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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 8,August 2012
Research relating to New Passenger Train Interiors for 2020 and beyond, in Partnership with Government, Industry and Academia
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.112-117  
ohn Wood, Jonathan Findlay
Interior design, design technology, interior design issues.
This paper discusses a research and design project initiative undertaken in partnership with a UK Government agency, a manufacturing company and academia. The project relates to the development of high speed trains with in service speeds of 340kh and projected speeds in excess of 500kh, and the proposal that business people will be able to travel as quick, or more quickly and economically by train over longer distances in comparison with established air travel, both in terms of financial cost and in utilisation and effectiveness of personal time. The project is proactive design research driven through exploratory creative concept design that addresses the fast changing and challenging future travel needs and expectations of business and industry. The concept is for a dedicated business specific passenger train carriage. The carriage designed so that it is adjustable and flexible in structure, floor size and layout, accommodation, furniture, equipment and services provided, enabling business user/s to specify their business requirements in the pre-booking of travel arrangements. As an integral component of the project is the research and application of new and developing materials, technologies and manufacturing processes, and the influence these will have in the generating of new creative innovative design concepts and their development to design realization 
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