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Mannitol and Glycerine Combination Causing Hypokalemia in Post Neuro-Surgical Patient: A Case Report []

Linsol infusion is a combination of mannitol and glycerin, where mannitol is an osmotic diuretic which draws water out of tissue in the brain and decreases swelling around the brain. The relative therapeutic benefit of glycerine is not exact but based on observation they found that glycerin prevents rebound swelling which may possibly occur with plain mannitol. Hypokalemia is a condition where serum potassium levels are lower than normal range. It usually results from increased potassium excretion or intracellular shift and less commonly from reduced potassium intake. It is a common electrolyte disturbance, especially in hospitalized patients, due to various causes and sometimes requires urgent medical attention in which patient should be placed on a cardiac monitor; establish intravenous (IV) access and assess respiratory status. If cardiac arrhythmias or other life threatening complications are present, more aggressive therapy is needed. This is a case report of Linsol infusion induced hypokalemia in a geriatric person.

Evaluation of Serum Level of Minerals, Alkaline phosphatase and Vitamin D in Healthy Pregnant Women of Jodhpur []

ABSTRACT There is believe that vitamin D deficiency is rare in sunny, semi hot arid parts of tropical country like India. Calcium and vitamin D play major roles in calcium homeostasis and skeletal development especially during pregnancy. This study is aimed to determine and evaluate the serum vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and alkaline phosphatase levels in healthy pregnant subjects around Jodhpur, “The Sun City” district of Rajasthan. The study involves determining alterations or otherwise of these parameters during each trimester of normal pregnancy when compared with healthy non-pregnant controls. Total of 120 subjects were recruited for this study. Of this total, 90 were healthy pregnant women (30 subjects for each trimester) and 30 were healthy non-pregnant controls. First trimester subjects were designated as group I, second trimester subjects as II, third trimester subjects as III and control subjects as group IV. Venous blood was drawn to test calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin D, and alkaline phosphatase levels in the serum. Of the total 90 pregnant subject, 37% had vitamin D deficiency, 33% had insufficiency and only 30% had normal or optimal vitamin D level. This is in contrast to control group where 40% of the 30 subjects therein had deficiency, 20% had insufficiency and 40% had optimal level. Serum calcium in third trimester (group III) was significantly lower (p<0.05) as compared to controls. Difference in serum calcium was not significant when comparing group, I with IV, I with II or II with IV. Mean serum magnesium was higher but not significant in the first trimester as compared to controls. However, it decreased in the second and third trimester and value was significantly lower in third trimester as compared to controls. Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency parallels low level of calcium and magnesium. Significant increase in serum alkaline phosphatase was observed throughout pregnancy. Subtle but insignificant changes in serum phosphorus was observed during pregnancy. Supplementation of these minerals, fortification of food and adequate sun exposure are the possible ways of combatting vitamin D and minerals deficiency. Keywords; Vitamin D, Calcium, Pregnancy, Hypocalcemia, Alkaline Phosphatase, trimester, Serum, Women.

Life After Death, A True Incident []

Life after death, a true incident. Let us try to understand, we know that, by the big bang starting, move of time started and it is the main time. A lot of move created by creating planets and stars which are moving and revolving on its own axis de-pending on parameter k value which I have already discussed in my another research paper. That means different time are running on this universe with different speed. The speed of time not fixed , it is variable on varying place. Now i want to say that, suppose, in a certain moment i am 5 years old and my father is 35 years old and i want to travel by a spaceship for 5 years and started the travelling. After finishing my travel i will return to my father on earth. What change will be made?. For example, one year space travel is equal to 10 years passing on earth. The age of my father will be 85 and my age will be remain almost same or about one year increasing as in a state of high speed travelling loss of physical structure grow less. Now the magic is i am a little boy and my father is very old man. Then to me it is understandable that i am in future and to my father, it is understandable that he is in the past. In this way, If i increase my space travelling time more 5 years and returned to earth , i have found my father no more actually no relative found more. I will feel me alone on earth with other unknown environment. In the above way, i want to say that, after death our soul start their travel only and they reach on a unknown place of high order of technological advancement of regenerating physical structure. Now for each person after death time travel or space travel occurred by maintaining the same proportion of difference of age on earth. Every soul must travel time or space by the procedure of death. Actually death is the procedure of starting the travel. Travelling with great speed is a magic as many unknown thing can be found. Such as , if me and my friend are in Dhaka now. I am travelling by air plane from Dhaka to Chittagong. My friend dissapear from me and I found some new. It is because of using more speed of time. Actually every thing are hidden by the cover of time. Thus , life after death is very possible.

child labour and its implication to students academic performance in Nigeria []

Abstract The paper explained the concept of school violence in secondary school and the causes of school violence which include; desperation and despair, mob spirit, hatred and jealousy, alcohol and drug abuse, lax criminal-justice systems, false religion, low self-worth, witnessing violence in the home and many others. It also talked on the types of violence such as violence of teacher to student, intimidation, exclusion, sexual violence and so on. The paper also highlighted the effects school violence on students’ academic performance which leads to internalize abuse-related distress as a harsh consequence to poor academic performance. It also highlighted some measures to adopt in minimizing school violence which includes adaptation of physical security measures, implement policies designed to prevent violence. Conclusively, there is an increase need to address the effects of violence on academic progress and pro-social classroom behaviour of students. Keywords: School Violence, Implications and Academic Performance


This paper discusses the perceptions of community leaders on the legislation of land in Mozambique, a study conducted in Nacata community, Malema district. Due to the importance of land for a mozambican common citizen, especially, those leaving in the rural areas. This study thought to investigate the community leaders’ preparedness to cope with this legislation. Seven community leaders from Nacata Community participated in an interview which lasted for 30 minutes each. As a qualitative study, the interview questions sought to collect information categorized into three domains; general knowledge on legislation of land, the process of acquisition of a DUAT, and leaders’ opinion on the legislation of land in Mozambique. The study indicated that community leaders in Nacata community, Malema district are in their 50s and the leadership is dominated by men. The only woman in the group, dedicates herself to tackling spiritual problems. In general, these leaders demonstrated inconsistent knowledge of the legislation and the responsibility fell either under the district government or poor Portuguese skills, the language which the legislation is written. Setting up community learning and resource center was thought to have the potential to improve not only knowledge of legislation but also to serve as community showcase of maps displaying the landscape of important places and resources.

Proposal for a new naming and dimensions of the topographic map/plan sheets of Albania []

Since 1868 onwards, different institutes (Military Geographical Institute of Vienna, Austria; Military Geographical Institute of Florence, Italy; CNIGA-IK Moscow Institute; ex- Military Topographic Institute of Albania) have been built different geodetic bases for supporting of the mapping of the Albanian territory in different scales (1:75 000/50 000/25 000/10 000/5 000). The large-scale topographic maps used for various engineering projects. In different countries, the different dimensions of the sheets of topographic maps recommended. The purpose of this study is to propose new naming and dimensions of topographic maps of Albania.

Hybrid Optimal Feature Subset Classification for Improvd Alert Reduction in Intrusion Detection Systems []

Intrusion detection systems (IDS) are recently deployed as one of the major network security components for a safe network, especially in large corporations. Events in a network are monitored and analysed by multiple IDSs in order to detect intrusions. An IDS connected to a network generates a large volume of alerts some are real or true alerts and many others are false positive or irrelevant alerts. Network Analysts have continuously encountered challenges caused by the difficulty in identifying threats and taking immediate remedial actions due to the abundance of false alerts. Recent studies have used machine learning algorithms to solve this problem by detecting the most characteristic threats to Intrusion Detection Systems. In this work, we propose an improved model using a hybrid machine learning approach to determine the most serious alerts and reduce false alerts. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is used for feature selection combined with Genetic Algorithm (GA) optimizer to generate optimal feature subset in order to gain high Detection Rate (DR) with a significant reduction in False Alert Rate (FAR). The optimal feature subset is evaluated and classified using Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithm. Results of experiment and test on UNSW-NB15 dataset showed that in comparison to other approaches, the proposed method can reach high detection accuracy and low false positive rate simultaneously. Our work will be of benefit to cooperate networked organizations, as it will ensure that only true alerts will be generated in such a way that security measures can be quickly implemented to secure the network from both internal and external attacks.

A Model of personalized Mobile Persuasive System for Malaria Prevention and Control in Africa []

Records made available by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicated that malaria-related deaths have remained on the increase since 2015 till date [1]. The worst affected are usually the pregnant mothers and their children within the age of five years. Sub-Saharan Africa has remained the leading edge with Nigeria maintaining the lead position with 25% mortality rates [1]. The above statement of facts animated this research. This research focused on developing a model of mobile persuasion system that will influence people to undertake positive health behaviors as it relates to malaria prevention and control within their environment. The research design was accomplished using user-centered design (UCD) approach. A total of 105 participants were recruited and trained for this study. The responses obtained from our survey instrument was mapped into the appropriate persuasive strategies and then harmonized to develop the model proposed in this study.

Equalization of Single and Multiple Function of Sand Compaction Pile in Soft Cohesive Ground []

In Bangladesh soft cohesive soil is often encountered in the construction of building structure. To design foundation on soft ground, Sand Compaction Pile (SCP) may be a cost-effective sustainable alternative of deep foundation to provide adequate bearing capacity. The bearing capacity of ground improved by SCP may be calculated considering single and multiple function of SCP. In general practice the lowest bearing capacity between single and multiple function has to be selected as ultimate bearing capacity for design. This paper gives a chart to obtain SPT ratio and diameter ratio for equalization of single and multiple function. If the ultimate bearing capacities of improved ground calculated considering single and multiple functions using those ratios and then two types of bearing capacity shall be equal.


This study aims to determine the characteristics of communities that take advantage of diversity life in the Ecosystem Forest free district Ngawi . Research location covering the villages of Jatimulyo, Kedungharjo, Mantingan, Pakah Pengkol, Sambirejo and Tambakboyo. Sixth village the is in the District free district Ngawi . Data analysis techniques used include descriptive analysis and analysis of strength of association. Research findings indicate that the characteristics of respondents in utilizing the forest include age, income, education, number of dependents, occupation and distance from house to forest. Respondents aged 25-30 years (35.8%) are the largest age group in taking forest resources. Most of the community income groups from using the forest ranged from Rp. 151,000 to Rp. 300,000 (42.6%). The largest respondent who took forest resources had family dependents of more than 6 people (29.6%). Farmers' groups make the most use of forest products, 48.1%. As many as 38.9% of respondents use the forest within a distance of 0.51-1 km from their homes. The largest extraction of forest resources is in the form of firewood with a proportion reaching 40.7%. Based on an analysis of the strength of the association shows that there are five independent variables that affect the composition of resource use biological forests, each with a Cramer's . value V for variable age (0.409), education (0.247), income (0.333), number of dependents family (0.388), occupation (0.400) and distance from house to forest (0.434). The distance variable shows the most dominant strength for influencing respondents in utilizing resources forest, with a Cramer's V value of 0.434

Green Tourism and Green Marketing Tourism the Impact on Sustainable Tourism in the Covid-19 Era []

The tourism industry's success needs good management, one of the concepts of tourism management which are expected to provide double added value is through the concept of developing green tourism and green marketing tourism. However, green tourism and green marketing tourism cannot run well if there is no government support in the form of policies that are oriented towards tourism sustainability. Aims this study to determine the effect of green tourism and green marketing tourism on sustainable tourism during the Covid-19 period. This study is a quantitative study with the determination of the sample using the accidental sampling method, namely tourists who visited DIY during the COVID-19 pandemic with a total of 139 tourists as respondents. The method of collecting data is through a closed questionnaire distributed via google form with a Likert scale of 1 to 4. Data analysis uses multiple linear regression, hypothesis testing includes t-test and f test with the help of SPSS 25.0 for windows program. Based on the results of data analysis, the results obtained that tourism sustainability is only partially influenced by green tourism marketing, but jointly tourism sustainability is influenced by green tourism and green tourism marketing.

Market structure and profitability: Evidence from the Tunisian banking industry[ ]

Regard the market structure and profitability in Tunisian banking industry, there are two competing hypothesis_ the traditional structure-conduct-performance (SCP) hypothesis and the efficiency hypothesis (ES). Using panel data for the period 2000-2015, this paper tests the validity of these two hypotheses. In general, our result stressed a non-significant effect between the market concentration and profitability of Tunisian banks, which resulted in the rejection of the paradigm 'Structure-Conduct-Performance”. In addition, the efficiency (proxies using market share) is negatively associated with bank profitability. This result does not support the second hypothesis.

Gender-Stereotyped Beliefs and Practices in Teacher Education at Higher Education Institution (HEIs)[ ]

Educators of Teacher Education Institutions can challenge gender stereotyped beliefs and support gender equity in their classroom. The present study was an investigation of gender-stereotyped beliefs on students, of attitudes and practices among Teacher Education instructors/professors towards gender-stereotyped and strategies to eliminate gender-stereotyping. It was conducted during the academic year 2017-2018 among the faculty members teaching in Teacher Education Program in all Higher Education Institution (HEIs) in Zambales, Philippines.

Expressing the Algebraic of Triangular Number in Sequence and Series to the Sum of Arithmetic Progression[ ]

The formulae for triangular number as an alternative for the sum of arithmetic progression was further demonstrated through routine algebraic procedures which resulted in the same formulae with mathematical reasonings and inductions for its nth term that was later validated using the R version 3.6.1


This study focused on enhancing employee performance in the Nigerian Power Sector through Organizational Development (OD), with particular reference to Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHEDC) Calabar, Cross River State. The specific objectives include to assess, determine and ascertain the influence of organizational culture, job satisfaction and effective training on employee performance. A survey research design was used, questionnaire was administered to one hundred and ten respondents.

Learning Habits and Styles among Students of Computer Courses amidst Covid-19 Pandemic[ ]

One way to address unfortunate circumstance brought by the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic is to shift on distance learning while face-to-face interaction is suspended. This sudden shift affects the learning habits and styles of learners. This study offers discussion on learning habits and styles of students enrolled in computer courses. Research design is descriptive and quantitative. In this study, 120 college students during the 1st Semester SY 2021-2022 at President Ramon Magsaysay State University assessed their learning habits and styles on a distance learning mode. The study findings revealed that the respondents agreed on learning styles and study habits.

Effectiveness of practical lab classes of basic sciences for doctors during clinical practice: KAP[ ]

The aim of this study is to assess how beneficial are practical lab classes of basic sciences for medical practitioners during their clinical practice.

Child Labour and its Implications on Students' Academic Performance in Nigeria[ ]

The paper explained the concept of child labour and the nature of child labour in Nigeria. It also explained the causes of child labour which include; cultural tradition of fostering, poverty and lack of occupational opportunities. The paper highlighted the effect of child labour on academic performance such as children's cognitive development including literacy,

Predictive Human Resource Management Model Using Attrition Analysis[ ]

The key to the survival, growth and development of an organisation stems from the way it structures and manages its human resources. The major pain points seen in Human Resource Management (HRM) is employee commitment, productivity and retention in the long run. Attrition means the gradual reduction in the number of employees through retirement, resignation, lay-offs or death. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have been widely used to provide predictive analytics in various verticals of an organisation.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Crop Disease Diagnose and Management [ ]

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in agriculture has recently gained prominence. The fundamental notion of AI in agriculture is flexibility, high performance, accuracy, and cost prosperity. This article investigates the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the diagnosis and control of plant diseases. The application's benefits and limitations, as well as the approach for utilising expert systems for enhanced productivity, are all highlighted. Present study overview the several application of AI,i.e, Neural Networks,Support Vector Machines, Hyper-spectral imaging, Alex net, Explanation block and Fuzzy logic. These approaches have accuracy, pace and affordability for sustainable safe food production.


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