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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 8,August 2012
Object Oriented Modelling of Secured E-Assessment System
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.1285-1288  
Nikhilesh Barik , Dr. Sunil Karforma
E-Learning system, E-assessment, Learning Security, Object Oriented Model, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Online Test, Digital Signature.
Now day's different multinational and national companies are using E-assessment system for recruiting UG and PG students. Main advantages of this approach are immediate result and feedback, any time students can start their examination during the tenure of availability of question from the server, etc. E-assessment system is an important component of e-learning system, which basically runs over Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The success of E-assessment system is dependent on level of security imposed in the system. Different security services like one time authentication, verification, presence of supervisor are not sufficient to ensure the security of E-assessment system. In this paper we explore a suitable Object Oriented Model to authenticate a student as examinee where authentication is achieved by RSA Digital Signature during sending e-question papers and submission e-answer papers. Proposed model may be used for all kind of E-assessment so that learners will be motivated for online examination .
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