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Recent Trends and Techniques in Textile Industry Mining - A Study in Karur District
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.115‐120  
A. Senthil Kumar, Dr.V.Murali Bhaskaran
Globalization, Liberalization, Power loom, Rapier looms, Stakeholders
The Indian textile industry is structurally flawed and its efficiency and growth depends upon the corrective measures and their effectiveness. This process of improving the structural aspects of the industry was initiated in the 1985 Textile Policy, which for the first time took a sectoral view of the industry. The government is spelling out the need for an integrated approach whereby all sectors will be modernized synchronously. This integrated approach is felt to help the textile industry to achieve a reasonable level of upgraded production technology and make it strong enough to face the changed competitive global scenario from the year 2005. In order to meet the changed competitive conditions due to globalization and liberalization of the economy, there is an urgent need for upgrading the technology levels currently prevailing in the weaving segment, particularly the power loom sector. All these call for the preparation and implementation of proper action plan in which all the stakeholders i.e., the government, the weavers and the other interest groups get fully involved. In order to prepare an effective perspective plan spread over 3-5 years of modernization for this important sector, this study on the status of the power loom sector in Tamil Nadu with focus on modernization has been carried out during August- December 2002. 
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