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Detection and Prevention of Wormhole Attack In Stateless Multicasting
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.47-51  
L. Sudha Rani , R.Raja Sekhar (Ph.D)
: mobile ad hoc networks, multicasting, scalable, robust, security, wormhole attack.
Multicast is an efficient method to implement the group communication. In recent years, a number of different multicast protocols have been proposed for ad hoc networks.Robust and Scalable Geographic Multicast Protocol (RSGM) is one among them. RSGM is a geographic routing protocol which routes the data using the location of the nodes. Geographic routing protocols are known tobe particularly vulnerable to attacks. One of the most powerful and serious attacks in adhoc networks is wormhole attack, preventing this attack has proven to be very difficult. In this paper, an efficient method namely Multicast Authentication Node Scheme is devised to detect and avoid wormhole attack in theRSGM protocol. This technique uses cryptographic concept to detect and prevent wormhole attack. The proposed system is simulated in network simulator (NS-2).
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