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Convergence of Technologies
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Anuroop Banerjee
Age of Transition, Computer Communication Revolution, Cost-effective Technologies, Challenges at the Disposal of R&D, Convergence in Communication and broadcasting, Nanotechnology-Biology-Information Technology revolution, Renaissances in Technology
Science has to go through a lot of ordeals and perseverance. The scientific inventions lead to economic viability and dominance in myriad arenas. The growth of technology has been nonlinear. It acquires newer zeniths with admirable surges from time to time that led technology flow through various meandering avenues and the imminent prognosis unveils the renaissance in technology is knocking at our doorsteps. The tech-utopians consider that the convergence of Nanotechnology, biotechnology, Information Technology, electronics, aerospace and cognitive sciences would possibly intermingle resulting in the most anticipated realignment of interdisciplinary boundaries. Convergence of technology will aggravate the fiefdoms of sciences and may re-define the realm of technology; the 'insurmountable' will perhaps turn into 'accolades' in the forthcoming years, who knows? Communication Technology has already merged with the embellished Information technology leading to Information Communication and Technology. With the advent of Nanotechnology, the privileges for the confluence of Bio-Nanotech-IT seem pre-emptive, which might give birth to Nano Robots. In the future, the fields of micro electronics, material sciences and electronics may give way to integrated Silicon electronics and photonics. The infusion of ICT with Biotechnology can lead to the development of Intelligent Biosciences which might cause 'elixirs' in the lives of human beings. Probabilities of revolutions in the aerospace industry would suffice with the convergence of the ICT, Nanotechnology and aerospace. Convergence of technologies may have several hind sides like all other developments in the technical arena. Such renaissances in the fields of technology will help moping out the gnawing plague that causes jitters and crisis of human life, ameliorate the incidences of chances of inter planetary transportation with the devising of highly reliable and intelligent aerospace systems, induce cost effectiveness in the technical parlances and thus cause multitude of improvements humans can contemplate only in their dreams. Convergence of technology is a magical wand which can enforce societal transformation for the better.
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