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Domain Name System Spoofing Attack Along With Man in the middle Attack []

DNS Spoofing is a technique by which the DNS queries requested by a client can be modified to cause the IP address returned in the query to be whatever the attacker wants it to be. For the DNS Spoofing attack to be successful, a Man-in-the-middle attack has to be done as well, which can be achieved by ARP spoofing.

Effect of Candle Wax on the Mechanical Properties of Recycled Concretes as Coarse Aggregate in Bituminous Concretes []

All over the world, the need to reduce environmental waste has been emphasized to encourage cleanliness and reduce other environmental risks. One of such ways, however, is through the concept of material re-use technically termed recycling which is a major focus of the present study. A major problem considered in this study was drawn from the concern in the excessive use of gravel as coarse aggregate in the construction of road pavements and other structural works. Secondly, the risk of near depletion of these aggregates is no longer a hearsay rather a concern that requires mitigation especially due to rising population increase that has in turn affected rates of construction on the high. On this basis the present study aimed at using recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) as coarse aggregate in bituminous concrete mixtures to ascertain its suitability. However, on the contrary previous researches have shown that RCA alone does not meet specification requirements. It is on this basis that the present study further sought methods of mitigating the shortfall in using RCA alone by blending with varying amounts of candle wax. The methodology involved preparation of bituminous concrete samples using RCA alone and RCA blended with candle wax and subjecting the samples to indirect tensile splitting test, density, and voids analysis test. The results obtained showed that for optimal performance, a blend of 20% RCA plus 20% candle wax was adequate to meet standard specification requirements. Therefore, it is recommended that RCA be incorporated into bituminous mixtures as revealed in the study

Stuck in the limbo; The case of Afghan migrants in Turkey []

This article analyzes the uncertain situation of Afghan migrants living in Turkey by using secondary data analysis. This article starts by investigating the Turkish government's migration policy over time, which will help in understanding the illegal status of Afghan migrants in Turkey. It is followed by a historical overview of Afghan migration, this section will demonstrate the history of Afghan migration from the 1970s to the present time. The article then focuses on Afghan migration flow to Turkey and beyond, this section explores the role of Turkey as a transit country and the migration patterns of Afghan migrants. Finally, the uncertain situation of Afghan migrants in Turkey is explored, this section will demonstrate why Afghan migrants are stuck in the limbo.

Entrepreneurship Development : challenges and prospects of small business at National University Area in BD []

It is now generally agreed that small businesses are one of the key engines of growth in many developing countries by contributing to employment creation. In this paper, it is argued that micro and small businesses can not grow or succeed unless they are entrepreneurial.It is with this paper proposed that effort must be placcd on the development of entrepreneurial behaviour in small business growth in Bangladesh is to be achieved. The emerging pattern of business in Bangladesh is that small business will continue to be the source of jobs and growth in the economy. Many studies have been undertaken and have identified numeuous problems as being associated with small business, such as lack of finanace and access to it, lack of market information, lack of managerial skills and many others. Little attention however has been paid to entrepreneurship which is the underlying factor to the development of small business. Entrepreneurship is the ability to seek out opportunities and turn to profitable business.

Localization System on Multiple Mobile Beacon in Wireless Sensor Networks []

Wireless Sensors Network, which is referred to as WSN, constitutes a scientific revolution in the field of wireless communications and embedded systems. It has opened the way for the creation of a new generation of applications in fields as diverse as the environment, weather monitoring, health monitoring, building and facility safety inspection, and security. Such as intruder detection, intrusion into restricted areas, traffic and fire detection Nowadays, WSNs are emerging as an active research area including different topics such as power consumption, routing algorithms, hypothesis selection of sensors, robustness, efficiency, etc. Wireless sensor networks contain various types of sensors such as low sampling rate, seismic, magnetic, as well as thermal, optical, infrared, radar, and sound that are intelligent to monitor a wide range of surrounding situations. Sensor nodes are also used for continuous sensing, event ID, event detection, and local actuator control. Applications of wireless sensor networks primarily include health, environmental, home and other commercial areas. Setting up a positioning system in WSN is challenging. Provided with a geographical link between sensed information, we can utilize position information to disseminate data rules to identify collected data and recognize regions and nodes. In general, nodes require location data from at least three reference points for position prediction. This research tackles simulation by utilizing N mobile anchors (single, two/double, three, 5 & ten moving anchors) given a settled sensor node. It investigates MSE & latency derived from the detected sensor nodes in various network densities, noise ratio, and signal interference. There are tuning parameters in simulation linked to the prospective implementation of a WSN (Wireless Sensor Network). The advantage of wireless sensor networks is their ability to achieve the same function as the internet by transmitting data over wireless communications without using wires, where repetitive data is relayed, and these sensor nodes send data to the internet gate safely, where the gate in turn sends the data to a server or to cloud computers and this is where large systems analysis techniques begin their work. In this thesis, using greater moving anchors introduces more ameliorations in simulated WSN. This is in regards to MSE and latency. We have introduced multiple moving anchors to localize the sensor nodes in WSN. It’s noted that the scenarios yield a relatively minimal localization time in localizing nodes in a sensor network. Localization error is observed for different nodes and several received SINR. It was noted in every scenario that the MSE decreases with an increasing number of sensor nodes.

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (K.A.P) for Biomedical Waste Management Among Hospital Staff []

Biomedical waste if not handled properly can pollute the environment and can spread many harmful diseases. Health care workers in our country are still not fully aware about proper BMW handling and disposal, despite increasing global awareness on it. The objective of the study was to understand the level of awareness regarding BMW handling and disposal among health care professionals in our institution. This was a cross-sectional study was conducted in 5 different hospitals (Bed capacity >100) in metro cities. The study was conducted in 3 months. A total of 600 hospital staff from different hospitals responded as participants and further data analyzed. were consented to fill a structured valid questionnaire on Biomedical waste management in hospitals. These respondents were asked to be filled either questionnaire on Microsoft form from their computer or on hardcopy. The structures valid questionnaire was prepared on Microsoft office forms and 100% response rate was received from the staff working in different areas including wards, ICU, laboratory and OPD of the hospital. Those who were willing to submitted hard copies, 30 minutes time was given to each participant to finish the questionnaire and finally submit the form, the results were entered into Microsoft office form and analyzed. The questionnaire was developed based on an extensive literature which can include knowledge, attitude and practice with regards to biomedical waste management adequately. The questionnaire was given after designed and a pretested questionnaire and checklist was conducted on 10 staff. All questions were closed ended questions. The questionnaire was divided into 4 sessions i.e. Session -1 for personnel data, Session -2 to know knowledge assessment, Session -3 on Attitude assessment and Section -4 on Practice Questionnaire. The data forms were collected and underwent scrutiny for logical inconsistencies, skip patterns, and missing values. Results were expressed in numbers and percentages. Conclusion : Most of the healthcare workers are aware about the biomedical waste management rule and its requirements but required regular training for colour coding and how to segregate and store the waste.


The incidence of kidnapping peoples in Nigeria has taken an alarming dimension for reasons not well addressed by successive governments in Nigeria. This unlawful act has increase despite the various legislations prohibiting kidnapping both the international level and at the three tiers levels of government. The law against kidnapping has been passed almost a decade since 2013 by the federal government of Nigeria with some states in the country domesticating law from 2017-2021. The purpose of this paper is to design a software program that uses a smartwatch and is dubbed as blower. It can help the users (victim) to alert the security personnel’s or relatives for help. When the report button on the smartwatch is clicked, the geolocation and the SMS application interface(API) are triggered, and SMS will generate with details of the current coordinates of the device location and sent to a predefined number. This message is sent continuously whenever the location changes. Is an innovative software suite (Web, Mobile, API, and Database) that can be used to help the victim, in curbing kidnapping issues in our society.

A PLC for implementing the Flipped classroom strategy to enhance learning outcomes. []

In this 21st century, the world has been changing rapidly. The international education system also has been transforming using a new strategy in the teaching and learning process to meet the demand of the era. Several types of research highlighted challenges faced by university students in the institutions of higher education such as limited self-regulated learning strategies, low degrees of connectedness, lack of leisure, lack of motivation, and low achievement in academia (Zorofi, Gargari, Geshlagi, & Tahvildar, 2011; Ozben, 2013; Geduld, 2016; Turki, Jdaitawi, Sheta, 2018). The main criticism has cast light on the following: students are passive in traditional lectures due to the lack of mechanisms that ensure intellectual engagement with the material, student’s attention wanes quickly, the pace of the lectures is not adapted to all learners needs and traditional lectures are not suited for teaching higher-order skills such as application and analysis (Cashin, 1985; Bonwell, 1996; Huxham, 2005; Young, Robinson, & Alberts,2009). Technological advancement and the limitations of traditional teaching led to finding out new approaches to improve and update the teaching-learning process which will be learners centered. Flipped classroom strategy is the opposite of a traditional lecture-based system. The flipped classroom work can be categorized into three phases namely, pre-class learning preparation, in-class learning activities, and post-class learning consolidation (Kong,2014,2015). First, in the pre-class learning preparation phase, students go through the material at their own pace employing learning platforms provided online. This is followed by in-class learning activities, where the students and teacher go through participatory learning activities by discussing, debating, presenting, and simulating the content of the lesson (Estes, Ingram, & Liu, 2014; Tucker, 2012). This strategy aims to enhance the quality of teaching and the efficacy of learning (e.g., Baepler, Walker, & Diressen, 2014; Demski, 2012; Sparks, 2011). As it is evident that flipped classroom is effective for enhancing learning outcomes, we decided to establish this strategy in our respective department under five colleges (Rangpur Government College, Govt. Akbar Ali College, Moheshpur Government Degree College, Nagarpur Government College, Government Azizul Haque College). It is a new concept for all departments; therefore, it is needed to form PLC to handle all obstacles.

Thermal analysis of Conventional and Helical baffle in heat exchanger []

An attempt made to decrease the pressure drop and to increase the heat transfer and the ratio of heat transfer and pressure drop in shell and tube type heat exchanger by tilting the baffle angle up to which we get the minimum pressure drop. This study however, considers shell and tube type heat exchanger with the aid of computer programming. It involves developing a simple user-friendly computer programme for the heat transfer calculations and ensures that the computational time is kept minimal. Analysis has been done in shell and tube type heat exchanger at shell side. It analyzes the conventional segmental baffle heat exchanger using the Kern’s method with fixed shell side flow rates and varied volume flow rate. Since Kern’ method used in design of heat exchangers with a baffle cut of 25% (fixed). The thermal analysis of helical baffle heat exchanger using this method give us clear idea that the ratio of heat transfer coefficient per unit pressure drop is maximum in helical baffle heat exchanger as compared to segmental baffle heat exchanger.

Role of Women Empowerment in Rural Entrepreneurship in District Mianwali (Pakistan) []

This paper, discuss entrepreneurship as one of the factors that influence the economy and development of a nation, either directly or indirectly. It is a fact that entrepreneurship plays a significant role in shaping the landscape of a country’s economy. Entrepreneurship is the engine of economic growth and it has come to be perceived as a catalytic agent for expansion and promotion of productive activities in every domain of economic life all over the world. Rural female are key agent for the development of any country. They play a catalytic role towards the achievement of economic, environmental and social change requires for the sustainable development. For the development of any country the equal participation of women and men are necessary. The number of owned business increased nearly 3,000 since 1972 in Pakistan. This research will focus on especially female entrepreneurship for the rural development in Mianwali. This research will also focus on finding rural entrepreneurship influences the economy of Mianwali. It will then proceed to present an overview of relevant variables used in determining the role played by entrepreneurship in the rural women of Mianwali in Pakistan. There will then follow a discussion on the advantages of rural entrepreneurship to the economy. There is focus indeed in women entrepreneurship by encouraging, appreciating, and support them. Focus is needed in female entrepreneurship by appreciating them for their work and contribution in the field of nation and independent development. This research will focus to enhance the entrepreneurship skill of the rural women and their empowerment.

Social and Environmental Effects of Smog on Public Health []

All human behaviors, including social, psychological, and environmental actions, have an impact on human health, and are accountable for causing current environmental challenges and issues. This is advancing the importance of education, particularly environmental education, as a necessary factor to look after. International declarations have highlighted that investigating people‟s environmental awareness, attitudes, and behavior towards environmental issues could inform educational approaches geared towards a more sustainable future. The research explored the most toxic cause of smog, environmental Effects, social Effects, and behavior of human health in Lahore, Iqbal Town (A and D block of Johar Town). The aim of research is to investigate the current context of human health in smog episodes. An interpretive approach was used to explore participants‟ perspectives through a mix of quantitative and qualitative data, including questionnaires. Two populations were included: 13392 households (A block) and 672 (D block). Two different computer software programs (SPSS for quantitative and MS word for qualitative data) were used for data analysis, coding and writing. The findings indicated that people had reasonably high levels of understanding about environmental issues, particularly local issues which have greater impact on their everyday lives, such as air pollution. This highlights the important issue of context. Researches have shown that both social and environmental effects are responsible for human health and diseases and relevant daily routine disturbance. This includes modification of their environmental education, social education, and health awareness towards a more health conscious approach of living safe lives. In order to do this, the internal and external obstacles described in this thesis will need to be addressed to help Lahore develop more environmentally.

Flood Vulnerability Assessment using GIS. A case of Nekemte town,Ethiopia []

ABSTRACT A flood vulnerability map gives the precise location of sites where people, the natural environment or property are at risk due to a potentially catastrophic event that could result in death, injury, pollution or other destruction. The main objective of the study is Flood Vulnerability Assessment in Nekemte town. The expansion of the town near streams and rivers due to lack of land use planning policy and illegal settlements for the purpose of irrigation made the area to be visited by flood every year since 2000. In order to map flood vulnerability area, Multi Criteria Evaluation incorporated with ArcGIS was employed. The contributing factors for flood vulnerability in the town was identified and prioritized based on their respective order of significance through field observation of area under investigation. Arc GIS was used to build geo database, geo-referencing and topology creation of all selected factors to analyse the flood vulnerability of the town. Selected factors (criteria) map were developed in raster layer of 10 m pixel size. The raster layer of selected factor was reclassified and re-assigned from 1 to 5; where 1 indicates very low flood vulnerability whereas 5 indicates very high flood vulnerability. Pair Wise Comparison (PWC) method of idrisi32 software was used in order to determine weighted value. Weighted overlay was used to combine 5 reclassified raster layers of selected factors using 1 to 5 by 1 system of weighted overlay system based on their respective computed weight. Weighted overlay map of the study area resulted with four values: 2, 3, 4 and 5 which represents that low, moderate, high and very high flood vulnerability. Weighted overlay map result (Flood vulnerability map) was further analysed using area tabulation with kebele boundary and land use classes of the town. The area tabulation with kebele boundary result covered all the kebeles of the town from low to very high flood vulnerability. The result of this thesis will help Nekemte town Administration as a guide to protect the loss of property, human life and an infrastructure before the flood occurs in the area. Areas prone to flooding should be protected from any construction so as to avoid any calamities caused by storm water floods Key words: Flood, Vulnerability, GIS, MCE

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