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The Modeling and Simulation of a Microturbine Generation System
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Godswill Ofualagba
—Acceleration control, fuel system, compressor-turbine, machine, microturbine generation system (MTG), temperature control, permanent magnet synchronous generator.
In a hybrid energy system consisting of renewable sources of energy, there should be some storage facility or backup generation to maintain continuity of supply to the load when renewable source alone is not sufficient. The objective of this paper is to present one of such generating system that is capable of acting as a backup generator. This paper presents the modeling and simulation of a microturbine generation (MTG) system, the nonrenewable source of energy suitable for isolated as well as grid-connected operation. The system comprises of a permanent magnet synchronous generator driven by a microturbine. A brief description of the overall system is given and mathematical models for the microturbine and permanent magnet synchronous generator are presented. The developed models are simulated in MATLAB/Simulink.
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