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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 8,August 2012
Interference and Compatibility Analysis of Radio-Communication Systems and Networks Operate in C- Band
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Zulfiqar Ali
This case study outlines an initial analysis of the potential for interference from and to carriers in the two GEO satellite communication and systems networks operating in C band with the separation of equal or less than 2o. We have adopted a fundamental approach to coordination is to calculate C/I or C/N+I ratios for all carrier pairs, and to compare these to coordination thresholds to analyze the interference levels against the difference between the two GEO satellite systems and networks which is often referred to as the Margin (M). The analysis investigates the carrier-to-interference (C/I) ratios for all combination of carriers, and identifies those that may have a potential for causing interference. The analysis results demonstrate that there is a little opportunity for negotiating thresholds levels for two GEO communication systems and networks operating in C band with the orbital separation of equal to or less than 2 o to be able to co-exist with acceptable or no constraint to the affected satellite networks.
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