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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 8,August 2012
Electrochemical Synthesis, Characterization and Application of poly (4-vinyl pyridine-co-aniline)
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.128-131  
Joanna Lim Wee Ling, Bahruddin Saad and Sulaiman Ab Ghani
: Aniline; Copolymer; Electro copolymerization; 4-vinyl pyridine
A novel copolymer, poly (4-vinyl pyridine-co-aniline) [poly (4VP-co-Ani)] has been synthesised. Formation of copolymer was simple and readily achieved at room temperature. Poly (4VP-co-Ani) was synthesized electrochemically using a conventional three-electrode system. Redox processes were studied with cyclic voltammetry (CV). Effect of pH on the electro copolymerization process was also investigated. Acidic medium was favoured for efficient polymerization. Result of electrochemical and spectroscopic analyses were discussed at length. FT-IR spectroscopy has indicated that traits from both 4-vinyl pyridine and aniline were coherently present in the copolymer structure. Since both Ani and 4VP have been known for their abilities to incorporate metal ions in their homopolymeric chains, the poly (4VP-co-Ani) has been utilised as a membrane for cadmium ion selective electrodes(ISE).
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