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Half Mean Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.990-998  
Narinder Singh, Sharandeep Singh, S.B. Singh and Shelly Arora
: SPSO, HMPSO, global optimization, velocity update equation, pbest (personal best position), gbest (global best position)
This paper introduces a Half Mean Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm (HMPSO) and discusses the results of experimentally comparing the performances of SPSO. This is done by replacing one term of original velocity update equation by one new terms based on the linear combination of pbest and gbest. Its performance is compared with the standard PSO (SPSO) by testing it on a 29 benchmark test problems (15 Scalable and 13 Non-Scalable Problems). Based on the numerical and graphical analyses of results it is shown that the HMPSO outperforms the SPSO (Standard Particle Swarm Optimization), in terms of efficiency, reliability, accuracy and stability.
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