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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 2,February 2012
Design of Data Acquisition System Implemented with a Free Cooling Unit (FCU) Controller For a BTS Room
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.4I0-413  
Sadeque Reza Khan, Ahmed Al Mansur, Alvir Kabir, Md. Modasshir, Ahmed Al Marouf
Air Conditioner, BTS, Free Cooling Unit, Intelligent Ventilation System, LCD, Microprocessor, Micro SD Card.
The scarcity of electricity causing serious dislocation in all spheres of life, including production in agricultue and industries as well as in the section of cellular communication. To reduce the wastage of electricity in BTS room now-a-days celluler operators are using different ventilation systems instead of Air Conditioner (AC). Recently many operators like Banglalink, a leading telecom operator in Bangladesh are interested to interface a data acquisition system with these ventilation systems in BTS rooms.So in this paper a modern ventilation system FCU is designed interfacing with a Micro SD card for data acquisition especially for Banglalink BTS. FCU is an electronic instrument that records the temperature data and takes decision according to that data. This research work deals with the PIC18F4520 which includes I0 bit ADC for data conditioning and 32K bytes of program memory which provides the advantage of interfacing a FAT-16 system with microprocessor. In display section 4X20 LCD display is used for user interaction.
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