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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 7,July 2012
Use and outcome of Electronic Health Record for health insurance an experience of Symbiosis Centre of Health Care
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Dr. Alaka O. Chandak, Dr. Rajiv C. Yeravdekar, Ms. Rajashree Varma, Dr. Girish Tillu, Maj. Gen. Dr. V. W. TilakĀ 
Electronic Health Record, Health care, Health Insurance
Effective use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) applications by Symbiosis Centre of Health Care (SCHC) for 23,782 students and employees) has resulted in efficient data management & information dissemination without errors & delay during hospitalization. The EHR [1] was evaluated by healthcare & paramedical staff for Use & Outcome. The Use is studied for ease of use, security, flexibility, reliability, efficiency, service response, technical support, ability to make changes and overall satisfaction. Outcome was evaluated in terms of reduced human errors, workload of doctors, time saved in data management, automated reports generation & independent data submission. The experience of using the system for 6 months had a composite score for logistic use and outcome were 63.6 % and 60.4 % respectively. It assists in reducing turnaround time (TAT), decision making, medical audit, faster processing of insurance claims, improved time saving, reduced errors & effective data flow that eased health insurance system.
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