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Tall structures consistently have depended on mechanical advancements in designing and logical advancement. New innovative improvements have been ceaselessly occurring on the planet, It is firmly connected to the quest for proficient development materials that empower structures to be built higher, quicker and more secure. More current and further developed techniques for development materials particularly iron and steel and imaginative strategies in development catalyzed the high rises development. Steel/concrete composite construction solutions have been in use for decades, leveraging different properties of the two materials to achieve better performance than what could be achieved by using each of them individually. Despite the steel/concrete composite solutions’ superior structural efficiency, they are still considered “niche” products in some regional markets, mainly due to a lack of established best-practice information or expertise, low developer awareness of the benefits, and several other issues related to market positioning. Building an ever increasing number of high rises would add magnificence and captivating view to the city ,But in the mean time extreme attention to detail ought to be taken while building also, after it, if not it might bring about gigantic loss of both living souls and property. The state of the present high rise is especially prominent. The advances in innovation and materials have permitted erection of extremely high structures as well as permitted them to take on previously unheard-of shapes. Today elevated structures can bend, lean and walk out on themselves. These shapes are picked for enhanced visualization, yet infrequently they add to limiting breeze loads by working on a structure's streamlined properties. Keywords – Steel,Concrete ,Composite, Skyscrapers ,Materials,Steel Concrete Composite

Peran Pejabat Pengelola Informasi Dan Dokumentasi (PPID) Dalam Pelayanan Informasi Publik di Kabupaten Lamandau []

Abstract This study aims to find out how the Role of Public Information Service Management Officials in managing information and documentation in Lamandau Regency, and the Factors that affect the Role of Management Officials Public Information Services by Information Management and Documentation Officials (PPID) in Lamandau Regency. In this study was conducted using qualitative approach with qualitative descriptive research method. While the data collection procedure used by researchers is observation techniques, documentationstudies, and in-dept interviews to informants, namely the head of the Communication and Informatics Office of Lamandau Regency, the field of Public Media Management and Public Relations Lamandau, Officers PPID Lamandau and Community consisting of students and PT. Lamandau Media. The results of this study explain that the role of Information Management and Documentation Officials (PPID) in public information services has so far achieved some unfavorable results. This is evidenced by the fact that information does not spread quickly because human resources that specifically handle it are not yet available, documentation of each SOPD does not work properly due to a lack of understanding of the duties and functions of some SOPD regarding the provision and service of information, constraints in providing infrastructure especially in remote areas and budget availability. Keywords: Role PPID, Public Information Service.

Investigation of the status of occupational and public radiation protection in institute of nuclear medicine and allied sciences: Khulna, Bangladesh []

Radiation treatment is the key pathological concept for thyroid scan, thyroid uptake, bone scan, renal scan, and renogram, as well as various cancer therapies. Most of ordinary people as well as the educated people of our country are not concerned about hidden radiation hazards in hospitals and radiation zones, which seriously affect not only public health but also employee health. In general, most people think that there will be nothing for them because they do not know anything about the damage of radiation. In some professions, like radiologists, radiology officers are highly affected by radiation because they cannot stay away from radiation. Since radiation has a dangerous effect on human health, we need to be concerned about radiation safety. Therefore, we gathered data from the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences in Khulna by survey meter. From our experiment, we found that radiation spread throughout the center, which is (0.8-1.7μSv) the affordable limit.

Evolving a space-making vocabulary for luxurious hospitality projects using traditional crafts and techniques []

This study explores how some of the traditional construction techniques, materials, finishes and crafts of the a specific geographical region / culture can be used to evolve a specific design language / space-making elements that may be used by designers to create high-end, luxurious hospitality spaces. This is done through the example of the Kachchh region of Gujarat, India – which has a rich, vibrant and diverse legacy of traditional crafts and building techniques that have evolved over centuries and are still practiced in that region.

Frame of mind-play rhythm based on emotions []

In this paper, we propose an approach to Computer vision techniques which are used in many fields such as traffic control, event monitoring, marketing, healthcare field, quality control, military technology, etc. One of the sub-areas of computer vision is facial expression recognition. Human face acts as the main indicator for the behavioral and the emotional state of the individual. Facial expressions which can be classified as fear, happiness, joy, sadness, aggressiveness are recognizable with computer vision techniques. Here the concept of face recognition is used for detection of an individual's mood. The proposed system can recognize facial expressions from the user's face and recommend or play the song from the list accordingly.


Objective: The aim of this work is to identify and quantify the phytochemical chemical constituent present in cannabis Sativa, which is an important herbal plant and generally used for medicinal and recreational purposes Methodology: The leaves, stem, and roots of the selected plant were collected, dried, and crushed into powder form, and extract for phytochemical analysis Results: The range of alkaloids in leaves was 5.82%, the stem was 4.20%, and the roots were 2.25%. The value of saponin in leaves, stems, and roots was 1.62%, 1.55%, and 1.52%. The content of tannin in leaves was 3.00%, the stem was 3.22%, and the roots were 3.12%. The value of phenols in leaves, stem, and roots were 1.10%, 1.05%, and 1.01% Keywords: Herbal plant, Cannabis sativa, Phytochemical

The effect of Adiponectin, in diabetes, obesity, and atherosclerosis and the AMPK pathway, the PPAR pathway, as potential therapeutics on Cancer, and Metabolic disorders (Part one) [ ]

Adiponectin is a white and brown adipose tissue hormone, also known as gelatin-binding protein-28 (GBP28), AdipoQ, adipocyte complement-related protein (ACRP30), or apM1. Adiponectin is an insulin sensitizing hormone that exerts its action through its receptors AdipoR1, AdipoR2, and T-cadherin.


Heat & Water Recovery from Continuous Blowdown Water of AFBC Boiler of a Process Industry []

Heat is a Thermal form of Energy or in next word it’s a Thermal Energy. So we can’t envisage single activity or life without Energy. Consequently, it’s our duty to save energy/heat or keep it in the usable form. However, we are wasting a lot of energy/heat in our daily routine life or in Industry either knowingly or unknowingly by habit. Specially in energy sector where Electric Energy (Electric Energy) are being generated by converting thermal energy (Fossil fuels like Coal, Biomass, Diesel, Furnace Oil etc.) in Electric Energy. One of the Energy waste was noted, in form of Boiler Blowdown water in Power Plant & Process Boilers while this Boiler blowdown water having some substantial heat/energy inside it. Usually Boilers having 1-4% of Blowdown water which consists of pure flash steam & hot water. These blow down water take away lots of heat (fuel) from system, as waste. So we can save a large amount of money & can protect our nearby land from these treated hot water by reusing it.


Food security has been increased few past years in Pakistan. Climate change has intense impact on the agricultural zones and enhance the food security phenomenon. But when the climate change is combined with high density of population and excessive use of land boosts the agricultural crises. In recent years, Pakistan hunger has begun to rise, returning to levels from a decade ago. Climate change is a key driver behind these recent rises and is one of the leading causes of severe food crises. When coupled with population growth and land use change, future climate variability is predicted to have profound impacts on Pakistan food security. We examine future Pakistan impacts of climate variability, population, and land use change on food security to 2050, using the modeling framework FEEDME (Food Estimation and Export for Diet and Malnutrition Evaluation). The model uses national food balance sheets (FBS) to determine mean per capital calories, hence incorporating an assumption that minimum dietary energy requirements (MDER) remain constant. To account for climate variability, we use two Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) scenarios from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), alongside three Shared Socio-economic Pathway (SSP) scenarios incorporating land use and population change within the model. Our results indicate that SSP scenarios have a larger impact on future food insecurity, in particular because of projected changes in population. Countries with a projected decrease in population growth had higher food security, while those with a projected rapid population growth tended to experience the worst impacts on food security. Although climate change scenarios influenced future crop yields, population growth appeared to be the dominant driver of change in undernourishment prevalence. Therefore, strategies to mitigate the consequences of projected population growth, including improved maternal health care, increasing equality of access to food at the national level, closing the yield gap, and changes in trade patterns, are essential to ensuring severe future food insecurity is avoided. Pakistan is vulnerable to climate change, and extreme climatic conditions are threatening food security. This study examines the effects of climate change (e.g., maximum temperature, minimum temperature, rainfall, relative humidity, and the sunshine) on the major crops of Pakistan (e.g., wheat, rice, maize, and sugarcane). The methods of feasible generalized least square (FGLS) and heteroscedasticity and autocorrelation (HAC) consistent standard error were employed using time series data for the period 1989 to 2015. The results of the study reveal that maximum temperature adversely affects wheat production, while the effect of minimum temperature is positive and significant for all crops. Rainfall effect towards the yield of a selected crop is negative, except for wheat. To cope with and mitigate the adverse effects of climate change, there is a need for the development of heat- and drought-resistant high-yielding varieties to ensure food security in the country.


The study determined the effect of drug abuse on the academic performance of undergraduate students in Edo state. Two research questions and two hypotheses were raised to guide the study. The study adopted descriptive survey research design. The population of the study was made of 9,805 final year undergraduate students from seven universities in Edo State. The simple random sampling technique was used to select 245 final year undergraduates students used for the study. The instrument for data collection was a structured questionnaire on a four (4) point rating scale. The instrument was validated by two experts from Benson Idahosa University, Benin City. Spearman rank order was used to determine the reliability of the instrument which yielded a reliability coefficient of 0.86. Out of the 245 questionnaires administered to the undergraduate student respondents, 218 copies were retrieved and used for analysis. Mean and standard deviation were the descriptive statistical tools were used to analyze the two research questions while t-test was the inferential statistics used to test the null hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. For the research questions, the decision was based on the criterion mean of 2.50. For the hypotheses, since the calculated value of t (t-cal) was less than the table value of t (t-crit), the null hypotheses were accepted. The findings of the study revealed that the causes of drug abuse among undergraduate students are psychological, social and biological; and these have effect on students’ academic performance. The study recommended among other things that Government should make drug education compulsory at all levels of the educational system as this will reduce the ignorance level of what essentially constitute drug abuse and the likely causes and effects of it among undergraduate students. Keywords: Drug, Drug Abuse, Academic Performance, Undergraduate Students.

Boreholes Water Quality and Human Health Risk Assessment in Rivers State University, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. []

Assessment of boreholes water quality at Rivers State University was conducted by analyzing water sample for chemical and microbiological contaminations. The results obtained were compared with the permissible limits for drinking water established by the World Health Organization (WHO), Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON). The water had high microbial counts and human pathogen, thus not suitable for drinking consumption without treatment. The mean and maximum values of 109 cfu/ml and 3000 cfu/ml respectively were obtained against WHO 2006 standard limit of 100cfu/ml for E.Coli. Similarly, the mean and maximum values of 8.6MPN/ml and 210MPN/ml respectively were obtained against SON 2007 limit of 10MPN/ml and WHO, 2006 limit of 0-2MPN/ml. Coliform levels exceeding the standard limits are indicative of water system that is infested with human pathogens. These results were compared with records of disease prevalence at Rivers State University medical centre to determine any relationship with the number of persons becoming ill from drinking contaminated water and possible outbreak of water borne diseases attributable to human pathogens. Health records show that 610, 1010 and 1728 cases of malaria fever where reported between Year 2019 and 2021 . Similarly, 18, 63, and 107 cases of typhoid fever respectively, where also reported during the same period. Furthermore, diarrhoea, dysentery and cholera had an average of 4 cases each during the record period. Consequently, the study recommends the utility of commonly used and potable drinking water treatment technologies that guarantee treatment of multiple contaminant types in order to avert chronic health effects. Furthermore, the management of the Rivers State University should set up a surveillance programme to monitor the quality of the so-called “pure water” predominantly consumed by the students.

Essai de germination et croissance en pépinière de quelques espèces ligneuses à bois d’énergie []

Afin de contribuer à une meilleure gestion des essences à bois d’énergie, un essai de germination et un suivi de la croissance en pépinière des plantules de trois espèces ligneuses a été expérimenté; il s’agit de: Detarium microcarpum, Terminalia macroptera et Terminalia mollis. Le suivi de la croissance des plantules dans des pots plastique a duré trois mois. Cette étude a permis d’envisager la production de plants de ces espèces en vue de leur conservation durable. L’objectif de cette étude est de déterminer les paramètres de germination des graines et de croissance en pépinière de ces trois espèces. Au terme de cette étude, le meilleur taux de germination et le plus court délai moyen de germination ont été observés avec les graines de D. microcarpum tandis que celles de T. mollis ont présenté le plus court échelonnement moyen de la levée. Les plantules de D. microcarpum ont enregistré la meilleure croissance relativement au diamètre au collet, à la hauteur, au nombre de rameaux et de feuilles.


The deposition of sulphur was monitored in different phases based on conditions as stated and observed in the study environment, the system monitored the conditions of the transport process thorough investigations carried out. The study detailed the behaviour of sulphur deposition in the soil, taking into account its formation characteristics that influence the migration rates of sulphur in a wetland environment. The study allowed for thorough investigation in order to generated the exact conditions of the formations in terms of sulphur depositions in the environment. The observations made was integrated in the study objective and the results generated, were used to consider the transport and depositions process of sulphur and its adverse effects in terms of soil on plant. It was further observed via the study, the reactions of sulphur deposition in which contributes to acidification as it was observed that there was a fall in the Ph as a result of sulphur contamination. An increase of phytotoxic aluminium contamination was observed as a loss of Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions were recorded through leaching. The negative impact which was observed from values generated at different points, were based on the significant parameters whose impacts were monitored in the transport process. The concept of simulation generated values that predominantly exhibited decreases with respect to increase in depth within 0.1-3m. The predictive values were compared with experimental data and both parameters developed a positive correlation. A detailed significant impact on soil pollution was observed using some environmental factors and formation characteristics in the study environment. Keywords: Transport sulphur Heterogeneous, Silty Clay and Environment

Aquifer characterization of Quaternary alluvium sequence of Northwest Himalayas []

For sustainable development of the Kashmir valley, it is essential to understand the nature of water resources. Groundwater forms a substantial part in sufficing the drinking and domestic use of the local population. Groundwater is stored in the aquifer, a rock unit acting as a conduit for water storage; however, the quantum of water released from it is highly dependent on the transmissivity of the aquifers. The transmissivity variation in quaternary alluvium deposits of the Kashmir valley in the Northwestern Himalayas was analyzed to correlate the aquifer homogeneity and continuity. The transmissivity analysis and its spatial relationship were carried out using Jiri Krasny's (1990) transmissivity classification system based on transmissivity magnitude and variation. Negative, positive, extremely positive, and negative anomalies were obtained for the transmissivity values of the aquifers. Based on the studies, it was observed that the aquifer was considerably heterogeneous within the same district and even within a single aquifer system, and large-scale mapping (1:10000) is required to obtain the aquifer continuity. The places with extreme positive and positive anomalies are suited for large water supply schemes, whereas the extreme negative areas are suitable for forming the waste treatment plant.


Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease caused by the SARS CoV-2 virus. Most people infected with the virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. However, some will become seriously ill and require medical attention. COVID-19 testing began to rise all over the world during this pandemic and there is reduce of proper medical resources all over the world . In this project we make a machine learning model which will predict the possibility of having COVID-19 . We are trying to use the prediction model and we use the symptoms which will cause covid-19 to predict weather you have covid or not using the training data set.


This research aims to analyze and describe whether there has been effective financial management of non-tax state revenue at Dr. R. Ismoyo Kendari Hospital and describe supporting and inhibiting factors of financial management of non-tax state revenue at Dr. R. Ismoyo Kendari Hospital. Data collection techniques were observation, interview and documentation meanwhile data analysis technique used in this research was descriptive quantitative method. Results of the research show that it could be said to be quite effective non-tax state revenue for five years since the average effectiveness was 94,97%. But in 2019 – 2020, it could be said to be ineffective since realization of state revenue was not based on or could not meet the defined targets. So, it is necessary to make improvement so that the realization of non-tax state revenue can meet the defined targets. Also, there are also some supporting and inhibiting factors of non-tax revenue. The supporting factors are service quality, facility and price. Meanwhile the inhibiting factors are less number of physicians, treatment rooms and equipment


This research aims to determine and analyze the effects of organizational justice, interpersonal communication and work discipline on employee performance in Regional Secretariat Office Bombana Regency. These research samples are all employees in Regional Secretariat Office Bombana Regency, namely 83 employees. This research used multiple linear regression analysis. Results of the research show that: (1) Organizational justice, interpersonal communication and work discipline have positive and significant effects on employee performance at the Regional Secretariat Office, Bombana Regency. (2) Organizational justice has positive and significant effects on employee performance at the Regional Secretariat Office, Bombana Regency. (3) Interpersonal communication has positive and significant effects on employee performance at the Regional Secretariat Office, Bombana Regency. (4) Work discipline has positive and significant effects on employee performance at the Regional Secretariat Office, Bombana Regency.


This research aims to determine and analyze the effects of organizational justice and work coordination on employee commitment and performance at Communication, Informatics and Statistics Office, Bombana Regency. These research samples are some of employees at Communication, Informatics and Statistics Office, Bombana Regency, namely 444 employees. This research used PLS analysis. Results of the research show that: (1) Organizational justice has positive and significant effects on employee commitment, (2) Organizational justice has positive and significant effects on employee performance, (3) Work coordination has positive and significant effects on employee commitment, (4) Work coordination has positive and significant effects on employee performance, (5) Commitment has positive and significant effects on employee performance, (6) Commitment can mediate the effects of organizational justice on employee performance and (7) Commitment can mediate the effects of work coordination on employee performance at Communication, Informatics and Statistics Office, Bombana Regency

Remote SSH Tunneling Tool []

As technology is evolving day by day, the world is getting more connected and more volatile. In the modern world of technology, data is the most valuable asset one can have. People cannot afford to put their data on risk. The communication on the internet is not secure and is exposed to attacks. The login details, transactional details can be taken out and misused. The chief purpose of this paper is to show that data theft can be minimized by “SSH Tunneling”. In this work remote port forwarding and local port forwarding will be used. The idea of SSH tunneling is a good safeguarding mechanism in opposition to data breaches and can stifle communication on wireless networks. Also, how SSH tunneling provides encryption has been explained.

BER Analysis of Multiuser LS MIMO FBMC []

The Large Scale MIMO system is the leading technology to realize 5G network demanding higher bandwidth, greater capacity, security and lower latency. But the implementation of LS MIMO system is a real challenge. Multicarrier modulation techniques have been deployed to meet the demands of wired and wireless communication, as it can utilize the resources efficiently. In recent networks, Orthogonal Frequnecy Division Multiplexing ( OFDM ) has been the most implemented multicarrier scheme. New multicarrier schemes are needed to meet the requirements of these technologies as OFDM is not efficient due to high spectral leakage and bandwidth inefficiency. Filter Bank Multicarrier (FBMC) is a multicarrier modulation technique that can address the shortcomings of OFDM, as it offers better bandwidth efficiency and spectral localization in time and frequency with low out of band leakage. Thus LS MIMO FBMC outperforms due to the absence of cyclic prefix, carrier assemblage and ability of self equalization. In this paper OQAM based FBMC with different prototype filters is analysed, in which LS MIMO FBMC with Root Raised Cosine Filter is proposed as it exhibits reduced bit error rate characteristic as close to theoretical value.

Proximate Composition and Phytonutrients of Heat Treated Loofah Gourd Luffa cylindrica (M J Roem) Seeds []

Loofah gourd seeds (LGS) are often discarded after the removal the sponge due to the fact that they have little feed/food value occasioned by the high antinuutientt content. The effect of heat processing methods on the proximate composition and phytonutrients contents of loofah gourd seeds (LGS) was investigated using standard analytical procedure. Prior to the chemical analysis, dehulled loofah gourds seeds were boiled, cocked and toasted and the result of the chemical composition was compared with that of the raw loofah gourds seeds (RLGS) using analysis of variance procedure. Results revealed that the heat processing methods significantly (P < 0.05) reduced the ether extract, crude fibre, ash, gross energy, tannic acids, saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids, oxalate, phytin phosphorus and phytic acids of LGS, while the nitrogen free extract of LGS was significantly (P < 0.05) increased by the heat processing methods. The crude protein content of the seeds were 396.93, 390.03, 405.70 and 406.47 gKg-1, for RGLS, toasted (TLGS), boiled (BLGS) and cooked (CLGS) loofah gourd seeds respectively and the corresponding gross energy was 23.98, 23.16, 21.67 and 20.04 MJ/Kg respectively. Hence, the heat processing enhanced the nutritional potentials of LGS by increasing its nitrogen free extract and crude protein as well as reducing its crude fibre and phytonutrients. Cooking appears to give the best result and is hereby recommended as the best processing methods for LGS.

Characterization and Potential Industrial Applications of Kaolinite from Argungu, Kebbi State, Nigeria []

The characteristics of clay from Argungu deposit, Kebbi State, Nigeria was investigated to determine its potential industrial applications. The analysis of the purified 63 µm fraction of the clay was carried out using X-ray Diffraction (XRD), Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), Scanning Electron Microscopy/Electron Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (SEM/EDS) and Thermogravimetry/Differential Scanning Calorimetry (TGA/DSC) techniques. The XRD patterns and infrared absorption bands results confirmed kaolinite as only clay mineral present in the purified sample. The isotherm parameters classified the kaolinite structure as mesoporous, type IV and hysteresis pattern of type H3. The clay orientation exhibit non-uniform size aggregate layers of particle. The mineralogical and elemental composition, morphology, thermal stability, alumina and silica content, low or absence of toxic ions are characteristics that offer the clay as a vital raw material for wide range of industrial applications.

Software metrics are similar to the four functions of management Planning, Organization, Control, or Improvement []

Software metrics is important and it is a measure of software characteristics which are measurable or countable. Moreover, software product and software development process attributes are measured by software metrics and could be managed by management functions. Software metrics are related to the four important phases of software development phases. Planning- metrics serve as a basis of cost estimating, training planning, resource planning, scheduling, and budgeting. Organizing -size and schedule metrics influence a project's organization. Controlling-metrics are used to status and track software development activities for compliance to plans. Improving. Metrics are used as a tool for process improvement and to identify where improvement efforts should be concentrated and measure the effects of process improvement efforts. Software metrics can be divided into three groups product metrics, process metrics, and project metrics. This paper reviews the similarity of software metrics to the four functions of management planning, organizing, control and improvement discovered by different researchers. Terms: Software metrics, product metrics, process metrics, and project metrics, four management functions, planning, organizing, control and improvement.


The study of Serratia transport was monitored applying mathematical modelling techniques, in other to develop a model that monitored the contaminant. A thorough investigation was carried out and a physiochemical and microbial analysis was done to determine the rates of depositions. The level of microbial deposition was monitored and influential variables where observed. Some of the parameters used were stream velocity, diffusion and dispersion, the study experienced heterogeneity in their effect, which allowed for variations of concentration in all the figures. The behaviour of the microbes was observed from graphical presentation in all the figures, which implied that the transport systems were influenced. It was also observed that there was a gradual and rapid decrease with respect to increase in concentration. The derived model for Serratia transport was applied to investigate the process where a decrease with respect to increase in distanced was also observed.The derived model was validated with experimental data and all parameters developed were positively correlated. This study is imperative because it served to illustrate the cause of decrease in concentration through dispersion which reflected the spread of the contaminant on stream velocity. The transport of Serratia under the influence of these three parameters that was evaluated with experimental values. Keywords: Modelling Dispersions, Serrati, Migration and Stream

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