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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 9,September 2012
L-subshell Ionization Cross Sections of Ag By Proton Impact of Enegry Range 1 Mev. � 5 Mev.
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Anajni Nandan Pandey, Dr. Samir Sinha
: Cross Section, Impact, Collision
In the present work, we have calculated the L-subshell ionization cross section of Ag by proton impact in the energy range of 1 Mev. - 5 Mev. Using Semi classical approximation (SCA) model. It is seen that there is good agreement between theory and experiment for Ag for all three -sub-shells. It is therefore concluded that the SCA model provides a reasonably good and reliable estimates of the L-sub-shell ionization cross-section to start with in order to understand the ionization process occurring in the collisions between proton and the heavy atoms in the considered impact energy range.
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