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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 1,January 2012
Artificial Bee Colony Optimisation for Economc Load Dispatch of a Modern Power system
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.I07-112  
Ganga Reddy Tankasala
Artificial bee colony,Artificial intelligent techniques, Economic load dispatch, Genetic Algorithm, Power systems
This paper deals with optimization of fuel cost of coal fired generators of a modern power sytem. The conventional method of solving economic load dispatch (ELD) uses Newton Raphson, Gauss and Gauss Siedel techniques whose time of computation increases exponentially with the size. Inorder to overcome the dreawbacks of conventional methods, Artificial Intelligent (AI) techniques likes like Genetic Algorithm (GA), Nueral Networks (NN), Artificial Immune systems (AIS) and Fuzzy Logics etc are used. One such AI technique used is Artificial Bee Colony optimization (ABC) inspired from the foraging behaviour of bees. The ABC is applied for ELD and compared with the other AI techniques. The results show that ABC promises global minimum of the solution while others may land in local minimum
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