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Capacity building of ASHA workers with an aim to create awareness on genital hygiene practices among women of reproductive age to prevent of reproductive tract infections []

The term reproductive health became popular as a symbol of a new approach to family planning combined with women’s right. It states that ‘Every woman has a right to reproductive health which includes the ability to effectively and safely regulate her fertility, to comprehend with enjoy her personal sexual life, to be free of illness related to reproduction and sex and protect from death to produce healthy children’s’ Of the various factors that impact the reproductive health of women, the most common one is reproductive tract infections (RTIs) Reproductive tract infections (RTIs) infections that affect the reproductive tract. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), endogenous and iatrogenic infections are the three main forms of reproductive tract infections (RTIs). Sexually transmitted infections are infections caused by an overgrowth of organisms ordinarily found in the reproductive system, as well as infections connected with medical procedures such as abortion and the implantation of intrauterine devices . Iatrogenic infections arise when the infection's origin (bacteria or other pathogen) is introduced into the reproductive system by a medical treatment such menstruation management, abortion, IUD insertion, or delivery. This could happen if the surgical equipment used during the treatment were not thoroughly sanitized, or if an infection from the lower reproductive system spreads to the upper reproductive tract through the cervix.

Rural Women of Bangladesh: Unpaid Contributions to Child Education []

The role that families play in their children's education is an especially significant one. A child's upbringing and nourishment are greatly influenced by its mother. Besides the task of maintaining their family, they managed time to educate their child. Although this engagement and effort need to be considered in formal economics, standard income accounting does not take it into account. The purpose of this research is to determine the value of unpaid engagement and contribution to child education by rural women using the currently accepted methodology. For the sake of this endeavor, sample data has been used. Using the adjusted method of MAHC for our case and after making a few adjustments and using the cost of tutoring as a proxy, we determined that the average yearly value is BDT10907. The amount is around 5.6% of the family's total income.


Due to its simplicity, the structural engineering profession has been using the nonlinear static procedure (NSP) or pushover analysis. Modeling for such analysis requires the determination of the nonlinear properties of each component in the structure, quantified by strength and deformation capacities, which depend on the modeling assumptions. Pushover analysis is carried out for either user-defined nonlinear hinge properties or default-hinge properties, available in some programs based on the FEMA-356 and ATC-40 guidelines.

Algorithmic Trading Bot []

We aim to dive into the field of financial machine learning by building an algorithmic trading bot. This would be used to make better investment decisions and for seeking out more profitable trades. A lot of time is spent by traders on continuous monitoring of transactions. These activities can instead be monitored by the trading bot, thereby saving cost and time for constant supervision. This would lead to a reduction in transaction costs. It would also greatly reduce the possibility of human errors while placing trades. The bot can be used for institutional investors and big brokerage houses for both stock market companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Tesla (AAPL, MSFT, TSLA) as well as cryptocurrency investments like Bitcoin and Ethereum (BTCUSD, ETHUSD). We have implemented two machine learning algorithms using the concepts of ensemble learning and support vector machine. A random forest regressor is implemented into the buy-and-hold trading strategy for long-term investments and a support vector regressor is implemented into the scalping trading strategy for short- term investments. We have also used backtesting for a successful deployment.

A Novel AODV-Based Algorithm to Improve MANET Efficiency and Performance []

Network performance and security are important issues that are covered in both academic and industrial research. Every appli-cation is reliant on the network's effectiveness and performance. The protocols and procedures used for routing are crucial. In many respects, the AODV routing protocol is regarded as a standard, largely because the demands for efficiency in diverse ap-plications are rising. The literature has a variety of methods for enhancing performance. Numerous factors, including data node density and mobility, were taken into account in certain studies. Throughput and route resilience are two essential factors that affect the network's overall effectiveness and performance and are evaluated in this research study. This research proposes a new version of enhanced AODV that uses an iterative method to check for each parameter and modify the values until the de-sired threshold level of efficiency is attained. For each network parameter, various categories of the solution are explained. The upgraded routing protocol looks promising and can be further extended to include new modes for higher efficiency and lower power consumption, according to simulation results of the proposed algorithm on a network tool.


A good urban form and integrated development are not accidental products but a conscious and deliberate process of synergy between the architect and other professionals. Shelter is a key indicator in the quality of life assessment and it impacts other factors such as health, education and communal wellbeing. Hostels are a type of inexpensive, temporary shared housing that promotes social interaction. Every architectural project has physical, biological, cultural and social implications. It therefore behaves on the architect to create a building that is harmonious rather than dominant. Nature is yelling for mankind to live sustainably hence; impact analysis is important and vital to building quality and safety. The technique adopted was project impacts screened using a Modified Leopold Matrix and a modified and simplified overlay technique. This study is inductive qualitative research employing several methods of analysis. The findings indicated that the “build -as planned" alternative is most attractive from the impact analysis leading to better physical, biological, cultural and social benefits. Keywords: Environmental Impact Assessment, Socio-Cultural Consequences, Students Hostel, Construction industry.


The main objective of this study was to determine the best vermicompost kinds in order to improve productivity of peatland ponds, especially primary productivity. Three main treatments, namely vermicompost made from human feces, chicken feces and cow feces, and control were to peat soil ponds in a completely randomized design and each treatment was replicated ))three times. The ponds of peat soil were fertilized two weeks before treated as vermicompost of 750 gm-2 (0.75 kg.m-2). The peat soil ponds were fertilized two weeks before prior to observation, and each dose of vermicompost is 750 gm-2. Water physico-chemical parameters (such as temperature, turbidity, nitrate, phosphate, pH, DO (dissolved oxygen), ammonia, turbidity, C organic and phosphorus) were determined once a week for the duration of the experiment. Phytoplankton in the different treatments were enumerated once every 2 days. The relationship between phytoplankton communities and the water physico-chemical parameters were evaluated using PCA (Principal Component Analysis). The PCA indicated that the physico-chemical variables which best explain the distribution of phytoplankton were temperature, nitrate, phosphate, pH, DO (dissolved oxygen), and N total. Phytoplankton abundance was highest in vermicompost made from human feces because the optimum nutrient conditions for the growth of phytoplankton were found in this treatment. The control was associated with one phytoplankton taxa, Macrophyceae. All the kinds of vermicomposts used have low Coliform and E. coli. And Azotobacter sp. developed ring the fermentation and earthworm (Lumbricus sp.) in each kinds of feces. Vermicompost made from human feces had the higest total Azotobacter sp. than other vermicompost.

User perception of digital wallets and e-commerce in the Zambian economy. Study case of Kitwe district of Copperbelt province []

The mobile digital wallet has been revolving around the world. However, factors are influencing the adoption and use of the mobile wallet. The purpose of this quantitative study was to determine the user perception of digital wallets and e-commerce in the Zambian economy. Study case of Kitwe district of Copperbelt province Participants of this study included 100 individuals who have embraced and utilized a mobile wallet for different transactions. Their perceptions about the security mechanism and motivation for adoption allows for a deeper understanding of their experiences during and after the adoption. However, most available researches have been mainly focusing on users’ initial adoption and the usage of mobile payment, whereas postadoption perception has not been fully investigated, therefore, this research tries to close the gap. This study engaged the participant's general individuals who visit the banks, showrooms, and places e.g., malls for purchasing goods across social stratifications and geographical locations and services were cashless transaction was the population of the study. All 100 completed questionnaires were captured with SPSS version 21.0 from the closed-ended interviews. The results include demographic characteristics, digital wallets and electronic money use rate, user perception and user experiences of digital wallets and electronic money. The findings from this study may benefit consumers, device manufacturers, and mobile wallet application. Future research is recommended to different setting with a larger sample of older adults as participants.

A Novel Approach for Analysis of Career Opportunities in Orphans []

With the use of a quantitative survey questionnaire, this research adds to the knowledge on orphan job opportunities and the antecedents of orphan career opportunities. The present study examines the antecedents of career opportunities (COs) and career opportunities, as well as their connections, in Pakistan's orphanage organisation. 302 people took part in the study, which was conducted using Google Docs online surveys and a self-administered questionnaire. Furthermore, no research has been done on the nature of orphanage job opportunities and their antecedents in Pakistan'. In addition, data analysis techniques such as exploratory factor analysis (EFA), confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), and structural equation modelling (SEM) were used to assess the suggested theoretical framework. The findings show that human capital, family history, career counselling, sense of responsibility, child labour, and character development are all important antecedents of career opportunities (CO). Furthermore, professional opportunities have no substantial connection with institutional assistance or exposure to the outside world, according to this study. This research presented a new conceptual framework for the relationship between antecedents of career opportunities and career opportunities in Pakistan's orphanage.


5G today has become synonymous to technological and economical improvement. It is therefore of utmost priority to perfect the system before it reaches ubiquity. This paper aims to provide a cost-effective hardware solution for cell towers that allows for a higher end- user network speed without making any ultra-expensive improvements to the server hardware. All that is required is a simple low capacity and inexpensive storage system added to each cell tower. Multiple simulations have been performed using Python to prove that higher speeds can be achieved using a technique that is termed in this paper as ‘Sequential Caching’.

Synthesis and Structural Properties of Single and Mixed Hallide Sn-based Pervoskite Materials in Photovoltaic Application []

Organic-inorganic perovskite solar cell is highly promising technology among all known photovoltaic technologies for its increasing power conversion efficiency, material abundance, low cost and simple synthesis technique. The perovskite materials mainly CH3NH3SnCl3 (MASC) and CH3NH3ISnCl2 (MAISC) are synthesized using chemical synthesis process as Sn-based perovskite materials because of its simplicity. The Sn-based perovskite materials have been characterized for structural properties and morphological structure by using technique X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscope (SEM). The MASC having cubic crystal phase (a=b=c & α = β = γ = 90°) and MAISC having tetragonal structure (a=b=c & α = β = γ = 90°) with average grain size are 40.9 nm and 40.62 nm The SEM structure shows some irregular crystal growth having average particle size ~ 334.68 μm for MASC and ~ 464.88 μm.

IOT Based Health Care Devices: A Review []

The Internet of things (IOT) has shown potential application to technologies in connecting various medical devices, sensors, and health-care professionals to provide quality medical services in a remote location. To be more specific, the last decade has witnessed extensive research in the field of healthcare services and their technological up gradation. The Health care industry always expect reduction in healthcare cost; enhanced the accessibility of health-care services attached to the smart wheel-chair; ease of interpretation so that amplified the operational efficiency in the healthcare industry; improvement in patients safety; and recovery of patients personal satisfaction. IOT based techniques helps to reduce various hurdles or complications. This paper aims to provide a complete state-of-the-art summary of IOT based potential healthcare applications or technologies research trends. We anticipate that the information gathered in this will enhance awareness of its benefits; challenges; and applications.

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