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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 8,August 2012
Assessment of Learner's Motivation In Web Based E-Learning
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.195-199  
Nehad T. Ramaha, Wan Mohd. Fauzy Wan Ismail
E-Learning, asynchronous e-learning, synchronous e-learning, motivation theories, Web Based E-Learning, motivation assessment, ARCS model
Due to the rapid growth of the use of computers and Internet in education a large number of Web Based E-Learning (WBEL) systems have been developed and implemented. However, most these systems do not consider the learner's motivation level during the learning process, while motivation is one of the most important factors for student achievement in learning. In this paper we argue that motivation assessment is very important for WBEL systems, therefore more research is needed in this area. A critical review of previous research on motivation assessment in e-Learning systems is also presented, and finally suggestions of how to assess the learner's motivation during a learning activity in a WBEL system. Benefits from our approach would maintain a learner's motivation during the learning process resulting in a higher performance level within the WBEL system.
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