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The International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research (IJSER) is a US based Journal dedicated to disseminating scholarly theses to a global academic audience. We provide a platform where Master's and Doctoral research thesis papers can be published and accessed by a global audience of fellow researchers, students, and academics.

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Global Platform for Thesis Publication

  • Embark on the final step of your academic journey with IJSER. Publish your thesis and ensure it is seen and cited by researchers internationally.
  • Retain full rights to your academic thesis while allowing IJSER to distribute and showcase your work.

Open Access Thesis Availability

  • IJSER's Gold Level open access policy ensures your thesis publication is free to download, increasing its potential impact.
  • Your thesis will be optimized for visibility on Google Scholar, making it easy for peers to find and cite your work.

Quality Assurance and Ethical Standards

  • Ethical research and submission practices are paramount at IJSER.
  • We encourage submissions that are clear, concise, and uphold the highest academic standards.
  • For authors where English is a second language, consider professional language editing to ensure your thesis meets publication standards.

Copyright and Support

  • Granting IJSER the copyright license to publish your thesis does not relinquish your ownership. We protect your academic rights while ensuring wide dissemination.
  • Our editorial team is ready to assist you through the publication process.

Celebrate and Share Your Published Thesis

  • Receive your official digitally signed e-certificate from IJSER as a token of your published thesis.
  • Your Thesis will be given a permanent dedicated page that highlights your academic profile.

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