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The Implementation of Interactive Multimedia Learning Autism (IMLA). Alpha, Beta and Pilot Testing Stages 
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.62-66  
Jasni Dolah, Wan Ahmad Jaafar Wan Yahaya, Toh Seong Chong
Interactive, Multimedia, Learning, Autism
The increasing numbers of Autism have been increased lately. Even though many research dedicated to autistic children around the world but the outcome was too limited and only made known to the doctor and the parents. None of this outcomes could be shared and distribute to society because the outcomes was too technical and limited. The information's related to Autism are too general and only focus on certain cases. The main issues arises are how this information's could be learn and shared amongst society? This study proposes one prototype to be implemented which is the implementation of Interactive Multimedia Learning Autism (IMLA). The development of IMLA was resulted from rigorous researches that have been made before such as through extensive literature reviews and Preliminary Investigation (PI). This study will highlight the elements and process used in the development such learning theories, theoretical framework, alpha, beta and pilot testing. The findings from the study will lead to the implementation of IMLA and will be tested with real target respondents. The findings show that the significance levels of knowledge, awareness and motivation of target respondents are increased significantly.
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