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Thalassemia are defined as a group of inherited hematological disorders characterized by early onset of anemia resulting from reduced rate of synthesis of one or more globin chains caused by globin chain mutations. The present study was designed to find out the occurrence and comparison (prevalence) of beta thalassemia major in the population of Urban (Mingora) and Rural (tehsil Kabal) localities of District Swat. Occurrence of thalassemic patients in both the localities were categorized, regarding three aspects i.e. age wise, gender wise and blood group wise. It was also examined to test out if there is any correlation of blood group with the disease or not? Prevalence ratio of both the localities was also determined. Data of patients was collected from Wajeeha thalassemia Center Swat and Alfajr Foundation Swat. In the total population of 440000 persons of Mingora, 35 (0.008%), while in that of 170000 population of tehsil Kabal 42 (0.024%) registered patients were reported. Out of all these 70 patients, 40 (51.94%) were male while 37 (48.05%) were female. 24 (31.16%) were in age group 1-5, 25 (32.46%) in age group 6-10, 17 (22.7%) in 11-15, 08 (10.38%) in 16-20 and 03 (03.89%) were in age group 21-25. There were no patients above the age of 25. In blood group wise distribution, as Rh positive blood group occur 85% in nature, so the individuals having these group in our data were examined to be 74 out of 77 in which A+ were 22 (31.42%), no one in A-, 26 were B+ (33.76%), one was B- (01.29%), 3 were AB+ (03.89%), no one in AB-, 23 were O+ (29.87%) and 2 were O- (02.59%). This shows that there is no correlation of the disease with blood group. The recent study will provide reports and recommendations to the concerned field and will make awareness of beta thalassemia major disease among patients and public for their safety. Moreover, same study should be conducted in large population size to determine the other risk factors.

State change of mind []

The state change of mind is essential to give proper description of a thing. There are several states and a person who can think from more of these states can be more perfect to describe a thing. These states can be defined by different sets of numbers like natural numbers (N), real numbers ( R ) , complex numbers ( C ) , etc. The very interesting thing is that we can go from one state to another in our mind by stopping our thinking in a jone which is '0' in our number system. The subset is suppressed by the set or a set is suppressed by its superset. In our mind state it also includes.

Climate Variability and Climate Change in Light of Physics: A review []

Abstract: A thermodynamic equilibrium system is forced, dissipative, nonlinear, complex, and heterogeneous. The system is influenced by many external factors, both natural and anthropogenic, at many scales of motion in time and space. In this review, we present observations of climate phenomena and the governing equations for planetary-scale flow. An overview of the hierarchy of models used in climate science is presented. A combination of dynamical systems theory, on one hand, and nonequilibrium statistical physics, on the other hand, is shown for the first time in this paper to help explain and predict the behavior of a system. The complementary points of view allow self-consistent consideration of subgrid-scale phenomena as stochastic processes, as well as the unified analysis of natural climate variability and forced climate change, in addition to the significance of climate sensitivity, response, and predictability.

Detection Of the Trends of Football Fans in Turkey by Machine Learning Algorithm Using Twitter Data []

Twitter is a social media platform whose user base is growing day by day and where people can express their feelings in writing. People share their opinions on a current topic with texts called tweets, which allow them to be informed about the views they hold. In this study, the tweets on the social media platform Twitter were used to infer the football teams supported by users through classification with machine learning algorithms. A success rate of around 96% was achieved in the classification results.

An Appraisal of Selected Nigeria Firm's Approach in Implementing Performance Appraisal System in Their Organization. []

The key purpose of a Performance Appraisal System is to evaluate how well the employees performed during the year. It evaluates employee performance in line with the company’s goals and objectives, which help the company, identify and categorize employees. This, in turn, helps the company devise suitable development plans and training programs for the employees. Many performance management and appraisal systems come with diverse features, but that does not always make it effective. Certain features fix up together can make an effective performance appraisal system. The article focused on An Appraisal of Selected Nigeria Firm's Approach in Implementing Performance Appraisal System in Their Organization. The aim of this article is to look at the present approach adopted by various organization in implementing Performance appraisal system and proffer a better approach that is devoid of any form of bias for the good of both the workforce and the organization. The study used a qualitative research method and collected data through questionnaire and interviews. The sample consists of one hundred participants drawn from five multi-national corporations in Nigeria. The data gathered were reviewed against the literature on the subject. Descriptive analysis was used to analyze the data. The paper concludes that, if the managements of organizations can strictly adopt the right approach in implementing performance appraisal, it will help companies and their employees achieve organizational success and growth.


Abstract: The purpose of this study is to prepare the risk management plan for a Chemotherapy Drug Procedure (CDP). It has been observed that more than 15% of patients die due to wrong administration of chemotherapy drug to patients suf-fering from any particular cancer. Furthermore, this study will discuss the concept of the quality healthcare and normal quality route for the Intravenous Chemotherapy and Intrathecal Chemotherapy administering. In the healthcare sector and Health Care Management (HCM) terms there is a need for all medical practitioners to focus on a risk management plan and measurement concept of quality by concentrating on ''fitness for purpose'' of the chemotherapy drugs administering towards the right route for intrathecal methodology instead of intravenously approach. However, due to death occurred from a particular patient in the process of administering chemotherapy drugs, the quality the facilitator may wish to identify, assess, mitigate, and monitor the root causes of death/accident and prepare report risks of chemotherapy drugs treatment. KEYWORDS: Chemotherapy Drug Procedure (CDP) Health Care Management (HCM)

Realizing the potential opportunities of urban leftover spaces: The case of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia []

Understanding the potential of urban leftover spaces is crucial for cities, especially for cities like Addis Ababa where the population number is increasing rapidly and urban land is unaffordable, which again has a direct impact on urban space utilization in terms of providing them housing, recreational centers, working spaces, and supplying them basic infrastructures in general. The paper focuses on identifying the inner potentials of those neglected urban spaces that are not currently functional for any particular uses in the city, keeping in mind that what might be done with them depends on the size, location, and condition they are found in. Maps and images are used to identify locations, pictures for showing their current status, and through a focus group, discussion, interviews, and questionnaire as input for what potential they have is identified with responsible stakeholders like city administration, academicians, professionals, and practitioners. The study identified that leftover spaces have a lot of potential for a city like Addis Ababa starting from being spaces for a shoeshine to spaces for recreational and exhibition centers.

Claiming the Essence of urban leftover spaces through the causes of their formation. The case of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia []

Analyzing the essence of urban leftover spaces helps to understand how land is used efficiently in cities, which has a direct impact on creating communities that offer better choices for where and how people live within a defined form of space. When we look at the concept of how Addis Ababa is configured, it is difficult to find that managed and proper use of urban land because of the presence of leftover spaces, caused by inefficient planning, change in the function of spaces, and geographical constraints. that has a direct effect on the proper use of spaces, the city organization, the cost of infrastructure on the economy, and the aesthetics of the city. So, having this in mind, it is all analyzed through observation, mapping, discussions, interviews, and document reviews and tried to contribute a hint by looking deep down at the substantial nature of urban leftover spaces through causes of formations as a parameter. The study finalized how planning by is self is a cause for spaces wasted in cities.


Individuals have the right to see and erase their data in certain circumstances, as well as the ability to opt-out of having their data sold, thanks to gatekeeping, which emphasizes the necessity of good data management and control. Social media has changed considerably during the previous decade. Users claim that the liberties given by Instagram outweigh any possible concerns to privacy caused by their use. Despite their privacy concerns and awareness, gatekeepers continued to supply massive amounts of personally identifying information. To safeguard people's private or professionally accessible information submitted on internet platforms, gatekeeping technologies utilizing incredibly complex and inventive encryption and data security approaches were required. The information gathered here appeared to be on the point of becoming a mash-up of a variety of different sources. The information about the user, such as their phone number, Email address, or Twitter credentials, is protected by gatekeepers and the registration process. The evidence obtained in this appeared to have been on the point of becoming a mash-up of a variety of different sources. Important information about individual, such as their phone number, email address, or Twitter credentials, is protected by gatekeepers and the registration process. Over through the previous few decades, networking has evolved significantly. Numerous challenges involving the installation of gatekeeping technology, particularly for journalist digital news networks, have yet to be resolved or properly investigated in the prior literature. Data is gathered directly by the customer, who is in charge of usernames and passwords, under the decentralized alternative. Over the previous few decades, networking has evolved significantly.


This study relates to the conglomerate and structural properties of BaMnO3 oxide as a perovskite material prepared using the conventional solid-state reaction method. Perovskite structures have long been difficult materials to define new materials for use in many electronic applications such as actuators, switches, magnetic field sensors, and electronic memory devices. X-ray diffraction analysis measures and shows a diffraction pattern that shows a clear image at 1000x magnification on the fracture surface at a ratio of 1:1, 1:2, and 3:1. The peak positions and relative intensities of the X-ray diffraction pattern for a 1:1 ratio show that the synthesized BaMnO3 product is a single-phase perovskite oxide and has an orthorhombic structure with 304.61 Å and 3unit cell volume parameters of a = 6.434 Å , b = 5.316 A°, c = 8.906 A°. In the ratio of 1:2, the size of the BaMnO3 nanocrystal powder crystals is 40-45 nm. The most intense line is the Miller index with the values, 18.836 (003), 23.122 (112), 26.760 (022), 32.929 (222), and 35.652 (132) indicate that the synthesized BaMnO3 is a cubic crystal with a unit cell parameter of a = 9.415 Å. The 3:1 ratio indicates that the synthesized BaMnO3 is a tetragonal crystal with cell parameters of a = 9.431 A° and c = 37.774 A°, and the strongest lines and Miller indices for this structure are 24.147 (125), 26.696 (028). . , 32.856. (228), 38.138 (040) and 40.031 (1430). This result shows the spin of an electron in the field of spintronics, not the charge used to convey information.

Smart Bin for Smart Waste Management []

This paper introduces the design and development of a clean and intelligent environment by introducing a smart bin that integrates the intelligent waste monitoring system that measures waste disposal and notifies municipal officials whenever garbage bins are full .The proposed system components include the arduino uno microcontroller that controls system performance and the ultrasonic sensor to check the full volume by measuring the amount of waste in the bin and the GSM module to provide sms alerts to waste collectors. The function indicates a system that allows the municipal administration to monitor the level of waste in the bin. System performance is supported by recharging the power bank powered by the solar panel. The CCTV camera is used for surveillance purposes. It is planned that the system can assist in a clean environment by monitoring and managing waste collection using technology. Out of the total cost of the waste management process, maximum cost is for the transportation of waste from transfer station to disposal site. Our proposed bin will help to reduce the number of trips required for transportation of waste. This will in turn reduce the transportation cost and is economical.

High Length Wi-Fi Network System []

The present world today is running continuously, looking for something new day after day. Today, the world is standing at the edge of the door, thinking back after a few decades from now on, it was possible only because of science. And the main discovery content of that science is the Internet. Because of this internet, we can easily do any work that was not possible before such as with a distant person, we can now speak very easily, no matter where we are, we can see him and only because of the internet. Telecommunication sector is created to make communication media reach the target. This sector has reached the hands of the media today. People can quickly talk to people far away or close to them. Telecommunication sector has allowed us to run the internet, which is why we can take advantage of this when we need it. Because of science, we are using this internet medium in different ways. For example, broadband line (Ethernet) and router system process. Our job will be to provide the people of the whole Bangladesh with the internet only through the Wi-Fi router system process. That’s why anyone can use the internet whenever he/she wishes, no matter how much he/she is out of range of the network? Our system will cover the entire country with a few network towers which will make Wi-Fi systems such as the router now-a-days.

A Review on DNA Microarray Technology []

Microarray analysis allows scientists to make out the molecular mechanisms of principal normal and dysfunctional biological processes. It has provided scientists with a tool to investigate the structure and activity of genes on a wide scale. Microarray technology could speed up the screening of thousands of DNA and protein samples simultaneously. DNA microarrays have been used for clinical diagnosis and for studying complex phenomena of gene expression patterns. The present review article focus on the history, technique, and future applications of DNA microarray technology. Key Words: Microarray, DNA, Technology

Community Search for multi-attributed weighted network []

Recently, community search over large networks has got significant interest. In applications such as analysis of social network, web network, protein interaction networks and collaboration networks, edges and nodes are likely to have attributes. Unfortunately, most previous community search algorithms ignore multiple attributes of nodes and edges. In this paper, we study the problem of multi-attributed weight driven community search, that is, given an undirected graph G where nodes and edges are associated with multiple attributes/weights, and an input query node q, desired community size k, find the community containing q, in which most of the members are cohesively connected with each other. For community construction we proposed a new distance calculation approach which is calculated using the attributes. Here distance indicates the degree of dissimilarities between any two pair of nodes. Experiments and analysis on large social network show the effectiveness of our proposed solution by considering both the node and edge attributes


Ransomware has recently become one of the most dangerous and frustrating malware to individuals and organisations in the current day computer and information technology world. Files of both individuals and organisations has increasingly been under serious attack and there is no sure-fire solution for defending against ransomware as these malware code uses polymorphic and metamorphic algorithms to create different versions therefore escaping signature detection. Hence, for individuals or organizations that wants their files in an adaptive security architecture has to deployed for constantly monitoring of the system as to detect new ransomware infection at its initial attempt stage such that it can be blocked before encrypting the files. This approach is defense in depth approach which supplements the network defenses such as patch management, anti-virus software, intrusion detection, firewalls, and content filtering. A model for the execution of the preempt and preventive security architectural structure via open source program is proposed and the presented model is implemented against the Petya and WannaCry ransomware. The proposed architectural model was successfully tested and able to alert of the ransomware attack and, it was capable to prevent the Petya ransomware from executing on the victim host.

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