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Retrieving and Reviewing Educational and Academic Effects and Satisfaction of Teachers and Students of Courses of Kerman Shahid Bahonar Teacher Training Center on Executing Pattern of Management on Education (Educational Administration)
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Ms. Parvin Salari Chine, Mr. Mohammad Reza Behrangi
Management Education Pattern, Flash Cards, Concept Relating Chart, Nurturing Effects
The purpose of this article is to study the applicability of management education pattern () on the base of its nurturing and academic effects and teachers and students satisfaction in academic courses that are in common objects for a few majors in Kerman Shahid Bahonar Teacher Training Center. Complying with the , students were encouraged to follow the process of providing concept-related charts, comparing their charts with others', providing flashcards from main points of units' titles and subtitles, processing learning concepts, producing desired map of concept linkage, producing knowledge and making feedback. Acting as an advisor, the instructor guided students to be active. Random simple sampling method was used to choose a class from among classes of the teacher-training center. Pre and post test semi-experimental approach were used. The students' achievement from the first half of the Textbook (Group Counseling) were evaluated by a pre-post exam at the beginning and the end of the part. In the next half of the semester the next half of the book was taught by and the post exam was taken when it was finished. Pre and post exam were also conducted. T-test was used to compare the differences between the effects of the two half of the instructions. These differences were found to be highly significant at 95%. Also, attitudes of students were evaluated by Behrangi's 55 items questionnaire to compare nurturing effects of. It is, now, confirmed that not only using could increase academic improvement and nurturing effects but also it would cause the instructors to change their opinion regarding effects of traditional education. The suggestion for generalizing the results of this research to conducting different courses of teacher training center of Shahid Bahonar are documented English.
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