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In order to impart barrier properties against microorganisms and blood to 100% cotton fabrics a, samples are treated with chitosan and fluoropolymers using the pad-dry-cure and pad-cure methods, respectively. Antimicrobial activity of the samples is analysed quantitatively by measuring the number of colonies of Staphylococcus aureus. Blood repellence is assessed with an impact penetration test using synthetic blood. Laundering durability of the finishes is measured, and scanning electron microscopy is used to evaluate changes in the fabric surfaces. Samples treated only with chitosan show a high reduction rate in the number of colonies. Dual finished specimens treated with 1.1 % chitosan concentration also maintain over 90% reductions in the number of colonies. The blood repellence of dual finished nonwoven fabrics is superior to that of dual finished cotton. Dual finished cotton fabrics exhibited durable antimicrobial activity with repeated laundering. As regards mechanical properties, bending rigidity and shear rigidity increase when cotton fabrics are treated only with chitosan, but these properties decrease after the fluoropolymer treatment. Air permeability of the specimens decreases slightly after the dual finish.

Modified SPWM Based Level Saturated PWM Strategy to Reduce the Switching Loss and THD of 5-Level NPC Inverters []

Neutral-point-clamped (NPC) multilevel inverters (MLIs) are becoming popular for medium to high power applications. It has some major performance criteria such as the total harmonic distortion (THD) of the output line voltage and grid current, power losses, inverter efficiency etc. which are greatly influenced by the pulse width modulation (PWM) strategy. In order to improve the performance and reduce the switching losses, a sinusoidal PWM (SPWM) based level saturated PWM strategy is suggested in this work. For the comparative analysis, a five level three phase grid-tied NPC inverter topology is considered. The saturated region of the proposed PWM technique can significantly reduce the THD of the output line voltage and grid current as well as the switching losses. To prove the superiority of the proposed PWM strategy, it is compared with the other existing PWM techniques in terms of THD of the output line voltage, grid current and power loss. The simulation part of the whole system is conducted in MATLAB Simulink as well as PLECS simulation platform.

Criminel farceur ou farce tragique chez Maupassant []

Résumé La farce est couramment utilisée par Maupassant dans ses nouvelles. Elle devient souvent tragique sous sa plume et met quelque fois en scène la joyeuseté des paysans ou des canotiers. Certains criminels maupassantiens sont des farceurs et jouent la farce tragique. Le tragique n’est jamais loin de la farce chez Maupassant parce qu’elle mêle le rire et la violence. Cette violence qui se trouve dans la farce se manifeste sous plusieurs formes, souvent c’est le cocufiage d’une femme envers son mari comme dans Les Bécasses ou des hommes qui séduisent des femmes comme dans La femme de Paul où les deux femmes découvrent tardivement la farce des deux canotiers. Ainsi la farce a une fonction poétique chez Maupassant dans la mesure où elle est rapportée avec une technique soutenue qui montre le talent du nouvelliste. Mots clés : farce, farce tragique, criminel, crime, Maupassant. Abstract Farce is commonly used by Maupassant in his short stories. It often becomes tragic under his pen and sometimes depicts the joy of peasants or boaters. Some Maupassantian criminals are jokers and play tragic farces. Tragedy is never far from farce in Maupassant because it mixes laughter and violence. This violence which is found in farce manifests itself in several forms, often it is the cuckolding of a woman towards her husband as in Les Bécasses or men who seduce women as in Paul’s Wife where the two women belatedly discover the farce of the two boaters. Thus the farce has a poetic function in Maupassant to the extent that it is reported with a sustained technique which shows the talent of the short story writer. Keywords : farce, tragic farce, criminal, crime, Maupassant.

New Properties of Photons and Photoelectric Effect []

-: Abstract :- . The photons has an important property . It is electrically neutral but couples with electric charges. That is why photons do not interact with each other ?Since photons are mass less, Photons do not interact with each other, Because it seems that The interaction between charge particles exist only when they are possesses mass, Otherwise there will be no any interaction between them.

Cultural Diversity in the Workplace on Operational performance in Ethiopia A study at Kilitch Estro Biotech Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Factory []

The main objective of this research is to investigate the impact of cultural diversity and its workgroup performance at Kilitch Estro Biotech Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Factory. A descriptive quantitative research method was used. Primary data was collected using a five-scale likert questionnaire. Data submitted through the questionnaire was entered into SPSS 24.0 statistical software and analyzed for descriptive statistics. A sampling technique was used to select a population sample from the entire employee population. Data were analyzed through frequency, percentage mean, and standard deviation. The results confirmed that the pharmaceutical industry management is expected to work hard in promoting cultural diversity. The findings revealed that the pharmaceutical company emphasized positive cultural values and discouraged negative cultural values, actions that positively influenced its performance. Lastly, the findings revealed that, all the employees’ language variables did not have a significant effect on the organizational performance of the company. The Kilitch Estro Biotech plc should introduce the cultural work diversity management initiatives like many other diversified and multicultural institutions across the country.

Architecture of Synthetic Super Intelligence []

This paper describes the working architecture of Synthetic Super Intelligence Agent described in the paper Applications of Synthetic Super Intelligence in this journal's Volume 10, Issue 7, July 2019. The agent consists of 4 modules to implement its working. The first module uses deep learning to refine the agent's knowledge base. Rest of the modules use mathematical and logical operations for various types of outputs as described in this paper. This agent is purpose built to advance the technical knowledge and its applications on large scale.

Assessment and Trend Analysis of Tithes and Offerings at Seventh Day Adventist International Church in Ethiopia A Study at Bishoftu Church []

Abstract This research study aimed to assess the return of tithes and offerings, reasons for giving and types of something to be given among Seventh-day Adventist International Church members of the Bishoftu Adventist Church. The sample group consisted of 39 members of the Church who took part in giving Tithes and offerings. Data was collected through a structured closed questionnaire. Statistical analyses utilized were frequencies, percentages, mean scores, and standard deviation. The results indicated that Knowledge or Talent is the most priority thing to be given to the church while money is the 2nd priority which is usually between 201-500 per month. It also showed that 39 (100%) church members irrespective of their gender, position in the church, age, marital status, monthly income or years of membership know that tithing and offerings are the obligations of a believer Christian. The study showed that the highest reason for returning tithing and offerings is an indication of gratitude towards God for giving everything with a mean score of 4.87 while God cannot bless you if you do not offer the tithe is the least reason with a mean score of 3.23 according to the respondents.

A Machine Learning Approach For Stock Market Prediction in the Banking Sector []

Abstract: In Stock Market Prediction, the primary objective is to forecast the future values of a company's bank stocks. A recent shift in stock market prediction strategies involves adopting machine learning technologies, which derive predictions from current stock market indices by learning patterns from their historical values. Machine learning, encompassing diverse models, is leveraged to facilitate more accurate and authentic predictions. This paper highlights the application of LSTM-based machine learning techniques for the prediction of stock values, with a focus on crucial factors such as open, close, low, high, and volume.

Renewable Energy: Status, Policies and future Plans in India’s Perspectives []

When leaders set ambitious goals for renewable energy and support them with Policies, political will, investments, the benefits come fast. Switching to renewable energy doesn’t just drive down emissions; the transition also contributes to a secure & sustainable economy, a growing jobs market and the creation of a reliable and resilient energy ecosystem. The initiatives taken by the government in terms of the framing policies, regulations and guidelines has certainly made its impact on the renewable energy contributions in terms of energy security and also create and equal playing field for CPSEs and private players. The new challenges have also paved the way for more opportunities such as emission reduction and sustainability. With this, India will be able to achieve its ambitious target of contribution of non fossil fuel in the total installed capacity. Further, with the introduction of storage technologies such as Battery storage, Green Hydro and Pumps storage plant will also compliment the renewable energy generation and also making the grid more secure and stable.

Advancing Cancer Medicine through Quantum Technologies: Harnessing Quantum Dots, Quantum Computers, and Quantum Physics []

Quantum physics is known for its unique properties and inherent uncertainty. Researchers and scientists have long sought to harness the potential of quantum technologies in medicine and computation. This project aims to explore revolutionary applications of quantum technologies in the realm of cancer medicine. The quantum world holds immense capabilities that can transform cancer diagnosis, treatment, and our understanding of the disease. One significant area of current interest in quantum physics is in quantum dots, which are semiconducting nanoparticles that have adjustable wavelengths and high fluorescent properties. These qualities have brought about transformative changes in cancer imaging and enabled more precise and efficient delivery of anticancer compounds. Quantum computers, based on the principles of quantum mechanics, such as superposition and entanglement, have the potential to tackle complex computational problems in cancer medicine. Quantum algorithms can enhance our understanding of cancer biology, identify new drug targets, and accelerate the discovery of personalized treatment strategies. This could significantly reduce the time and cost of drug development, leading to more effective treatments for cancer patients. Moreover, the emerging field of quantum biology offers a fresh perspective on oncology. Quantum physics can deepen our understanding of cancer at a biological level, leading to the development of better treatments. By leveraging the unique power of the quantum world, we can enhance cancer imaging, expedite drug discovery, and gain profound insights into the quantum dynamics of cancer.

Seismic behaviour of reinforced concrete interior beam-column connections with proposed reinforcement details []

The present philosophy of earthquake resistant design is to ensure post elastic deformation without collapse of structures in case of severe earthquakes. Hence, special confining reinforcement are provided in columns and beams to promote ductile mode of failure of beam column joints. But this results in congestion of reinforcement at the joints. To reduce the reinforcement congestion at the joint region, three novel detailing patterns for reinforcement are proposed in this study. Seven interior beam column joint specimens were tested to failure under cyclic loading, and the effect of reinforcement detailing pattern on strength and ductility behaviour is meticulously examined

Handwriting Recognition and Auto-Completion []

In the digital age, handwriting remains crucial for expressing illustrations and formulas despite the prevalence of keyboard input. However, the diverse nature of handwriting poses challenges for computer processing, limiting its portability and input assistance. To address these issues, Handwriting Recognition technology has been developed, gaining traction with electronic pens and tablets. This report explores the application of Handwriting Recognition on iOS devices, emphasizing the growing need for improved recognition capabilities. The report recognizes the evolving landscape and proposes auto-completion to enhance handwriting input convenience. The study demonstrates that auto-completion can reduce the number of characters required for a word entry, mitigating input challenges. Additionally, a technique is proposed to minimize computational demands on devices. Two metrics are introduced to evaluate auto-completion performance, comparing outcomes between utilizing iOS’s text recognition API and a custom Handwriting Recognition model designed for computational efficiency. This research aims to unlock the full potential of electronic tablets as a medium for handwriting, addressing current limitations and fostering advancements in Handwriting Recognition applications.

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