NCRACS 2015 - National Conference on Recent Advances in Computer Sciences

"NCRACS 2015 Conference Papers "

Ontology Based Approach for Semantic Similarity between Abstracts of Research Papers[ ]

One of the challenging issues in paragraph similarity is ontology construction and ontology matching. An example taken for paragraph similarity is to find matching between abstracts of research papers. Generally researchers use keywords for searching in search engine for finding similar meaning for that particular keyword but in this project the abstract has been used for searching and finding the abstracts.

Vehicle Tracking System with Smartphone Integration[ ]

Need for reliable management system of Vehicles in today’s world has increased to a greater extent. By implementing the vehicle tracking system, you can ensure that you are getting the most productivity out of the vehicles. It is designed in such a way that the people can track every single vehicle movements in and around them in real-time. An appropriate real world scenario will be - Assuming we’ve setup the tracking device in a College Bus, A student can track his college bus via his smartphone and he can setup an alert if the college bus crosses his Pickup point ensuring that he doesn’t miss his bus. In case if he misses the Bus he can check for other college buses around him and board that bus. This could be it thus making life easier. A vehicle tracking system is designed and implemented to track the movement of any vehicle from any location at any time. The system makes use of popular technologies that combines Hardware and software together. This will be easy to implement with inexpensive GPS systems in vehicles. This paper deals with how a vehicle is tracked via Smartphone app and a Web app. The vehicle tracking system use the GPS module to get geographical coordinates at regular time intervals. The GSM /GPRS module is used to transmit the GPS data to a Database setup in a web server. The vehicles can be monitored via a Smartphone app or Web app developed. The applications make use of Google Maps API to display the vehicle’s location on a map. Thus, a user will be able to track vehicles in real time. In order to show the feasibility and effectiveness of the system, this paper presents experimental results of the vehicle tracking system and some experiences on practical implementations.

Fast Distributed Mining of Technologies for Privacy Enhancement[ ]

Data mining can extract a pattern of important knowledge from large data collections but sometimes these collections are splited into various parties. Privacy concerns which may prevent the parties from directly sharing of a data which matches to the pattern information, and some types of information about the data. This paper point out secure mining of association rules over horizontally partitioned database. The method incorporate cryptographic techniques to minimize the information or data shared, while adding little overhead to the mining task. This proposal contains a protocol for secure mining of association rules in horizontally distributed databases.

Signcryption Approaches for Network Security[ ]

Signcryption is a new public key cryptography approach to combine digital signature and encryption functionalities as a consequence of the growing consumer demand for information security. The necessity to achieve confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation properties in data communication that motivates new demands for signcryption schemes. The framework of signcryption involves key generation, signcryption and unsigncryption. Current signcryption schemes development is still limited by the certain constraints given by real-time applications. For example, broadcasting signcrypted message increases bandwidth consumption and computational resource usage remains largely an unsolved problem. In order to address these problems, ElGamal’s signature scheme, Schnorr’s signature scheme or Digital signature schemes , Diffie Hellman method, Elliptic Curve method and RSA algorithm are widely used for signcryption. This paper provides a tutorial and overview of strategies in implementing these algorithms and provides a focus on asymmetric techniques in research.


The increasing digitization of healthcare information is opening new possibilities for providers and payers to enhance the quality of care, improve healthcare outcomes, and reduce costs. The technology advancement has accelerated the move from paper to digital health records. With information in digital form, healthcare organizations can use available tools and technologies to analyze that information and generate valuable insights. The main idea of this project is to integrate the massive clinical data, perform a wide range of medical and healthcare functions to infer knowledge and to address numerous analytical questions using Hadoop, an open source tool that enables distributed parallel processing of large datasets across various nodes.

An Energy Efficient Mobility based Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks[ ]

In wireless sensor networks, the sink mobility along a constrained path can improve the network lifetime and energy efficiency. Existing method used Weighted Rendezvous Planning (WRP) which an algorithm for controlling the movement of a mobile sinks in WSNs. This method focuses on a single source or sink. This leads to inefficient communication, reducing the network lifetime. Because of this problem, some nodes or parts of WSN are not frequently visited. An enhanced technique is proposed in this paper to overcome the network lifetime reduction problem.