Author:Samuel Ayokunle Olowosejeje

Samuel Ayokunle Olowosejeje

Dept. of Mathematics and Science

Program of Masters & PhD in Engineering and Management
Faculty of Engineering
University of Exeter



•••Viability of Oil Refining in Nigeria: A Technical And Economic Consideration

Nigeria an active member of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) depends on importation of refined petroleum products to satisfy its domestic demands. This reliance in part, is responsible for the demise of petroleum refineries in the country. The importance of oil and its relative products in the global market today is unquestionable. Oil is the major source of energy required to facilitate several processes such as transportation, energy generation and other facets that contribute to the growth and sustainability of an economy. This, in my opinion, justifies the need for nations to have full control of their oil resources including its supply and delivery. For this reason, it is of national, economic and security importance that oil producing countries develop and operate their oil refineries, as opposed to relying on foreign sources for refined oil products.


TITLE - Viability of Oil Refining in Nigeria: A Technical And Economic Consideration
AUTHOR - Samuel Ayokunle Olowosejeje
••••••IJSER Edition - March 2013

UNIVERSITY - University of Exeter
Dr Abel Nyamapfene
(Assistant Director Education)
College Of Engineering(Mathematics And Science)