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Leveraging on Cyber security for Digital Economy: Analysis of Emerging Cyber security Threats and Attacks []

This paper discusses different types of emerging Cyber threats and new attack patterns in emerging technologies such as deep fakes, disinformation in social media, cloud jacking, ransomware, SQL injection attack, cross-site scripting, birthday attack and critical infrastructure. The paper also paper presents a survey of the most exploited vulnerabilities in existing hardware, software, and network layers. The rapid growth of the internet has led to a significant growth of cyber threats and attacks incidents with disastrous and grievous consequences. Malware is the main weapon to carry out malicious intents in the cyberspace, either by exploration into existing vulnerabilities or utilization of unique characteristics of emerging technologies. The design of an innovative and effective malicious code (malware) defense mechanism has been regarded as an urgent requirement in the cyberspace. This has become crucial because, it has been established that these cyber criminals are exhibiting common level of sophistication and advancement as they advances in Computer and mobile technologies. The available countermeasures are found to be satisfactorily effective, yet Cyber criminals are creating new measures to overcome security mechanisms. In view of this situation on ground, this work comes with several recommendations including the fact that the National Orientation Agency should shift focus to national re – orientation of the psyche of the whole population and particularly the youths in post – primary and tertiary institutions. Parents should be focused on towards raising crop of children with strong trust in God. Tackling cyber security threats and attacks is beneficial to all because our society today is information driven and critical infrastructures have become largely dependent on computer networks and software solutions. Exchange of information, buying and selling of products and services and arrange of all important transactions are done through cyber space in this 21st century.


Recruitment is an integral aspect of a company's human resource strategy and competitiveness. Competent human resources in the accurate roles are a critical resource that may be a core competence or a strategic advantage for the firm. The purpose of the recruiting process is to secure a sufficient quantity and quality of personnel to assist the business in achieving its goals and objectives. With the same goal in mind, recruiting aids in the creation of a pool of prospective workers for the business, from which management may pick the ideal individual for the right role. Recruitment acts as a link between the employers and the job seekers and ensures the placement of right candidate at the right place and at the right time. Therefore, recruitment serves as the crucial step in fulfilling the needs of organizations for a competitive, motivated and flexible human resource, that can help achieve its objectives. The present research is confined to study the recruitment process followed at Food Corporation of India. The scope of this study is to observe the Recruitment Techniques adopted by the company.

Bending Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates Using Higher Order Theory Of 18 De-gree Of Freedom Adopting Finite Element Approach []

Laminated composite plates(LCP) are extensively used to solve special problems in engineering applications so bending, dynamic and stability behaviors are important to the designers. The paper aims at bending analysis of these plates with higher order theory. The application of higher-order theory that accounts for the realistic variation of in-plane and transverse displacements through the thickness for the static response analysis of thick multi-layered composite plates shall be studied. Code is developed using MATLAB with finite element formulation for 18 degrees of freedom with good agreement.


This research we proposed the knowledge, attitude and practice towards solid waste management among Mogadishu residents – Somalia. Solid waste management is one of the major challenges faced by many countries around the globe. Inadequate collection, recycling or treatment and uncontrolled disposal of waste in dumps can lead to severe hazards, such as health risks and environmental pollution. Similarly there is problem in Africa. Africa is facing a growing waste management crisis. While the volumes of waste generated in Africa are relatively small, compared to developed regions, the mismanagement of waste in Africa is already impacting human and environmental health. Specially in Somalia show that solid waste management is a growing crisis that engulfs all urban centers within the country, because of a turbulent history, especially over the last quarter century. The purpose of this study is to assess the knowledge, attitude, and practice of recycling solid waste management in Banadir region, Mogadishu – Somalia. However, this study is used quantitative approach conducted in Shebelle campus, Km4 campus and Gaheyr campus in Mogadishu Somalia. The numbers of students in all faculties from batch five to batch eight are 4,467 Students and the sample size will be 367. Findings of the study Knowledge level of the Majority of respondent 330 (89.2%) were have knowledge. While the most respondents 134 (36.5%) were finding over TV. The relationship between the knowledge, attitude and practice was significantly positive as the respondents majorities have said. This study is significant for staff and students by Increasing their safety and health, Reducing and eliminating adverse impacts of solid waste materials on human health and the environment surrounded. Finally recommend to be aware that improper waste disposal is a threat to environment.

Comparative Study between Early Surgical Complications of Conservative Breast Surgery versus Modified Radical Mastectomy in Early Breast Cancer []

Background: Breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer in women, comprising of 16% of all female cancer. The present study was carried out to compare the early (1 month postoperative) surgical complications of Conservative Breast Surgery to early surgical complications of Modified Radical Mastectomy of patients with early breast cancer. Patients and methods: This study was carried out in General Surgery Department, Beni-Suef University Hospitals and 6th October Health Insurance Hospital in Dokki - Geza. It included 40 patients with early breast cancer. All patients were divided into two groups: Group A (conservative breast surgery) 20 patients. Group B (modified radical mastectomy) 20 patients.

The Influence of Reprofiling on the Fatigue Life of Railway Wheel : case study at Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit Service []

Railway is a superior means of transportation. Specifically, it has gained a crucial role in limiting traffic congestion in heavily crowded regions. In this perspective, rolling contact fatigue of railway components is a most crucial subject because it has an important role in determining the operational reliability of the wheel/rail system. Due to wheel wear, wheel re-profiling is usually required for proper wheel rail interaction operability. However, the re-profiling reduces the wheel radius and flange thickness. Therefore, the strain energy density in the wheel tread is expected to increase while the strain energy on the flange is expected to decrease in the re- profiled wheel .This effect would either increase or decrease the life of the wheel depending on how often the reprofiling is done. on the other hand, the maintenance costs are expected to increase as the re-profiling frequency increases. For quality service and improvement of the service life of the railway wheels, with reduction of maintenance cost, a problem solving research idea is formulated through comparing the fatigue cycles of crack initiation and propagation of the re-profiled and worn out non-profiled rolling wheels under cyclic loads. Therefore, this study is focused on the influence of reprofiling on the fatigue life of a railway wheel. The adopted method in this study is based on finite element models of worn out non re-profiled and re-profiled loaded rolling railway wheel on a rail. A case study is taken at Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit Service (AALRTS). The wheel profiles are generated through measurement before and after profiling at AALRTS. In a single pair of models of a worn-out wheel and a reprofiled one, the results show that the re-profiling decreases the fatigue life by 249610cycles.

Queer Tradition in Indian Cultural Context: A Socio-Historical Overview []

Abstract:-Acceptance of pluralities of sexualities and sexual identities was the hallmark of ancient Indian culture. This is exemplified by concepts like Tritiyaprakriti and traditions like the Siva-Sakthi tradition. Vedic society is all encompassing and gender fluidity and gender bending are common tropes in myths and lore. Divine status attributed to the transgender people sanctifies their status in society. Homosexuality was regarded a minor offence by ancient law. Vestiges of homosexuality can be seen in rekthi poetry and Radha-Krishna tradition. Kamasutra vouches for the diversities of sexualities. The imposition of section 377 in colonial times stigmatized and criminalized homosexuality. The historic SC verdict decriminalizing homosexuality hopefully ushers in a new age of tolerance and acceptance of manifold sexualities.


This paper examines the sustainability of fiscal management in Nigeria. The reviews of various studies on fiscal sustainability in Nigeria shows that fiscal policy is both strongly and weakly unsustainable in Nigeria, given the disaggregated components of government expenditure. Although sustainability is attained between capital expenditure and government revenue, but the government has to contend with liquidity problems since the need for and growth of capital expenditure is higher than that of its revenue counterpart. More so, the fiscal operations of government remained cyclically intoned with changing policies and regimes in Nigeria. Despite the existence of fiscal rules as enunciated in the Fiscal Responsibility Act (FRA 2007) and various constitutional provisions, the sustainability of fiscal policies in Nigeria still remains elusive. This suggests that the mere existence of fiscal rules does not guarantee its sustainability.

Workforce Diversity in Pakistani Organizations []

Work force diversity, which is an inescapable reality in numerous working environments across the world. Having created in the US, this talk has broadly ventured out to numerous western and some African nations, for example, Zimbabwe and South Africa. This project will be mainly about types of diversities in Pakistani Organizations. To start with, workforce diversity as a talk is examined. Workforce diversity can be inferred as individuals from different backgrounds, religions, casts, societies and so on working or interacting in the same organization or workplace under the same management and working environment. Variety sometimes become harsh for associations. The various components of variety may have various impacts and results inside the association, and hence the impact of one measurement can't be summed up for all the others. This project had taken place to get an overview and research about the workforce diversity in organizations, mainly focusing on Pakistani organizations. For this project, a survey was conducted which contained different questions regarding the topic. More than half of the survey had been taken by students, from secondary level to undergraduate level. Keywords: workforce, management, diversity, Pakistan, organizations

Dynamic Configuration of Wi-Fi Mesh Network []

Wireless device users expect to have a guaranteed quality of experience at all times, at any location, and across devices. Wi-Fi has become an access network of preference for service/network providers and users as well for public and private access. This sets a challenging requirement for next-generation Wi-Fi technology to provide seamless and uniform network quality of service. Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) is the network architecture where nodes can communicate with one another via multi-hop routing. Dynamic self-organisation, self-configuration and self-correction tends to the possibility of the network architecture. In this project, a mesh network is designed by nodes made up of Atmega328p microcontrollers connected using ESP8266 Wi-Fi modules. The mesh network is able to fully connect itself through a variety of graph topology algorithms and is able to route packets through the network using a shortest path approach. The network system also exposes a very simple application layer that can be extended to a virtually unlimited set of networking ideas.

Analysis of Students' Critical Thinking Ability in Identifying Radicalism in Higher Education []

This study aims to describe critical thinking skills and students' ability to identify radicalism in higher education and the correlation between the two. The data was obtained from a questionnaire distributed to 1550 students from the 4 largest universities in Palopo City in the form of a critical thinking ability test, and a radicalism attitude questionnaire. The critical thinking ability test is made based on character indicators, criteria, arguments, points of view, considerations and criteria-setting procedures. The radicalism attitude questionnaire was made based on indicators of intolerance, fanaticism, exclusivity and revolution. Data analysis using Pear son correlation . The results showed that the average critical thinking ability and the ability to identify student radicalism in the city of Palopo were in the medium category . In general, there is a positive but very weak correlation between critical thinking skills and the ability of students in Palopo City to identify radicalism.


Recently the world is suffering from insufficiency of natural energy resources in comparison to higher energy consumption, lack of environmental health (Climate change, Air-pollution, plastic waste and so on) and the sudden enhanced usage of- portable electronics, electric vehicles, HEV on daily bases- motivates scientist to invent new, efficient, clean and low-cost alternative energy resources such as- Lithium Ion Battery. On account of high capacity, fast charge-discharge rates, light weight, long lifetime, high stability Lithium-ion batteries are very promising energy storage devices. Their great electrochemical performance makes them commercially viable. These rechargeable batteries have proved themselves as a rising star and contain a lot more potential to fulfil the future energy requirements. This paper will highlight a review on Li-ion Batteries from their birth till now, the growth and increments on their fabrication techniques and represents advantages of carbonic anodes. It also gives us an idea about why carbon-based nanostructures (graphite, graphene, CNTs, CQDs, and GQDs) and their composites are the best choice of anode materials for Li-ion Batteries. We hope to present a brief knowledge about different carbon-based anode with comprehensive study of different anodic materials which were already available in the literature.


ABSTRACT The main objective of this research was to investigate EFL teachers’ awareness, practice and challenges of English language integrated skills teaching in Aleta Wondo Cluster four selected secondary schools, Sidama Regional State. The researcher employed descriptive survey design involving both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The participants of the study were secondary schools EFL teachers. Multi-stage sampling technique that moves from a broad to a narrow sample using a step by step process was employed to select the four secondary schools and their all teachers who have been teaching English. Cluster sampling technique used to cluster the secondary schools in to three geographical districts. Simple random sampling technique used to choose Hula District of these districts. Comprehensive sampling technique used to select 42 EFL teachers. The researcher gathered the data through questionnaire, interviews and classroom observations. The researcher utilized descriptive statics SPSS V20, frequency, percentage, mean, grand mean and standard deviation for the quantitative data. The qualitative data analyzed qualitatively. The result of analysis revealed that the sample schools English teachers had moderate awareness about English language integrated skills teaching. In addition, the result showed that teachers rarely taught two language skills: reading and writing, listening and speaking, and listening and writing in integration lessons; but they hardly taught any three or four language skills in integration. Moreover, the result of the study showed that there were challenges related to students, to teachers, to schools, and to the national exam. The researcher recommended that awareness creation training should be given to teachers. In addition, teachers should teach English language skills in integration. They should also overcome the challenges they face. In sum, this study adds to existing research on EFL teachers’ awareness, practices and challenges of English language integrated skills teaching with implications for policymakers, practitioners, and future researchers.

Transformation of a hand drawn flow diagram into a digital image []

The goal of this work is to apply the concepts of perceptual grouping to digitize hand-drawn flow diagrams and render an aestheticized image made of polygons and connectors. We address typical imperfections in human drawing such as missed intersections of lines, overshooting of lines beyond the intersection point and curved line segments. Our method works on camera acquired images of flow diagrams and is able to handle illumination variations, shadows and speckle noise in the input. In this paper, we describe an algorithm to recognize all the types of polygons connected through lines. We have tried to redress many human errors and background noises. Moreover, we have digitalized hand written text and placed them into their respective positions. The scope of this algorithm is not only hand drawn flow diagrams, but it can also be modified to extend its application to architectural drawings, circuit diagrams, or may be a toddler friendly application to help them learn about polygonal shapes.

Recent Reports on Application of Electrochemical Techniques for Corona Virus Diseases (COVID-19) Diagnosis: A Review []

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) belongs to the β-coronavirus genus and is caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus-2 has spread out the world since the end of 2019 and has resulted in a pandemic with never known in socioeconomic consequences in the world. It can be transmitted from an infected person to a normal one either by droplet, contact, orborne, fomite, fecal-oral, and bloodborne transmissions which exacerbate the rapid spread of the virus. This review focuses on the current viewpoint to highlight recent advances in the analysis of the novel coronaviruses by the electrochemical methods for the diagnosis mechanisms of the COVID-19 pandemic and describe prospects for this technology. The development of low-cost, easy-to-use, accurate, and rapid diagnostic electrochemical biosensors with improved performance to perform accurate and widespread testing is urgently needed in this stage to enable infection control and suppress the spread of the disease and also plays a major role in stopping the pandemic. Electrochemical biosensors provide excellent diagnosis having a better limit of detection, and selectivity of electrochemical signal transducers with the specificity of biomolecular recognition strategies.

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