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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 8,August 2012
Content Analysis of Rubric-based Online Discussion Forums for MIDT Students in Open University Malaysia
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.159-162  
Dr.Purushothaman Ravichandran, Prof.Dr.Abtar Kaur
— LMS, MIDT, OUM, Online assessment, Bulletin board, ODF, Content analysis
In order to establish effective online communication in a learning management system (LMS), students need to be motivated to participate in discussion forums. Such motivation may be stimulated by the use of a Learning Management System (LMS), which improve access to learning materials, the provision of more timely feedback to students through on-line assessment (Breen, Cohen, and Chang, 2003), and improved communication among students and between students and faculty through the availability of bulletin boards, discussion forums and email facilities (Beard and Harper, 2002, Kang, 2001). However, it has always been a challenging task for a teacher, as to how to scale the students' interactions within the discussion forums. In order to track the effectiveness of online communication, content analysis servers as a technique, that enable researcher to study human behaviour in an indirect way through an analysis of their communication. (Fraenkel and Wallen, 2006). As such, data from 14 students from 11 different countries, who enrolled for postgraduate course (MIDT) at Open University Malaysia (OUM), were used in this study, to find the significance of their online discussion forum (ODF) contributions against their final scores. In order to predict if students' final scores did confirm linearly or not to forum scores, the predicted final score and the error associated with regression model were calculated. The normality test results (Shapiro-Wilk) indicated that forum score is normally distributed (significance value >0.05) and the final score showed some deviation from normality (significance value <0.05). Also, the F-test results from this study indicated, that the regression model is significant in explaining the variance in the final score using the forum score as the predictor variables, F (1,12) = 9.469, p<0.01. The regression coefficient indicated that the final score increased by 1.09% units with each 1% unit increase in the forum score.
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