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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 6,June 2012
Design and Analysis of Monolithic Microgripper
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.64-67  
R.Bharanidaran, T.Ramesh
— compliant mechanism, FEM, microgripper, topological optimization
Precision industries require high precision and controlled motion of microgripper. For this purpose compliant mechanism based monolithic microgrippers are used. In this study, a monolithic microgripper is designed adopting topological optimization method. MATLab code has been developed to derive the optimized shape of the monolithic microgripper. Post optimization process was carried out to overcome the manufacturing difficulties. Thickness of the microgripper was then designed using finite element method (FEM) to avoid out of plane sagging caused by the self-weight of the microgripper. The structural analysis using FEM was performed to obtain the Geometrical Advantage (GA) of the design. The proposed design of the microgripper proves that the out of plane motion is completely controlled as the thickness of the gripper is optimized and provides a better GA compared to the earlier designs found in the literature. This kind of design may be helpful to the designers who expect the gripping devices to be used in the situation where a minimum out of plane motion is required.
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