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Analysis of the Dynamic Characteristics of an Isolated Self-Excited Induction Generator Driven by a Wind-Turbine
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Godswill Ofualagba
— Arbitrary reference frame, induction machine, magnetizing current, self-excitation, self-excited induction generator (SEIG), steady-state analysis, transient model
This paper focuses on the electrical generation part of a wind energy conversion system. After a brief introduction of the induction machine, the electrical generator used in this paper, a detailed analysis of the induction machine operated in stand-alone mode is presented. As a generator, induction machines have the drawback of requiring reactive power for excitation. This necessitates the use of shunt capacitors in the circuit. The effect of magnetization inductance on self-excitation of the induction generator is discussed. Also, this paper presents the two existing methods to analyze the process of self-excitation in induction machine and the role of excitation-capacitors in its initiation. Simulation results of the self-excited induction generator driven by the variable speed wind turbine are presented in the last section of this paper. The process of voltage build up and the effect of saturation characteristics are also explained in the same section.
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