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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 11,November 2012
A Study On The Psychology Of An Indian Customer Towards E-banking With Reference To Pune Region
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.184-210  
Prof. Priya Vasagadekar
E-Banking, Online banking facilities, Indian bank customer, attitudes
The advancement in the technology paved new ways of delivering bank facilities to the customer, such as ATMs & Internet Banking. Hence banks have come a long way from its traditional banking methods. This research paper throws light on the response to E-B
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[14] A Research Paper on Bankers’ Perspectives On E-Banking by Dr. Himani Sharma

[15] A Research Paper on Dynamics of Innovation in E-Banking by Shreyan Singh, Sohrab Singh Chhatwal, Taha, Mohammed Yahyabhoy, Yeo Chin Heng

[16] A Research Paper on The Consumer’s Dilemma with E-Banking by David H. Wong, Claire Loh, Kenneth B. Yap, Randall Bak

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