Author:Pranav Jayaram

Pranav Jayaram

Electronics and Communications Engineering

Program of Masters & PhD in Electronics Engineering, Embedded Systems, Product Development, Fabrication Technology, Application Software
Faculty of Engineering
Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology



•••Real Time Data Acquisition in an IoT based Control Unit

This project aims to design and implement a novel real-time data acquisition and batch-processing technique on an Internet of Things (IoT) based customizable control unit. The scope of the project is to incorporate the use of interconnectivity between devices, which generate data and to process the generated data onboard with the use of a real-time batch data processing algorithm. The processed data is then logged to the control unit, which has a continuous feedback to an IOT based platform. This platform includes online and offline nodes, which can monitor and control the devices present in the control unit. The project incorporates the design of a hardware circuitry, which includes the control panel and the processing unit. The online and offline nodes are the interconnected devices, which use an instance of the same control unit application that can be set up on mobile and wireless devices. The project also aims to design the native control application, which can be deployed on mobile devices. The project runs a real-time batch processing system on the processor which samples 15 bits of data at about 2000 samples of data per minute. This data is dynamic and customizable to the application in use. The use of DHT’s (Digital Humidity and Temperature) sensors in the project is to demonstrate the use of temperature and humidity values to trigger ancillary controllers and to switch peripherals. The main concept of (IoT) implemented in this project is the interconnection between devices and the control of these interconnected devices through online and offline nodes via the network and through a mobile application. This report elaborates the complete design and implementation of the project.


TITLE - Real Time Data Acquisition in an IoT based Control Unit
AUTHOR - Pranav Jayaram
••••••IJSER Edition - November 2018

UNIVERSITY - Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology
Muralidhara K