Author:Pratima Thapa Karki

Pratima Thapa Karki

Department of Environment

Program of Masters & PhD in Environmental Science
Faculty of Engineering
Tribhuvan University



•••Comparison of Carbon Stocks in Community Forests of Lamahi Corridor, Kailali in Terai and Basanta Corridor, Dang in Inner Terai

ABSTRACTS The main objective of the study is to estimate carbon stock in community forests Terai and Inner Terai, which can be simplified by demonstrating differentiation in the average carbon stocks in two CFs of each district Terai and Inner Terai and Comparision in the carbon stocks between community forests of each district of Terai and Inner Terai. The study area was selected Tulsipur CF and Radhakrishna CF from Kailali (Terai) compared with Deki CF and Kalika CF, study area from Dang ( Inner Terai), simple random sampling was applied maintaining 1% sample intensity. Total number of sample plot was 29 out of this 6 plots were established in Kalika CF, 9 in Deuki CF, 6 in Tulsipur CF and 8 in Radhakrishna CF. The plot of 750 sq.m was selected so that 15.45 m radius was formed. Measurement of individual plants having DBH> 5cm lying within the plots was taken. And diameter at breast height i.e. at 1.3m above the ground level, of each plant with DBH> 5cm within each plot was measured using diameter tape. Samples of shrub was collected from the sample plot of 25 sq.m at 9m from central point in north direction. Litter sample was collected from the sample plot of 1 sq.m at 9m distance from central point in all 4 directions. Bulk density was measured by the help of core sampler from the center of each plot, and for the organic matter 500gm soil sample was collected from the center of each sampling plots from 30 cm. The result showed that the highest carbon stock was 526.38 tC/ha in Tulsipur community forest of ( Terai) and followed by Radha Krishna community forest (Terai) with 273.66 tC/ha, Deuki community forest (inner Terai) with 156.94 tC/ha and least in Kalika community forest( Inner Terai) with 141.99 tC/ha. Total Carbon stocked in Terai is higher in comparison to that of Inner Terai this is due to the trees and big sized plants and species it seemed that fast growing species seem to store large amounts of carbon. The further research should be focused on the effect of disturbances such as grazing, fire, erosion and invasive species on carbon stock of community forest and also in plan and policy and also to show the variation in carbon stock according to season.


TITLE - Comparison of Carbon Stocks in Community Forests of Lamahi Corridor, Kailali in Terai and Basanta Corridor, Dang in Inner Terai
AUTHOR - Pratima Thapa Karki
••••••IJSER Edition - December 2016

UNIVERSITY - Tribhuvan University
Mr.Ram Asheshwor Mandal