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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 6,June 2012
Heat Transfer Enhancement by Nano Structured Carbon Nanotube Coating
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.218-222  
Sujith Kumar C. S, S. Suresh, Rajiv K
—Adhesive, CNT coating, Heat transfer enhancement, Nusselt number, Pressure drop, rectangular macro channel
The present work deals on the experimental investigation on the heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of CNT coating on a stainless steel substrate in a rectangular macro channel with water as the working fluid. The experiments were conducted under both laminar and turbulent flow conditions with Reynolds number varying from 500-2600. The experimental results using an uncoated stainless steel plate were compared with that of the coated plate results. All the tests were carried out under constant heat flux condition. Experimental results showed that the heat transfer rate in the plate with the coating were significantly higher than those with the uncoated plate. The enhancement in Nusselt number in the turbulent flow was less compared to that in the laminar region. The coating increased the roughness on the surface and caused and adverse effect on the pressure drop especially in the case of turbulent flow region. The experimental heat transfer coefficient has increased significantly in the case of coated plate. Even if a small increase in pressure drop with the coated substrate, when the enhancement in heat transfer achieved is take into consideration, the increase in pumping power due to coating can be neglected.
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