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Investigation of Security issues in Wireless Body Area Networks in Assorted Networks []

Body Area Network (BAN) is an important technique for monitoring patient health in real time and detecting and analyzing diseases. There are some key issues that must be addressed in order to effectively implement and benefit from this technology, and security is one of those issues. WBAN will have to operate in a cooperative networking model of multiple networks, such as homogeneous networks for performance and reliability or heterogeneous networks for data transfer and processing from an application standpoint, with other networks such as hospitals, clinics, medical experts, and the patient himself / herself who may be moving from one network to another. This paper discusses security issues in WBAN in separate networks as well as multiple networks. The IEEE 802.15.6 standard is taken into account for WBAN working in a separate network. Security issues are taken into account for WBANs operating in multiple networks, particularly heterogeneous networks. The paper describes potential approaches to addressing these issues by modeling Security Mechanisms with various Artificial Intelligence techniques. The paper proposes Game Theory with Stacker-berg Security Equilibrium (GTSSE) for modeling security in Heterogeneous Networks in WBAN and describes the authors' experiments and results demonstrating the suitability of the modeling using GTSSE.


Crude Mucuna flagellipes oil have been used to synthesize fluids of natural base esters which are considered as viable alternative to mineral insulating oil. The Physico-chemical properties of the fluid is made easy by the modifications of the chemical contents of the oil. This work gives the physical and chemical analysis of the breakdown characteristics of esters synthesized when compared with the same of crude Mucuna flagellipes oil.The value of the crude Mucuna flagellipes oil direct current conductivity is lower after the impurities have been removed. The purified Mucuna flagellipes oil also showed that its conductivity is relatively higher than that of the mineral oil.There is a significant increase in the mean breakdown voltages in the CMFO, PMFO and PMFOAE and PMFOEAE, where the crude oil have 37.2KV, PMFO have 41.6KV, PMFOAE 43.4KV and the epoxyl oil have 43.7KV.A test cell for small volume samples (10ml) was used to carryout the breakdown test using the American Standard Testing Machine (ASTM)test method standard. In this regard, the results show that the esters from synthesized oil may serve as a viable alternative to electrical insulating oil. Key words: Mucuna flagellipes oil, esters, mineral insulating oil, Physico-chemical.

Prevalence of Hypertension and Diabetics Among Adults in Himachal Pradesh []

Hypertension and diabetic are a serious health condition which further exacerbates the problem of heart, brain and kidney diseases along with other health issues. The recent report of NFHS indicates a high prevalence of obesity, hypertension and elevated random blood glucose levels in Indian men and women. It has been witnessed from the data that women of Himachal are comparatively in better health position and at lesser risk of acquiring NCDs. Men from Himachal are at greater risk and they need to be more conscious about their outcome.

Emotional Geography Using Social Media Data []

Deciphering the Emotional frame of mind of a human being from a text written by him is an upcoming field of research and can be considered an advanced form of Sentiment Analysis. As a boon of the rise in social networking and the utilization of microblogging tools, human beings resort to social media platforms like Twitter for expressing their viewpoints on localized events and global subject matters. The enormous volumes of text collected from these social media platforms are prolific in terms of people's feelings, opinions and emotions, making it a reservoir of information that can be harnessed to gauge the thoughts, ideas, and behavior of individuals all over the world. However, the key challenge is obtaining, investigating, and then classifying the text. In this paper, we propose methods to classify textual data mined from Twitter into six different emotion states, namely - Happy, Sad, Anger, Fear, Disgust, and Surprise, as identified by Paul Ekman [3], using Machine Learning and Natural Language processing approaches and then moving on to visualizing the result with a user interface showing statistics and the same emotional state. Through this, we can dive deeper into understanding the exact emotion the person is trying to convey by just using his words. The proposed approach can be brought into play in fields such as Opinion mining, Understanding Human Mental Health, and Psychological behavior, and learning how external or social events impact a community's mood, aiding Urban Planning.

Performance evaluation of Oat (Avena sativa) varieties in highland areas of North Shoa Zone, Oromia region, Ethiopia []

The experiment was conducted in six locations of North Shoa Zone of Oromia region. The objective of the study was to evaluate and identify the adaptable and high biomass yielding oat varieties. Eleven oat varieties (CI-8237, CI-8251, Lampton(1920), Sorataf (79Ab382(Tx) (80SA.94)), Bate (ILRI 5453), CI-8235, CV-SRCP X 80Ab 2291, Bonsa (IAR-P1-79AB384), Bona-bas (IAR-P1.1660), CV-SRCP X 80Ab 2806 and Local) were tested under rain fed condition during main season in the year 2020.

Stochastic Optimization Using Nomadic Computing in Big Data Analytics []

Today's applications frequently contain datasets that are too large to fit in the main memory of a single computer. Scalable and sophisticated machine-learning methods will be required to analyze these massive datasets. Stochastic optimization and inference algorithms are two commonly used approaches. The goal of this article is to ex-amine the NOMAD novel nomadic framework, which combines stochastic optimization and distributed computing benefits, and determine whether or not it will be useful for big data. To investigate how stochastic optimization can assist with nomadic computing and nomad algorithms in the field of big data analytics.


The implementation of the Slum-Free City Policy in East Kotawaringin Regency, Central Kalimantan Province has been carried out in 2017 and 2019, Determination of the Location of Slum Housing and Slum settlements in East Kotawaringin Regency which consists of Baamang District and Mentawa Baru Ketapang District. In its implementation, there are still slums in the Mentawa Baru Ketapang District, namely Ketapang Village and Mentawa Baru Hilir Village with a total area of 1.73 hectares in 2019. This study aims to (1) analyze the implementation of the City Without Slums policy in East Kotawaringin Regency and (2) Knowing , identify the factors that influence the implementation of the City Without Slums policy in East District. The research method used is qualitative research, where the results obtained are that the Ketapang Village Community Self-Sufficiency Agency shows good transmission, and clarity of information, and is committed to developing a Settlement Environmental Arrangement Plan according to activity priorities. Based on the results of the collaboration recapitulation of the Slumless City Program in East Kotawaringin Regency in 2019, the realization of work and budget absorption has been 100% achieved in 2019. This shows that the collaboration has been carried out quite well and there is support for Investment Fund Assistance for the Implementation of Slumless City Policy in Kotawaringin Regency. East Year 2017 and year 2019.


Deaf mute individuals all over the world use gesture-based communication to speak with others, which is feasible for the individuals who have experienced unique training. Everyday citizens face trouble in understanding sign language. To defeat these continuous issues, this framework is created. The framework is employed to detect any gesture-based communication, and plays recorded voice. This diminishes the issues among customary individuals and enables a free flow of interactions between public citizens. This work has three modules, they are detecting, handling and voice stockpiling unit. It can be done using a flex sensor and text to speech conversion application. This model can be used by the people of all age groups and people can easily communicate between the normal individuals. By using this model, they can be normal as other individuals and lead the life by using their knowledge, earn and start a business too. The output from the device has high accuracy in identifying the sign languages executed, using the highly responsive flex sensors.

The Reversible Universal Gate and realization of basic gates in Quantum Dot Cellular Automata []

Quantum Cellular Automata (QCA) is a new nano-otechnology which has recently become one of the top six emerging technologies with the potential for application in building future computers. This technology is a realisation of the circuit at the nano-scale. The basic logic in QCA does not use voltage level for logic representation, but instead it represents binary state by polarising the electrons on the Quantum Cell, which is the basic building block of QCA. Reversible logic design is a well-known model in the world of digital computation, and in this paper we are presenting the realisation of some basic logic gates in QCA using the Reversible Universal Gate (RUG).

The Role of Gender in the Waste Sector: A Case Study from Hyderabad []

Theories on gender and informal labor market discrimination has received a lot of attention, there are also several theories proving the reasons behind such segregations. However, these theories merely focus on the segregation relating to major informal sectors like construction, manufacturing etc. In the run, waste sector, which contributes marginally to the GDP but they play a major role in keeping our surrondings clean.

Automatic Surgical Instrument Sterilizer []

Abstract: Introduction: The operational conditions for the sterilization process have been set, represented by a certain temperature, a specific amount of UV rays and a certain percentage of alcohol. Purpose: To make a sterilization device that performs a three-stage sterilization process on the same device in order to obtain excellent sterile surgical instruments in less time than usual. Material and methods: The process of sterilizing surgical instruments goes through several steps, which are in the following sequence: Wear sterilization uniform and hand gloves before carrying surgical tools, Conducting a laboratory examination of surgical instruments before performing the sterilization process. Place the surgical instrument on the conveyor belt of the sterilizer, Ensure that there is a source of ventilation inside the room in which the sterilization will take place, Turn on the device, Waiting until the sterilization process ends and the surgical instruments go through the three stages of sterilization, Preserve sterilized instruments in such condition by placing them in airtight containers until use, After that, perform the laboratory examination of the surgical instruments again. Results: The laboratory examination is carried out using a light microscope twice, once before the sterilization process and the second after the sterilization process to ensure that the sterilization process has been done well or not. Conclusion: The sterilization process was done very well with less time and the possibility of sterilizing many surgical instruments and relatively large sizes. Hazardous odors are emitted and should not be inhaled, so there must be good ventilation in the place and the way the device works is simple and easy and does not require training.


Road completion is examined followed by the audits. The NSV deals with the Quality of the pavement constructed. The Network Survey Vehicle analyses the level of deterioration of pavement, identifies maintenance and reconstruction needs, and determine maintenance costs both routine as well as periodic. In past, the road deterioration survey is done by simply walking through entire road. This old method takes time to analyze the site and make a report, to overcome this Network Survey Vehicle (NSV) is the next Generation State of the Art technology being developed for assessment of road health using laser- based technology. The NSV is vehicle which is a combination of laser profilometer, laser crack measurement system, transverse profile logger, GPS, camera, and odometer. In this research the study intended to carry out road condition survey using NSV on Nanded-Jalkot Section of NH-50. This project stretch lies between Ch. 0+000 to Ch. 65+865 in the state of Maharashtra. The total length of project stretch is 63.334 km. The project corridor comprises of Two& Four lane carriageway passing through various settlements in Maharashtra.

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