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Global Catastrophic Alert System
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Silica Kole
Alerts, Accumulated Potential Energy, Earthquakes predictions, Heterogenous sensors, Sensors, Simulation, Wireless Sensor Networks
Global Catastrophic Alert System is a pre-alert system for disasters like Earthquake and Tsunamis consisting of a heterogeneous network of Sensor chips. This is a sensor network which can be laid out in an Earthquake prone area and can be used to predict approaching Earthquakes. The sensor chips used in this system would vary in their processing prowess, storage capacity and power consumption. The sensor chips would be spread along a circular perimeter over the Earthquake or Tsunami prone area in such a way that the peripheral sensor chips would be of the most basic quality consuming very less power. As we move towards the centre of this circular perimeter the sensor chips would become more sophisticated. The centre of this perimeter would consist of a base station or a mother server controlling the received signals of all the surrounding chips and takes decisions in spreading out alerts.
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