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Investigations of the Cr4+:Y2SiO5 Crystal Coupling Coefficients as a Solid Q-Switch for the Chromic Solid-State Laser
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.188-194  
Sahib Neamah Abdul-Wahid, Methaq Mutter Al-Sultany, Adnan Hussein Ali
solid state laser, passively Q-switching, crystal Cr4+:Y2SiO5 ,saturable absorber crystal
The passively Q-switching method has been used for the chromic solid-state lasers such as Ruby , Alexandrite , Cr:LiCAF , Cr:LiSAF and Cr4+:Y2SiO5. We have studied the saturable absorber crystal properties which are used in passive Q-switching for all these lasers . The molar extinction coefficient (e) , coupling coefficient of the saturable absorber (Ka) , the optical density (d) , the ground-state absorption cross-section (sa) of Cr:YSO , and the Q-switching efficiency (?) of the chromic solid-state lasers is calculated with a variable pumping rate (R). The results of Cr:YSO crystal are compared each others , and the behavior of (e), and (Ka) has been interpreted according to (s), and (d) , respectively . The Cr:YSO, Q-Switched Cr:LiSAF laser has a better passive Q-Switching performance than other systems.
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