perform only for the purpose of allah the more of benefit can gain. To me the matter is such like that, salah (prostration) is obligatory according to the structural attribute of human body by itself alone. By the difference of nation, religion, color,language and at end every man and woman of human class should perform salah and doing prostration because of the effect of gravitational force on blood circulation.


The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the global economy, impoverishing a large portion of the world's population. Furthermore, the pandemic has raised concerns about economic and social policies. This phenomenon has recently become the focus of every administration on the planet. This study, on the other hand, focused on how tax policy can be designed holistically to ensure that fiscal systems deliver a balance of equity, growth, and sustainability, highlighting some of the major factors that policymakers should keep in mind to ensure optimal tax policy design and successful tax reform implementation. The effects of tax policy and COVID-19 on economic growth is examined in this research. The researcher also adopted qualitative research method as the study. The study adopted inferential statistics for panel data analysis. Results revealed that COVID 19 and Economic Growth has significant effect on Tax Policy in Nigeria (R2 = 0.006, t= 4.395 and p = 0.001) of public companies in Nigeria. However, the study concludes that COVID-19 induced-lockdown has considerably hampered economic operations and, as a result, the circular flow of money in Nigeria. The recommended that more investment should be put on boosting human development, particularly health, education, and job creation, according to the report, which would result in increased household spending and company investment, therefore spreading economic growth. Keywords: COVID 19, Economic Growth, Tax Policy,

Valency-Increasing Verbal Derivational Devices in Oromo []

In my paper, valency-increasing derivational devices of verbs in Oromo, a language of the Lowland East Cushitic family, are discussed. The first valecy-increasing devices are the causatives deriving from verbal stems and causatives of transitivizing denominative and deadjective verbalizing suffix. The second one is the applicatives through dative markers. The main research question which lies behind my study is whether verbs derived by means of a derivational marker, for instance, causatives and applicatives act in the course of other valency-changing operations differently from non-derived verbs. The verb derivation in Oromo has some typologically peculiar properties, the main one being that the morphological derivation distinguishes more specific classes than the purely lexical one. In other words, the fact that why a verb is derived for change of valency and how it is derived is crucial for its behavior. The language-specific properties of Oromo are also typologically relevant. They show that derived verbs and derivational mechanisms are of particular relevance in verb classification and should be given attention in linguistic work on change of valency.

Investigative Study of Locally Sourced additives on the refractory Properties of Isiagu Clay []

The effect of locally sourced additives on the refractory properties of Isiagu Clay was investigated. The clay sample and all additive samples were subjected to Scanning Electron-Microscope/ Energy Dispersive X-ray (SEM/EDX) analysis. The results of the SEM/EDX showed that all samples were a mixture of fine to coarse particles. It also showed that the clay sample contains about 61.68% Al2O3 and 34.97% SiO2 which is indicative of a fireclay. SEM/EDX results for sawdust and chicken droppings showed a sheet-like and interwoven structure which imparted good strength and toughness to the clay material. The SEM/EDX results showed the occurrence of tantalum and Niobium transition metals which were reported for the first time in groundnut and palm kernel shells. The investigation was achieved by adding the additives to the clay sample in this order; 2.5wt%, 5.0wt%, 7.5wt% and 10wt%. The refractoriness of the clay sample was 1447oC. All the refractory properties were studied at temperatures of 900oC and 1100oC for all additive combinations. The largest linear shrinkage was 9.814% in a sample containing 10wt% of the melon shell at 1100oC while the lowest was 3.509% in the sample containing 10wt% of grog at 1100oC. Apparent density measurements indicated that all samples fell within the internationally acceptable limit (2.3 to 3.5 g/cm3) and hence were suitable for the insulating brick application. The results of ANOVA using Excel 2013 indicates that the effect of grog additive was not significant (P<0.05) for all properties measured while the temperature was significant (P>0.05). In the same vein, melon and groundnut shells have their per cent additive both significant for almost all properties measured.

Compression of 1-D interpolation techniques to measure the gaussian pulse amplitude accurately using low sampling data for radiation detector readout []

Peak height measurement is one of the important parts of the instrument in radiation detector readout. The readout mostly consists of a charge-sensitive preamplifier followed by the shaping amplifier. Shaping amplifier has a primary role to magnify the amplitude of the preamplifier output pulse from the mV range into the 0.1 ~ 10 V range. This makes possible accurate pulse height measurements with a peak detection technique. The pulse from the shaping amplifier is in a gaussian shape. The Gaussian pulse is sampled using an analog to digital converter to find the height of the pulse, but it is not possible all the time to sample the peak point of the pulse because of the random input signal. Therefore, interpolation is used to generate the additional samples which can reduce the error in peak detection. Interpolation is a method to estimate the values at unknown points using the known data points. The present work provides a study for various 1-D interpolation methods. These techniques have been successfully simulated in MATLAB as well as in experimentation were implemented on FPGA and LabVIEW environment. The compression has been made on the basis of peak detection error and resource utilization. The interpolation methods covered are Nearest neighbor interpolation, Linear interpolation, Lagrange’s interpolation, Newton Raphson interpolation, spline cubic interpolation, Whittaker–Shannon interpolation, and Neville interpolation.

Hidden Hunger (MiND): The Hidden Enemy of MetS - A Review on the Root Cause []

This review will majorly emphasize Hidden Hunger, its prevalence in India, complications and consequences, its pathophysiology, and strategies to prevent hidden hunger in India. Nutrients are broadly classified into two segments, 1. Macronutrients which include carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, 2. Micronutrients include essential vitamins and minerals. Daily consumption of both Macronutrients and Micronutrients in Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) is required for healthy living & better outcomes from the medications in chronic illness. Hidden Hunger known as micronutrients deficiency (MiND) affects more than 2 billion (200 crores) or 1 in 3 people, globally. But the worrisome situation is that half of the global population suffering from Hidden Hunger lives in India (approximately 100 crores). Hidden Hunger (MiND) impairs health throughout the life cycle in different age groups. Here we are referring to Hidden Hunger as a ‘Hidden Enemy’ because it is existing at the cellular level and affects biochemical actions like productions of Enzymes, Co-Enzymes, Hormones, different chemical messengers, etc. Initially, lack of essential vitamins and minerals will not lead to any major signs and symptoms until it has been existing for a longer period (more than several months) to distress the cellular functions. Key targeted interventional strategies to address Hidden Hunger (MiND) in the short-term and long-term (between 5 to 10 years) include Food fortification, Biofortification, and Micronutrient supplements, dietary diversification by eating seasonal fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products as a part of a balanced diet. In today’s scenario not only prevention of Hidden Hunger is essential, but addressing Hidden Hunger is equally important in a person suffering from lifestyle disorders (T2DM, Hypertension, Dyslipidaemia), which will help to get the optimum outcome of the targeted goals. Keywords: Balanced Diet, Hidden Hunger, Micronutrients, Micronutrient supplement, MiND, Nutrition, Vitamins and Minerals. Acronyms: MiND: Micronutrient Deficiency, MetS: Metabolic Syndrome, LSM: Life Style Modification, BW: Body weight, T2DM: Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus, RDA: Recommended Dietary Allowance


A memorandum (memo) is a short message or record that is used for internal communication in a business environment. The penetration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has made many organisations to adopt electronic means of communication. The current trends of internal communication in organisations are the Electronic Memorandum (E-Memo). In the paper, E- Memo management system was designed and implemented to automate the entire process of lettering and filing in Federal Polytechnic, Ile-Oluji. The designed system is intended to erase the manual process of information exchange within the organisation. Implementing E- Memo, makes it easy to send and receive official information outside the office environment. The system enhances effective, timely and reliable communication of information within the organisation.

To Study complete physical fitness of Children Age Group 5-7Yrs Through Pran -vyayam as Preventive Measure-Positively Link To Global Warming[ ]

The IPCC (intergovernmental panel on climate change) poises that most climate change since 1950 is human induced and will have far reacting environmental and health effect. The cumulative and interacting psychosocial effect of climate change is likely to be profound.

Time-Universe Relationship[ ]

As we know from the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein, time depends on one’s frame of reference and how time’s a major force leading the material world and the cosmos. Time shows its influence on all the matter in the universe as said by the theory of relativity. A low gravitational field, time will move faster in comparison to an object in a high gravitational field where time will move slower. The paper explains that how time holds the universe and the working of space-time continuum and how time influences different objects in the cosmos.

Analysis of Mechanical behaviour of Bulging Reduction in Coke Drum Used in Petro Refineries[ ]

Coke drums are the main part of Coker unit, in which thermal cracking of higher molecular hydrocarbon gets converted to lower molecular hydrocarbons. During the process of decoking the drums undergo cyclic operations typically in the temperature range from room temperature to about 500°C (930°F). The coke drum then separates lighter vapours out of the crude, including hydrocarbon gases. During quenching, the coke drum is inevitably subjected to a rapid drop in temperature because cooling water is injected directly into the coke drum.


Performance refers to the activities that employees participate in while at work. In the workplace, individual performance is essential. It refers to a person's ability to perform well at work. Job-specific task mastery, conduct related to core job activities, devotion to core tasks, and overall work behavior are essential performance determinants. However, stress, salary, work environment workload, and job satisfaction impact performance. A significant number of focused research have used econometric indicators to quantify success (Fogaça et al., 2019; Ramawickrama et al., 2017; Templer, 2018).

Prominence of Idioms in English Proficiency[ ]

This paper renders the clear information about the value of expressions to modify one’s speaking and writing skills in English Language and Literature. And it aims to assist learners, especially to all the second language learners (English as L2). Because they are always aspirants to bring native touch/accent to their speaking skills and they hire for qualitative education techniques to improve themselves.


The effect of geometric bifurcated system on the flow of fluid samples may greatly be influenced also by the physical properties such as viscosity, density, capillary action etc. of the fluid. An experimental method was used in this paper to study the flow structure of water, diesel, crude oil, and peanut oil representing polar solvent refined hydrocarbon, unrefined hydrocarbon and vegetable oil respectively, flowing through a bifurcated channel.

Malaria Risk Mapping in Abuja Using Environmental and Anthropogenic Factors[ ]

Malaria has long been a cause of human suffering and mortality in Sub- Saharan Africa, particularly in Nigeria. This study identifies environmental factors responsible for malaria risk transmission and identify areas with the highest malaria risk exposure to support malaria decision-making. Also, this study analyzes and generate a composite malaria risk map factors influencing the risk distribution of malaria was considered.

Siting of Urban Solid Waste Processing Plant in Abuja, Nigeria[ ]

GIS and remote sensing technologies have advanced quickly in recent years, and they are now widely employed in every aspect of life. The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) is one of the fastest-growing cities in Nigeria. This has over time consequently led to an increase in urbanization trend with a surging increase in population. This has weighed considerable pressure on the limited social infrastructures in the country in serving the populace, requires a proper waste management system.

Suitability Analysis for Siting a Waste To Energy Power Plant in Kaduna, Nigeria[ ]

Municipal solid trash is regarded as one of the major threats to environmental quality in developing countries' metropolitan areas. Our cities' inappropriate solid waste management poses a severe health risk in terms of solid waste appropriateness. They reduce pollution emissions, conserve resources, and save energy. This study conducted a site suitability analysis in Kaduna with the goal of finding a suitable location for waste-to-energy generating plants.

A Review on Design and Control of AGC and AVR for Multi-Area Interconnected Power system[ ]

There are a variety of controls available for analyzing and learning power systems, it is important to develop a balanced view of controls in terms of a number of conditions, such as: balancing power between production and demand, balancing effective power between production and customers This paper presents a review and comparison of the tools used to control the most widely used energy systems for analyzing energy and electricity systems. It reviews available literature and follows a systematic approach to distinguishing other controls and models that can serve as a guide for selecting the most appropriate old and modern control system, keeping frequency and power within the permissible limit and improving the operating system features.


Continuous casting is an important process in steel production as the liquid steel is shaped into blooms and billets without rolling. This casting process has to do with the pouring of steel from a tundish which is a large vessel to hold the molten liquid into a vertical water-cooled copper mold so that it solidifies as it continuously gets pulled out 1.

Exploring the Use of Research in Enriching Teachers Knowledge and Services to Children with Deafblindness in Tanzania Case Study of Patandi Teachers College of Special Needs Education[ ]

The purpose of this study was to explore the use of research in enriching teacher’s knowledge and services for children with Deafblindness in Tanzania. The study applied a survey design, which covered the sample of 53 respondents including the employees of Patandi Teacher’s College of Special Needs Education and the student teachers taking courses of Visual Impairment and Deafblindness, Hearing Impairment and Intellectual Impairments.

Promoting Professional Ethics and Values in Workplace through an Effective Implementation of a Code of Conduct[ ]

As an organization expands the frontiers of its business, it is constantly facing complex realities and challenges and it is important that the organization responds effectively and in accordance with its fundamental management values. A code encourages discussions of ethics and compliance, empowering employees to handle ethical dilemmas they encounter in everyday work. It can also serve as a valuable reference, helping employees locate relevant documents, services and other resources related to ethics within the organization.


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