"Paradigm-2015 Conference Papers "

Realisation of Virtual Reality[ ]

The idea of creation of a virtual world for all human beings was projected by the popular anime series Sword Art Online and Log Horizon. However the most famous example of this concept is seen in The Matrix Trilogy .Though a mystified concept it still holds great potential for the future .This concept was actually limited to just VRMMORPGs (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) .In Virtual World The Brain of a person Actually connects to an online world working like a normal person in an online body whereas the real body enters a sub conscious state where vital body functions continue while the voluntary functions cease. This online connection to a virtual world is possible by hacking into the human nervous system and actually interfering with the neuron signals using a microwave headgear system to duplicate the voluntary activity desired on the online platform. The concept of virtual world holds great promises in not only the creation of artificial intelligence but also in the creation of new drone as well as medical systems. This may also eliminate the requirement if drugs for curing the incurable diseases. Still other advantages lay undiscovered due to lack of adequate amount of research.

EpiPhone-The Phone for Your Skin[ ]

Cellphones have become an integral part of our lives. An estimate made in September 2014 suggested that there are about 930.24 million cellphones in India alone. This huge number brings a lot of problems to the consumers like the headache of charging it from time to time and having a constant fear of losing it. We intend to minimize these problems and more through our concept, which involves designing a cellphone specifically for the palm.

Human Memory Backup[ ]

How many times have we forgotten our syllabus in an exam, or the things our mom tells us to do? Don’t you just wish on occasions that you had a device to help you remember things? Well, it’s certainly possible!. In order to prevent memory lapses, this paper proposes to install a mechanism of memory backup in the brain. This can be done by installing a portable fMRI in the cerebrum, which is in charge of visual and audio senses. The fMRI measures the brain activity quite accurately, and using a suitable algorithm, it is possible to observe the images and the sounds being formed in the brain, and hence a video like recording can be obtained. To transfer the memory back into the person, the images are first converted into electric signals, and then transferred to the hippocampus, which is the memory storage centre of the brain.