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Technology is growing at an exponential rate beyond human manageable abilities, In order to keep the pace with every growing industry we also need to make sure the practices which we follow are error free and well organized and governed which will lead to faster time to market, secure deployments, planned iteratively and well tested automatically where less human intervention is needed. It is seen that we are using a lot of toolsets for every stage of our deployment pipeline while deploying our applications, but to make it a smooth and error free deployment proper planning and choosing the right tool for every stage is very important. It has been seen that products which are much better in terms of quality fail to perform well as they don’t reach the market in time, features which are game changers don’t reach the audience in time which give advantage to our competitors to grow. This research work is an attempt to find the best suitable method of deployment which will be secure cloud migration by analyze the existing research literature, comparing the techniques. In this paper. Thus, in this paper, first, we have tried to review the possible toolsets and concepts which we can adopt and solve our problems from the existing literature. Next, we focus on using the specific toolsets like Microservices and CI/CD with each of our stages in our deployment pipeline. Following that we are discuss the deployment strategies and have listed the whole pipeline together and see how the tools fits in it. submit our conclusions with respect to investigating which is the best and the fastest way to securely deploy to cloud with an MVP (Minimal Viable Product).


Arabidopsis thaliana is fairly, yearly or winter yearly, rosette plant. Some fascinating qualities of Arabidopsis thaliana, similar to little genome, short life period, speedy development, and so forth makes it a decent intrinsic model regular substance. The Arabidopsis thaliana photoreceptor phytochrome B (PHYB) orchestrates developmental light responses at both seedling and adult stages. The intriguing portion of phytochromes among photoreceptors is their capacity to interconvert between a red light holding sort of phytochrome, that means , Pr with digestion breaking point of 660 nm and a far-red light captivating kind of phytochrome, that means., Pfr with support cutoff of 730 nm . The presence of phytochromes outfits plants with an inescapable framework for perceiving their positions comparative with different plants. The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR) is an educational assortment giving a wide degree of data about Arabidopsis thaliana. The ORF locater is a program . It perceives all open getting lodgings or the conceivable protein coding region in course of action. The outcome shows the conceivable protein blueprint and the length of the open investigating graph, and so forth ApE is a gadget used to discover show for a given strategy and remembering that arranging a foundation all the condition for a sensible fundamental is taken, whether or not it's anything but's a GC% or Tm . At long last, fundamental is arranged and It can really be masterminded in wet lab. Fantastic PCR can be utilized in enormous regions like biomedical examination, finish of natural burden and some more . KEYWORDS - Arabidopsis thaliana , PHYB(phytochrome B), TAIR database, ORF (OPEN READING FRAME), Primer designing


With an exceptional change in the country’s domestic and international situations, the Government of India decided to replace the previous Companies Act, of 1956 with the new legislation, i.e., the Companies Act, of 2013. The Companies Act, 2013 is a landmark codification with a far-reaching outcome for all companies incorporated in India. The act of 2013, came into existence to provide for better audit accountability, e-governance initiatives, and good corporate governance. This paper is focused on the regulatory frameworks of companies in the post-independence era, its objectives, and highlights and also focused on major findings of the companies act, 2013.


Around the worldwide, the kidney stone disease (KSD) is common public health problem. In India, 15% of the populations were affected by KSD. The prime objectives of the study was to (i) To assess the role of environmental factors associated with the risk of kidney stones among cases and controls and (ii) To assess the role of water quality and geographic variability on the occurrence of kidney stone among selected cases.

Adoption drivers of Augmented Reality? A fit-viability perspective []

This paper aims to study the drivers of the adoption of Augmented reality via a fit-viable perspective in two dimensions. First, to develop and extend the FVM model to examine managers’ intention to adopt AR. And the second fold will evaluate the model and access factors within organizations leading to augmented reality (AR) adoption. This paper utilizes the framework of a fit-viability model to determine the intentions of the organization’s management to adopt Augmented reality for business growth. Based on the multiple theory the research is built on, the research aims to develop a set of instrumental measurements to examine the possibility of adopting AR technology. This study investigated four companies through interviews; three were ready to get on board with adopting AR technology. The results show empirical support for the FVM in assessing the adoption of new technology. Several theoretical and practical implications are derived from this study to indicate that managers must consider the relationship between new technology and the task requirement of the organization before adopting new technology. Management in many organizations can use this research to measure the possibility and viability of implementing AR technology to increase growth. Originality/value – This research is one of the first to combine the fit and viability models to understand what drives the adoption of AR technology.

Conceptual Level of the Prospective Teachers About Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills []

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are thinking skills that require a cognitive process. Teachers are assumed to learn about these skills and how they can be promoted in their learning methods. The present study was conducted to explore the conceptual level of critical thinking and problem-solving skills of the prospective teachers in district Lahore. This study was qualitative in nature. Fifty prospective teachers at the university level were purposively selected who were willing to participate in the study. Two open-ended questionnaires (Questionnaires for Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills of Prospective Teachers) were used in this study. These instruments were developed by the researchers themselves after reviewing of the literature. The instruments were validated by three experts to ensure the measurement level of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The open-ended questionnaires were administered among the sample of prospective teachers of selected universities. Data analysis is represented in form of charts and word clouds with the help of NVivo 12. Responses of the participants were coded and then generate the themes, organizing categories and themes according to questions and then create charts and word clouds with the help of NVivo. Findings of the qualitative responses indicated that the awareness level of prospective teachers regarding to knowledge of problem-solving skills (85%) was better than the knowledge of critical thinking (26%). It was recommended that the curriculum planner have to need to revise the teaching training syllabus with regard to critical thinking and problem-solving skills to develop effective teachers for the future. Index terms--- Critical Thinking, Problem Solving Skills, and Prospective Teachers.

Lubricant Oil Degradation in a Compression Ignition Engine Fueled with Biodiesel []

Before biodiesel may be deployed on a greater scale in compression ignition engines, its long-term effects on lubricating oil properties and engine durability must be studied. This study examines the impact of a 20% chicken fat biodiesel-diesel mix on lubricating oil characteristics and engine longevity over a 512-hour endurance test compared to diesel. During the endurance test, lubricant characteristics were evaluated at regular intervals to see whether they exceeded the oil critical limits, and a modified oil change interval was calculated. The results demonstrated that biodiesel negatively affects lubricating oil performance and engine durability. However, the differences in attributes did not generate any significant operating issues. The kinematic viscosity and density variation was 6% and 13%, respectively. The biodiesel-fueled engine had a 5% lower flash-point, but the moisture content was 7% greater. Samples of lubricating fluid from both engines are analyzed by spectroscopy to identify engine component wear particles

Reduction in Power of Logic Circuits using Device Stacking and Virtual Power Rails []

In the Project the power consumption of transistors performing basic logic operations has been reduced by 2 main hybrid techniques which are Transistor Stacking ans Virtual Switching Rails on EDA Simulation Software the main key to the power reduction is use of 16nm tech library as simulation environment.


The study examined the determinants of auditor disclosure lag in Nigeria. The population for the study consisted of quoted consumer goods companies in Nigerian Stock Group (NGX) as at 31st December, 2020. The sample companies for the population have the responsibility to publish their financial statements for eight consecutive years for the period 2013- 2020. The simple random sampling technique and filtering method of sample selection were used to select fifteen (15) companies. The regression results revealed that auditor switching has a positive and insignificant effect on auditor disclosure lag, audit fee has a positive and significant effect on auditor disclosure lag, audit quality has an insignificant negative effect on auditor disclosure lag while firm size has a negative significant effect on auditor disclosure lag. The study recommended that management of Consumer Goods Company in Nigeria should ensure that the widening gap in auditor disclosure lag is check mate the increase in audit fee.

The role of Adipose tissue as immunoregulatory, Maintaining Metabolism, as Potential Therapeutic and Preventive Target in Cancer and Autoimmunity (Part Fifth) []

Adipose tissue metabolism exerts an impact on whole-body metabolism. As an endocrine organ, adipose tissue is responsible for the synthesis and secretion of several hormones. Recent findings, have revised the concept of adipose tissues being a mere storage depot for body energy. Instead, adipose tissues are emerging as endocrine and immunologically active organs with multiple effects on the regulation of systemic energy homeostasis. Recently has emerged the notion that infl ammatory response accompanying obesity corresponds to a cytokine-mediated activation of innate immunity. Recent results have shown that stem cells within the stromal-vascular fraction of adipose tissue display a multilineage developmental potential. Adipose tissue-derived stem cells can be differentiated towards adipogenic, osteogenic, chondrogenic, myogenic and neurogenic lineages. It will be necessary to understand adipose tissue-specific signalling cascades and genes regulating adipose tissue-derived stem cell differentiation to various mesenchymal lineages. The study around adipose tissue dysfunction will help to understand the pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome and may bring effective therapy in treatment of metabolic syndrome related diseases. Therefore, this article mainly focuses on the roles of adipose tissue dysfunction in inflammation, insulin resistance, and oxidative stress in the pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome and the role adipose tissue in immune cells.

The Psychological Stress of Patients’ with Type II Diabetes Mellitus in Nigeria []

Nigeria, like many other African countries, has seen the emergence of chronic diseases such as stroke, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. In particular, the rapid increase in diabetes mellitus type 2 has become a national concern. The effect of social cognitive function associated with the stress from diabetes is also a serious concern within the adult populations (i.e., between the ages of 25-79 years). The knowledge gained from this study would enhance diabetes management and reduce complications. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between diabetes distress and the independent variables of knowledge, culture, religion, and spirituality in the northern and southern regions of Nigeria. Bandura's (2004) social cognitive theory was the bases for this study. The northern and southern regions of the country were chosen due to recognized differences in these variables. A combination of the Diabetes Knowledge Questionnaire; Diabetes Distress Scale; and HIV/AIDS Knowledge, Attitude, and Beliefs Patient Questionnaire was used. The scores was analyzed using a t test, Pearson product- moment correlation, multiple regression, and a 1-way MANOVA. Diabetes distress was found to be higher for patients with more knowledge about diabetes (ß = 0.28, p < 0.001) and with higher cultural belief scores (ß = 0.32, p < .001). This study illustrated the relationships and trends between diabetes distress and other variables in these 2 regions of Nigeria. Equipped with this knowledge, other researchers may now consider the influence of knowledge and culture when developing trial-design and quality-improvement strategies that could contribute to a better quality of life and positive social change.


A reader may find it difficult to fully comprehend a text from difficulties in understanding the way writers creatively use cohesive devices to encode their messages and intentions in their works. Tying up of sentences and paragraphs together to form coherence in texts is solely achieved through effective use of the cohesive markers. Cohesion is described as a functional category under Systemic Functional Linguistics used in language description (see Halliday & Matthiessen 2014, pp. 602-655). The aim of this paper is to exemplify how cohesive devices of language are manifested in the editorials of Leadership Hausa and Saturday Sun. The objectives of the study are: (i) to identify cohesive devices in the editorials of the two newspapers; (ii) to examine the types of cohesive markers in the two texts and how they were used to encode messages by the writers. The study employed descriptive and analytical methods through identification, description and interpretation of the data for the research. Among the findings of the study were that: (i) there were 44 cohesive ties in the two texts and that Saturday Sun contained 27 while Leadership Hausa had 17; (ii) the margin of 10 cohesive ties between the Saturday Sun and Leadership Hausa was perhaps due to difference in languages used - English and Hausa as well as due to the variation in the topics of discourse; (iii) Reference, substitution, conjunction/transitional words were prominently used by Saturday Sun compared to Leadership Hausa; however, Leadership Hausa used various figures of speech while Saturday Sun had none. From the research, it can be concluded systemic functional approach to the study of cohesion under Halliday’s Systemic Functional Grammar appears effective in dissecting non-literary texts such as newspapers and magazines to promote reader’s comprehension of such texts. Key words: Cohesion, editorial, newspaper, language metafunction.

Perspective of Misinformation/Fake News in context of Supply Chain Disruption and Mass Media during pandemic like COVID-19 []

This study has explored perspective of Misinformation/fake news in context of mass media, panic buying behaviour and supply chain disruption during pandemic like COVID-19. For this purpose, the geographical data of 100 different countries were collected through cluster sampling from Reporter without Border and Economist Impact. The cross-sectional study is applied to determine correlation, regression and indirect effect of misinformation/mass media and panic buying behaviour on supply chain disruption by using mass media theory and applied mediation analysis process procedural version 4.1 in SPSS and Sobel Test to test Hypothesis. The results illustrate that there is strong Correlation of Mass Media and Panic Buying Behaviour with Supply Chain Disruption at 0.7614 or 76.14% with significant P value = 0.0000 < 0.01, supply chain disruption is 0.58 or 58% depend on Mass Media & Panic Buying Behaviour with significant P value = 0.0000 < 0.01 and there is indirect effect of panic buying behaviour between mass media and supply chain disruption at Z value = 2.44091992 with significant P value = 0.007325<0.01. These results are validated through criteria validity and reliability test is 0.70 or 70% more than 0.60 which is highly acceptable. In the end, it is concluded that Misinformation/fake news effected mass media’s credibility, increase panic among citizen and had adverse impact on supply chain process during pandemic like COVID-19. In this regard, pandemic issues can be solved through interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary research.

A Study on the Effects of the Superstructure Stiffness in the Seismic Base Isolated Structures []

In this study, the improvement of the seismic behavior has been searched using the base isolation in the reinforced concrete school building, where the strengthening work was previously carried out. Firstly, the fixed supported structure model has been compared to the fundamental isolated models, in order to show the contribution of the seismic based isolation to the structural seismic behavior. Thus, the seismic behavioral differences of a seismic isolated structure and a fixed supported conventional structure and the contributions of the seismic isolation to the structural seismic behavior have been put forward. The dynamic analysis of the models with the same superstructural bearing system have been made for different soil characteristics and the effects of the soil characteristics of the seismic isolated structure have been detected, in order to show the effects of the different soil characteristics of an isolated structure. Finally, the superstructure models in the different stiffnesses have been used, in order to show the effects of the superstructural bearing system on the seismic base isolated structure. In the first model, it has been modeled by the placing of basic level isolation to the existing structure. In the second and third models, the concrete shear wall has been respectively put into the 5 story and 10 story building models at the rates 1 % and 2 %” of the floor area and the superstructural stiffness has been increased. The comparison of these three models has shown, at which rate the increase of superstructural stiffness contributes to the seismic behavior of the base isolated structure.

Alzheimer's disease Genetic Factors - Twin Concordance Study []

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disease and the leading cause of global dementia. It affects people equally regardless of race or gender. The clustering of AD in a family has not gone unnoticed. Defective genes associated with AD have been found on chromosome 1, 14, 19, and 21. The defect in chromosome 1, 14, and 21 which is associated with Early Onset of AD (EOAD) is believed to be associated with Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) gene. This protein is believed to be associated with neurofibrillary tangle that that is associated with dementia of Alzheimer’s type. The defect found in chromosome 19 is believed to be associated with apolipoprotein E (APOE). The APOE gene that is associated with chromosome 19 is believed to be involved with the Late Onset AD (LOAD). Molecular genetics techniques such as Restricted Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP) and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) were used to determine genetic loci on the chromosomes mentioned above. These instruments were also used in revealing the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) sequencing and the area of mutation that caused the base substation. An example of such substitution is valine to isoleucine. If AD is hereditary, identical twins should have the same disease. The studies performed by many researchers and investigators, noted that genetic even when not completely responsible for AD, play a key role in the disease outcome. This study revealed that monozygotic concordance of AD patients is about 50% while dizygotic concordance is around 8%. However, these percentages do not agree with Mendel’s segregation pattern of inheritance thereby requiring further studies.


There are different functions of cortisol in the human body as raising blood sugar, immunity suppress with response to stress, role in the metabolism and synthesis of proteins. It is generated and released through serial hormonal cycles of Pituitary- hypothalamus-Adreno corticao thyrotropic hormone and released from adrenal cortex into the blood to perform various physiological, pathological, and chemical functions as long as human body needed.

Examining Citizen Participation in Government Livelihoods Programs in Northern Ghana; Case of the Irrigation Component of the Northern Rural Growth Program []

Irrigation development is a key strategy for climate change adaptation and agricultural modernization not only in Ghana but globally. A historical trend in Ghana since 1960’s according to Pealore (2012) saw an industrial revolution with a very strong agricultural modernisation attempt. Over decades now, the Government of Ghana has embarked on several irrigation development programmes including the Northern Rural Growth Programme (NRGP).

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