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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 1,January 2012
Performance Evaluation of LEACH Protocol in Wireless Network
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.296-302  
M.Shankar, Dr.M.Sridar, Dr.M.Rajani, Dr.Soma V.Chetty
— Cluster, energy efficiency, LEACH protocol, network lifetime, wireless sensor networks
Wireless micro sensor networks lend themselves to trade-offs in energy and quality. By ensuring that the system operates at a minimum energy for each quality point, the system can achieve both flexibility and energy efficiency, allowing the end-user to maximize system lifetime. Simulation results show that the proposed adaptive clustering protocol effectively produces optimal energy consumption for the wireless sensor networks, and resulting in an extension of life time for the network. The preparation phase is performed only once before the set-up phase of the first round. The processes of following set-up and steady-state phases in every round are the same as LEACH. Simulations show that LEACH can achieve as much as a factor of 8 reductions in energy dissipation compared with conventional routing protocols. In addition, LEACH is able to distribute energy dissipation evenly throughout the sensors, doubling the useful system lifetime for the networks we simulated
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