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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 9,September 2012
Load Estimation and Supporting Energy Efficiency in Smart Grids
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.51‐56  
Hossein Shahinzadeh , Hajar Ghotb
Smart Grids, Distributed Network, Dstribution Management System, Load Estimation
Today, the smart grids has gain a special interest in the area of distribution system, so the role of accountability programs in operation and development of distributed systems and also, the optimum benefits of these programs are of special importance. Now more power companies around the world tend to provide more infrastructure which is needed for smart grid as a convenient way to appropriate and effective use of network and solve network problems.The present study first, the structure of the smart grid and the way it engages in smart grid environment is reviewed, then the role of smart grid programs in reducing load and load management is examined. In order to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the role of smart grid, optimization problem on a distributed network of 33 feeders IEEE with 384 subscribers in different modes of operation, by MATLAB software has been investigated.
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