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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of Nile River Bed Level Variation at El Menia Reach (Case Study)
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R. Elgohary
Environmental impact assessment, sedimentation process, Nile river, bed level variation.
The Nile river bed level was varied along the years as a result of sedimentation and erosion processes This phenomena was carried out along the Nile river bed and along its banks as a result of water level variations which leaded to the changes of river cross section velocity profile. This changes in Nile river cross sectional area affected on the surrounding environmental by negatively attitude especially at El Menia Reach our case of study. This effects appeared in the form of shortage of cultivated lands along river bank at some parts, Also the rising of Nile river bed affected on different fish species and leaded the migration of this species from this area to some deeper wormer area along the stream course. Water plant stations intakes were effected too and the pipe intakes were clogged by sediments and forced the government to find another less sedimentary places for this intakes. Navigational course along the Nile river was affected too and some zones through the Nile stream were forbidden to ships to pass through it due to the shallowness of water depth. Environmental impact assessment was needed for this area to reach practical solutions to overcome the negative effects of this phenomena at El Menia Reach of the River Nile.
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