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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 2,February 2012
A Novel Miniaturized Log Periodic Antenna
Full Text(PDF, )  PP..64-68  
V. Rajya Lakshmi and G.S.N. Raju
Log periodic dipole antenna, meandering, broadband antenna, WIPL-D microwave, fractal technology, miniaturization.
Log-Periodic Dipole Antenna (LPDA) is a common and important broadband antenna, due to its non-frequency dependent characteristic. However, in the conventional design, the physical size is restricted to the longest oscillator dipole with the lowest resonant frequency, which is quite large and constrains its application. To realize the antenna miniaturization, many methods, including loading technology, fractal technology, meandering line technology etc. have been used to reduce the size of antenna without reducing the antenna's performance. To achieve the purpose of miniaturization of the LPDA, this paper presents a novel structure of log-periodic antenna loaded with symmetrical meandering dipoles. The modeling and simulation of the above design is carried out using a 3D Electro- magnetic simulator WIPL-D microwave.
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