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A Review of the Reservoir Quality of Upper Jurassic Fulmar Sandstones by Integrating Sedimentology, Petrography, Petrophysics, and Core analysis using Well 16/21A-13 Blair Oil Field, North Sea. []

Understanding the reservoir quality (porosity and permeability) in sandstone reservoirs poses a significant problem in petroleum industries due to their influences on STOOIP, well deliverability in petroleum industries, and reservoir heterogeneity. Core sedimentology, wireline log analysis, core analysis data, and thin section petrography were used to determine the reservoir quality of Upper Jurassic Fulmar sandstones from the Blair oil field. The Upper Jurassic Fulmar sandstones of the central part of the North Sea display variations in grain sizes, bioturbation intensity, and sedimentary structures, indicating differing depositional environments. These Upper Jurassic Fulmar sandstones were deposited in various sedimentary environments with high porosity and permeability. These sandstones also demonstrated variations in cement types, with quartz overgrowth being the dominant cement. Many common controls guide the preservation of high reservoir quality in the Fulmar Formation, some of which are attributed to the localized presence of grain-coating materials and hydrocarbon emplacement, which may have inhibited quartz cement and early detection overpressure development, which may have inhibited porosity loss by compaction. The analysis of this paper can be used to further the understanding of reservoir quality in Jurassic sandstones in the North Sea and can be compared with different Formations (Fm) in other sedimentary basins.

A Study of Relationship among Correlation Coefficient, Performance, and Overfitting using Regression Analysis []

The correlation coefficient is the method for presenting the relationship between features and labels. The present research work aims to map a relationship among correlation coefficient, performance, and overfitting of the regression models. To carry out the present study, the consistency limits and compaction parameters of soil are used. The datasets are collected from the published articles. Furthermore, the datasets are divided into training, testing, and validation dataset. The training datasets are subdivided from 50% to 100% at 10% intervals. The simple linear regression, simple polynomial regression, and multiple linear regression analyses are performed to study the correlation coefficient and performance relationship. The results show that the correlation coefficient influences the performance of regression models. The moderately (0.61≥CC≤0.80) correlated datasets predict consistency limits of soil with better performance. The excellent prediction of OMC and MDD can be achieved if very strongly (0.81≥CC≤1.0) correlated consistency limits features and strongly (0.61≥CC≤0.80) correlated sand and fine content features exist in the dataset. It is concluded that the overfitting of regression models is decreased because of very strongly correlated datasets. The sensitivity analysis shows that consistency limits are highly influenced by fine content, and compaction parameters are highly influenced by fine content, LL, PL, and PI.


Histamine is a bioactive nitrogenous organic compound of the family of monoamines produced by the action of enzymes in human and animal dung by fecal bacteria on protein materials, particularly the essential amino acid histidine. This type of material is also secreted in abundance in the body by cells known as mast cells circulating in the connective tissues, and also by white blood cells known as basophils, basal white blood cells, during allergic reactions and serious and life-threatening anaphylactic shock called anaphylactic shock (and during various allergic diseases). Mast cells are abundantly present in lung tissue, nasal mucosa, eye mucosal tissue, subcutaneous and between various mucosal tissues. In addition to what was mentioned above about the characteristics and functional role of histamine in the body, it has many harms as a result of its high level secretion as a result of a specific functional disorder or microbial invasion, as well as as a result of immune sensitivity, and damages are noted in the respiratory, digestive, immune and nervous systems.

Effectiveness of Individualized Contextualized Academic Reading Exercises (I-CARE) []

The study explored on the effectiveness of the individualized-contextualized academic reading exercises in English V taking into account the perception of the English teachers as to the format, content and organization of I-CARE and the reading performance of pupils being the end-user of the material during the field testing. The study employed the descriptive-evaluative research design and was conducted at Tandag City Division during the S.Y 2017-2018. The field try-out of the material was conducted at Tandag Pilot Elementary School being the biggest and lead school of Tandag City. Findings of the study revealed that teachers found the material to be outstanding as revealed in their descriptive rating in the feedback form while pupils’ reading performance was satisfactory for the material was utilized by the whole class and not by their reading level. It was also found out that a significant relationship existed in the perception of teachers and pupils relative to the I-CARE based on its format, content and organization.

Effects of Music on Second Language Acquisition []

This study was to determine the effects of music on second language acquisition. The respondents of the survey are second-year Information Technology students. The researcher used a mixed descriptive research design. A consent form was sent to the participants of the study. The researcher converted the adopted survey questionnaire to a Google Form for online interaction with the target respondents. Findings of the study show that 75% of the participants gained vocabulary words from R&B music, 56% of the participants gained vocabulary from Pop music., and 3% of the participants gained language from Indi music. This indicates that the vocabulary widening can be aided by listening to music since the above data showed that 20 out of 36 respondents learned vocabulary words from the music. The data revealed positive responses from the participants that the R&B genre is most relevant in enhancing vocabulary for the students. Meanwhile, data showed that very few had answered correctly using Pop, Jazz, American Rap/Hip-Hop/Rock, or Classical music, and very few responded to Indie music vocabulary.

Segmentation in Blue Wave Fundus Autofluorescence Retinal Images []

Segmentation of optic bundle and macula is the primary step in determining retinal diseases using image processing technique. An algorithm for the same is developed using MATLAB code which includes segmentation and validation. In this paper, we have extracted the basic features of retinal image like optic disc, blood vessels and macula region. The effectiveness of algorithm is validated by comparing the segmented images with corresponding ground truth images. The various evaluation parameters used are Accuracy, Sensitivity, Precision, F-measure, MCC, Dice index, Jaccard index and Specificity.

Recalcitrant Waste Water Treatment By Hydrodynamic Cavitation Process []

Hydrodynamic cavitation describes the bubble generation, bubble implosion and process of vaporisation, which occurs in a flowing liquid as a result of a decrease and subsequent increase in pressure. The process of bubble generation, and the subsequent growth and collapse of the cavitation bubbles, results in very high energy densities and in very high temperatures and pressures at the surface of the bubbles for a very short time. The overall liquid medium environment, therefore, remains at ambient conditions. Controlled cavitation can be used to enhance chemical reactions or propagate certain unexpected reactions because free radicals (OHions) are generated in the process due to disassociation of vapors trapped in the cavitating bubbles. This principle is used in the mineralization of bio-refractory compounds which otherwise would need extremely high temperature and pressure conditions since free radicals are generated in the process due to the dissociation of vapors trapped in the cavitating bubbles, which results in either the intensification of the chemical reaction or may even result in the propagation of certain reactions not possible under otherwise ambient conditions

Importance and Technology of producing Set Yoghurt and Cheeses from Goat milk: short communication []

Goats are important milk producers in several parts of the tropics and contribute significantly to human nutrition in many developing countries and can called as Poor man’s cow. The goat fresh milk which obtained under good handling conditions from properly fed and managed healthy goats is free from objectionable flavor and odor. In the tropical country where large of number of goats’ production found and their milk is consumed directly without any heat treatment. To overcome the problem of processing technology and providing the awareness this review contribute a great contribution. The indigenous Adal breed’s raw goat milk was collected from Afar region, around Awash seven town rural areas. From 60 liters collected goat milk, 20 liters for set yoghurt, 20 liters for provolone and 20 liters for mozzarella was brought to laboratory. Before processing, some parameters were used to check the freshness of the goat milk like PH, temperature and alcohol test. The processing of the goat milk into set yoghurt, mozzarella and provolone cheeses were takes placed in the Addis kidan milk processing industry and Ethiopian meat and dairy industry development institute dairy laboratory by using the same procedure of cow’s milk processing these products.


Gas metal arc welding (GMAW), also known as Metal inert gas (MIG) is a fusion welding process having wide applications in the industries. Gas Metal arc welding is a popular choice of welding process when high level of weld quality or considerable precision welding operation is required. The present study is to investigate the influence of Gas metal arc welding parameters such as welding voltage(volt), and Wire speed (inch/min) and Gas flowrate (Litres/mm) on the quality of weld. The optimization for Gas metal arc (GMAW) welding process parameters of low carbon steel work piece AISI 1012 using Taguchi method. A plan of experiments based on Taguchi technique has been used to acquire the data with help of mini-tab software. An Orthogonal array and signal to noise (S/N) ratio are employed to investigate the welding characteristics of AISI 1012 low carbon steel plate and optimize the welding parameters. The experiments were planned as per Taguchi L9 orthogonal array by considering three (3) input parameters which are Voltage (volt), and Wire speed (inch/min) and Gas flowrate (Litres/mm). The experimental results shows that, the maximum impact strength base on “smaller the better criteria” was 0.075 J/mm2, maximum hardness base on “larger the better criteria” was 1.955KN/mm2, and maximum ultimate tensile strength (UTS) base on “larger the better criteria” was 154.214 KPa/mm2 was obtained for the weld joints fabricated. Conformation experiment was also conducted and verified the effectiveness of the Taguchi optimization method.

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