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Trace Elemental Analysis of Nigerian Petroleum Products Using AAS Method
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.551-555  
Nafi'u Tijjani, P.O Ike, B.B Usman, D. I. Malami and Alaere Matholo
Ashing Method, Pour Point, Specific Gravity, Sulphur Content, Trace metals, Gravimetric and micro-kjeldahl methods
ome physico-chemical analysis of samples of Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel Oil, Low Pour Point Oil and Residual fuel have been studied. The samples were also analyzed for trace elements. The results confirmed that Heavy distillates fractions(Residual fuel and LPFO) contains trace metals higher than the distillates fraction(Automobile Gas Oil or Diesel) followed by intermediates (Dual Purpose Kerosene) and lights ends fractions(Premium Motor Sprit / Gasoline). The samples were analyzed by gravimetric and micro-kjeldahl methods for sulphur and nitrogen content respectively. The experiment data indicated that, the total sulphur and nitrogen contents increased from light ends, intermediates, distillates to heavy distillates fractions and also the concentrations of the trace metals in the petroleum products follows the same trend i.e. from less viscous petroleum products (Gasoline, Kerosene and Diesel Fuel) to high viscous petroleum products sample (residual fuel and LPFO) . The results were discussed in terms of effects of this impurities on the refinery process.
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