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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 3,March 2012
AirPTWFrag: A New Wireless Attack
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.43-46  
Raghuveer Singh Dhaka, Arvind Dhaka, Priyank Singh Hada
- WLAN Security; Denial of Service; MAC Spoofing; TKI; WEP; WPA; PTW; ARP
One of the issues with corporate wireless networks in general, and WLANs in particular, involves the need for security. Several protocols have been proposed and used for providing security to wireless networks. The Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), used to secure 802.11 based networks, suffers from many weaknesses making a way for several types of attacks. In this paper a new attack on wireless security has been proposed. We will give a review of the attack that is capable of decrypting messages in WEP enabled wireless networks without requiring the knowledge of the encryption key
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