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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 6,June 2012
A Novel Topology for Design and Development of Wireless Electro-oculogram Biopotential Amplifer[
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P. Swami, T. Gandhi, S.S. Ray, S. Anand
— Elctro-oculogram (EOG), Corneal-retinal potential (CRP), Signal conditioning, Biopotential amplifier, Instrumentation amplifier, Embedded system, Ophthalmoscopy
This paper illustrates a novel topology for the conditioning of electro-oculogram signals. The system is composed of a second order amplification chain and assures stability, speed and accuracy. The proposed configuration has been developed in order to make signal acquisition of biological signals such as electro-oculogram simpler and robust with low cost. The filters between the pre-amplification and the amplification stages eliminate the out-of-band frequencies before amplification. This reduces the possibility of interferences from high frequency noises and maximizes the dynamic power consumption. The presented topology holds clinical and rehabilitative control applications.
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